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  1. Excellent build Brian. Looks very impressive out side.
  2. Awesome build Brian. I have enjoyed following your WIP on this one. Looking forward to seeing what your next build will be.
  3. Got the AAR letters made for the rear doors now I have to fix some of the ribs that came off with the tape and also cover the stripes.
  4. Thanks Brian Thanks Carl Thanks JT it’s keeping me busy Thanks Sam I really appreciate everyone’s comments. I now have the stripes on and just need to paint the blue plus make the AAR letters on the back doors.
  5. X2 - Brian you have been able to correct the issues with this build to where if you don’t say anything no one will ever know they were there.
  6. Was able to get some spray painting done today on the cabinets and second color on the stripes.
  7. Thanks JT and yes it’s fun. Thanks Jeff Well the weather has slowed me down with painting but a nice lady at my local car repair shop I was at yesterday has offered to make all the lettering for the trailer with vinyl.
  8. Sam awesome work on getting the cab up on 10. Everything looks just right.
  9. Very interesting and challenging rebuild, looking forward to seeing you build this one.
  10. Amazing scratch building Warren and appreciate that you are sharing with us here your techniques on how to do it. Looking forward to seeing more.
  11. Thanks Bill for your recommendation I would of made the change if I had known about the doors being on the floor a week ago. I’m to far along now and I’ve got just enough clearance for the Cuda’s the way it is now. Thanks JT. Thanks Ken. Making some progress on painting the trailer.
  12. Ron you just keep adding more little details to this already awesome build. Keep adding the details they look great.
  13. Ryan thanks starting your WIP with tips on the new trailer. Mine arrives on Tuesday but I will be holding off building until the reissued International comes out. Looking forward to seeing more progress.
  14. More progress on the interior of the trailer today. Making the supports for the front car using spare parts from my other race car hauler.
  15. Awesome build! Looks like if you wanted to you could get one more Scout on the upper deck.
  16. Thanks Joe. All’s well here we lost power for about 64 hours last week but no busted pipes. You need to go over to the Big Rigs WIP and check out my Dan Gurney race car hauler.
  17. Amazing Ron! Your project is definitely taking shape now. When are you going to start spraying some paint on? Do you have your 5’ of shelf space ready?
  18. Thanks Jeff and Brian I'm for the most part done with the cab. Still have a couple decals to put on and the shifter.
  19. Your getting closer Brian and it just keeps getting better.
  20. Sprayed some silver on the interior. Planning on painting the cabinets red. I’m going to start laying out the stripes on the sides of the trailer next. Painting the AAR on the back of the trailer is going to be fun 🤩 I’m hoping I can pull it off.
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