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Will Chandler's 1970 Kenworth K-123

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Hi all,

This completed KW represents Will Chandler's 1970 K-123 from the "In Tandem" pilot.  Not a whole lot of references/resources available since it only had a brief cameo in the beginning of the movie.  The build includes 5 hole budds, modified fuel tanks (no steps / centered fill fuel cap), single exhaust, ugly roof A/C and "California Lines" decals from the Movin' On decal set.


K-123 In Tandem.jpg










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Excellent build. What a faithful reproduction.

Superb build! Gotta love those old school cabovers! Lord knows I DO!

Gotta love Cabovers, old school, new school, no school, even reform school. Crazy about Cabovers. What was it I read in another post, "if it has a hood, it is no good".

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Thanks all, I'm genuinely humbled by all the positive comments – it was a fun build!  And thank you Russell for posting it on the "Movin' On" Facebook page.  Awesome.  Steve

Figured the guys at the official Movin' On Facebook page would appreciate that. Makes me want to dig out the VHS tape I bought off ebay years back of In Tandem.

Edited by Russell C
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