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  1. No, I use a section of 3/4" plumbing pipe with 2 sided tape on top to hold bodies for painting.
  2. I use Super Jet CA and it doesn't fog clear. Can't get it anywhere that it'll be seen of course.
  3. Jeff, if I can give any advice about building models, it would be to stop comparing your work to others, especially someone as skilled as Harry. I don't know if you'll ever achieve that level of craftsmanship but I know I won't. I just try to learn from them and make as few mistakes as I can. What winds up on my bench as a finished model would be trash to some builders but I'm learning, having fun and can see that what I'm building now is light years from what I did as a kid. Remember, have fun! PS I have the Lindburg 1:16 Stutz and Mercedes racers in my stash. I'm not much of a scratch builder myself but I do want to build both of them some day. They do look easy. How detailed they'll be is questionable.
  4. Great job! I owned a 74 panel wagon once. 4 cyl., auto. What a POS!
  5. Here's what I use: http://www.vetprovisions.com/category/product-type/protective-items/ob-protective-wear
  6. Are you going to use some sort of gloves to prevent dust from being sucked in around your arms?
  7. How do you prevent the edges of the foil from showing when you're doing fine scripts? If you or anyone has done a tutorial, I'd appreciate a link.
  8. The colors, modifications and overall creativity are excellent. The Vdub and Studie are great!
  9. Nice job! Dr. Cranky is going to love it.
  10. My brother had a 58 two door sedan that was close to that color combo. He cut a telephone pole down with it.
  11. I've got one but haven't built it yet. I'd be very interested in any ideas and opinions from folks that have built one.
  12. Love those fins! Nice job!
  13. our first effort is excellent. Keep it up!
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