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  1. Here are some of my last pics on this build. I have painted the five spokes dark matt grey as I like to see American Racing Mags...the later two pics are of the finished model...............




    And the last three to come............

  2. Thanks for the tip Bob. Here's today's efforts, firstly fit the body and ensure the new muffler is out of the way.....


    Fit the fuel tank and rear 'seats' (they don't look too comfortable)......


  3. Just four more pics, I saw the kit muffler to be a bit small and weedy so I scratchbuilt an new road muffler from alloy and plastic tube and some heat bending................



    Ans I fitted the seats and grey carpet (did it come with the kit?) and popped the body on to have a look...............



    See you soon...........

  4. TooOld, the distributor is from an ebay guy in the UK, but you should be able to get them easier in the USA, cause they come from Morgan Automotive Detail (madmodeling.com) Westland Michigan. They have all sizes all colours 4, 6 & 8 cylinder and lots more.

  5. Three more pics. I've bought an aftermarket distributor so have wired that in and added the pulleys. the third pic shows the engine canted back so that you can see the colour of the fanshroud...................




    I've just put the exhaust pipework on so waiting for that to dry. Then I may look at scratchbuilding a muffler or may fit the kit supplied one.

  6. Hi, up at the crack of dawn around 7.30am! Into the cabin and after a drip of thinners off drops the steering box. Re-site fixing correctly to the top beam and the steering arm like so...........


    If you see any other blindingly obvious mistakes please don't hesitate to tell me. I think the 1 or 2 grey cells I have left are on the blink!

  7. Ah yes! I see what you mean. Your also right that the instructions are not the best either. Cheers Bob, I'll fix it first thing tomorrow. You would have thought I should know how the front end goes together as we had 5 beetles in the family, one of which we stripped right down and rebuilt it lowered, no chrome jet black with centrelines! I have changed enough of those steering shocks to know better!

  8. I've mounted the front axle on the floorpan and put on the gear lever and handbrake, painted the same colour as the seats.......




    I'm now waiting for the wired distributor to arrive to finish the engine. I tried fitting Porsche 356 disks all round but they are too thick and shaving them down would take away a lot of detail.

  9. Hello again, I've just given the seats another coat, ( I'll have to pick out the seat belts possibly in red)and test fitted the floorpan to the body tub......




    The paint and the mouldings give the seats a used look.

    The test fit......



    I'm presently building the front axle so more pics soon!

  10. Well Bob your spot on with the interior colour! I've found some of my small tinned Humbrol military colours I've hardly used and tried a sandy matt colour. After just the first coat it's looking pretty good! I'll try and get some pics after the second coat tomorrow. Thanks for your input.

  11. Hey that is just superb! The build and the colour are amazing, very well done jaymcminn. I have built a race version and the Alitalia rally version. It reminds me of the 70's when I was a volunteer marshall at race circuits and the RAC Rally of Great Britain where the Stratos was a star. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Well TooOld there's no way I can beat that! But this is my Manx build at the start, firstly the gloss black floorpan and front axle plus a gold pearlescent fan shroud! The paint is one of a new range of Humbrol cans called Muti-Effect. So heres the first pic.........



    Then we have the beginnings of the same Multi-Effect Gold on the body and bonnet...



    Now my next problem is the colour for the interior seating! I've looked at twenty or thirty pics of real beach buggies and they have all black seating. But looking at TooOld's interior how do you beat that?

  13. Here are the last three pics on this build...........

    The headlight lenses, wipers, hood pins and towing eye (below the red arrow)......



    And the rear of the car with tailgate pins, towing eye and new alloy exhaust tail pipe...


    And of course the car is shown on it's new rims.

    And now to get on with my next build, a Meyers Manx!

  14. Here we are again, I've been away due to problems fitting the wheels to too larger metal axles supplied. I scooped out and enlarged the holes in the back of the wheels but left the wheel centres weak. Resulting in finally fitting the wheels and axles to the chassis and having the centres of the two rear wheels pulling out! So I ordered an aftermarket set of white metal rims and tyres with the MIchelin logo already laid up. Although slightly different I don't think they will detract from the build.(well no choice really as the resin wheels are not available) here are the two old wheels..........


    And two of the new ones...........


    So I've mounted both the front and rear light lenses and the door mirrors, with just the exhaust, wipers and tow hooks to go to finish.

    PS 22.23pm I've just looked at Autosport my weekly motorsport comic and it shows the Skoda's that are due on the IRC Rally of Ireland this weekend and they are using identical wheels to my new aftermarket wheels shown above!

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