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  1. Ken your dump truck looks like it’s ready for it’s first day of business! Awesome build!
  2. Brian you have this one coming together nicely even with all the problems with the resin cab.
  3. Looking good Ron. Do you know when your suspension parts are coming yet.
  4. Thanks Jeff, We made out ok lost power for a total of about 60 hours but no frozen or busted pipes. It’s good to be able to be back on the bench. The red, green and yellow paints are supposed to be here today.
  5. Gareth Thanks, Thanks Jeff. Thanks Tom. Thanks Ken. Well I’ve been working on the trailer interior that came with the trailer. First it’s set up for just one car and I have 2. I’ve parts from another race car hauler trailer so my plan is to extend the car supports to handle both cars. The rear ramp in the kit dose not work so I’m going to redesign it to make it work. It’s not like the one that is in the Dan Gurney trailer either. I don’t have enough details to do that one so I’m going to make mine one that would of worked for them. Here’s what I have laid out so far.
  6. Just keeps getting better Ken. Can’t wait to see it finished.
  7. Jeff you need to take your snow blower out side if you still have some real snow and get some pictures.
  8. Thanks Ken. I’m having fun with this one. Back home now with power back on to. I’ve made the cab air defectors and have them ready for blue paint. I’ve also finished the sides of the trailer and getting ready for the blue paint. Then when my red, green and yellow paint arrives I will paint the stripes on.
  9. Awesome weathering! Very realistic looking frame and engine. Looking forward to seeing more details.
  10. Looks awesome Ken looking forward to seeing it finished.
  11. Ron you sure have a lot of awesome builds going on all at the same time.
  12. Ron your work is awesome even with your hiccups your lowboy is coming along nicely.
  13. Jeff your awesome progress just keeps getting better! Looking forward to seeing you finish this one.
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