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  1. Thanks Jeff I’ve found that if I sand the inside of the window and make a grove it helps. Flat windshields also help. Not much progress to post so far this week with out power and cold weather.
  2. Thanks Carl and Ken Thanks JT have you lost power? I’ve been out since 2AM. I was able to get some more progress on the cab and installed the doors on the trailer. To dark now for pictures.
  3. Been working on the cab details still have air deflectors, horn and running lights.
  4. Ron I know what your problem is with finding decals have you made your own before. I’m sure you can find the CAT logo and make it fit your needs. With it having a black background you can print it on white decal paper to get the white CAT letters. I’m making my decals for my Dan Gurney race hauler trailer. Let me know if you want more details.
  5. Awesome build Dave!! Glad to see you you were able to get your project completely finished. What’s next?
  6. Ron again thanks for sharing your scratch building skills for us here your progress is awesome. Are you planning to weather the excavator a little?
  7. Dave it looks like you had plenty of time to think through the details and it shows. Awesome build.
  8. Ron looks like you are having a lot of fun building your excavator. It just keeps getting better and better with the more you add to it. Looking forward to your next update.
  9. Jeff that’s interesting black torch coral I’m assuming your tank is salt water. I’m still waiting for you to make some more progress on your snow blower.
  10. Warren excellent build on your trailer and load looking forward to seeing your Brockway build.
  11. Ken your hood looks great. Do you have any pictures with the hood open?
  12. Ken this is going to look awesome with the doors open and the hood open up.
  13. Brian you have done a great job in correcting the top of the cab.
  14. Thanks Carl I’m having fun with this one. Thanks Jeff. I’ve finally got the glass in with 3 attempts on the front windshield and some decals.
  15. Wow that’s a lot of yellow. Looks awesome nice build.
  16. Looking good Ken are you going to add hinges to the hood?
  17. Excellent build Brian. Looks great on your road way to. I’m hoping that they reissue them again I could use about 5 more of them.
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