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  1. Thanks Mike for your pictures I’m thinking about making this into a diorama set up at a race track and those pictures helps. I think mine will be one where they are parked on pavement. I was able to get some primer on the bodies and frame plus painted the engine blocks. My letters came in and I’ve got one side done.
  2. Charles your details are always very interesting to watch to see what you do. Looking forward to seeing more progress.
  3. Are there any updates on when this will be released.
  4. Yesterday I was able to spend some time on the Cuda’s and today I got the Plymouth letters in and was able to get one side done.
  5. Thanks Jeff, I’m thinking about making it diorama I’ve got some pictures of the truck and cars at different race tracks. They were either parked on grass or pavement. I would go with the pavement track setting.
  6. David my plan is to have one of the cars in the trailer so you would not see much of the car and the General Lee wheels are close to the minilites
  7. Thanks Josh Thanks David I was able to get there last one in stock so at least one will have the correct wheels. I would still like to get a set for the other one to.
  8. Thanks JC your post is very interesting and helpful for my build. I’m going with the dark blue on both of cars. Thanks Jeff Still waiting on my Plymouth letters so I’ve been working on the Cuda’s. Scratch built the front spoilers and started working on the engine’s.
  9. In January I started on my Dan Gurney race car hauler that includes the race cars. I’m now at the point to build the Cuda’s for the truck. I’m starting with the Revell AAR Cuda kit. I picked up both releases of the kit and with be building both of them at the same time. I’m going with the dark blue version that the cars are as of now. I’m using the Dan Gurney blue from MCW, decals are from Mikesdecales and wheels are General Lee wheel and tire set from Fireball Modelworks he is out of stock of the Dan Gurney Wheels until later this year so for now I’m going with what he has and will probably c
  10. Awesome scratch building on your beautiful rig.
  11. Thanks JC your post is very interesting and helpful for my build. I’m going with the dark blue on both of cars.
  12. Thanks JC do you have your competition Cuda posted I would like to see it. I’m trying to figure out all the roll bars they used. I’ve been able too make the front spoiler and brake air ducts. Been digging in my car parts boxes to find some parts. I’m going to be changing out the six pack carbs for a single 4 barrel. Here’s what the spoiler looks like so far.
  13. Nice painting Charles those Molotow pens are awesome.
  14. Thanks JT, I may have to make this into a diorama. Still waiting on my Plymouth letters my friend that’s going to make them came down with shingles so I’m going to start working on the Cuda’s.
  15. Thanks Bill for the information. Where can you get the Parafilm ? Looks like it works great for masking.
  16. Your masking for your paint scheme looks awesome. Are you using paper for your mask?
  17. I picked up his 6.2 Hellcat it builds up nice but figuring out how to route the belt was fun. Lots of internet pictures to figure it out.
  18. Nice work Ron. All the right hand car’s I’ve driven had the fuel pedal on the right side.
  19. DJ you can check out my WIP titled BRBO Dan Gurney race hauler. I’m real close to finishing the truck and trailer getting ready to start the Cuda’s.
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