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1924 Delage GP - a what ?


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don't think Mr. Leno will object to the link ....

this is just the coolest looking pre-war Grand prix car I've ever seen

actually - I've only seen photos and videos

and I'm breaking one of my rules ... I generally never build anything that I haven't actually walked up to and photographed

but I'm making an exception for this thing

so the Cooper is back in the barn for a little while so I can build me a 1924 Delage Grand Prix car

the parts are 3D printed and casted by a Georgia modeler well known to participants of the NNL South Atlanta show

his name is Pico

he actually "drew"  - and built - the 1925 race winner using printed parts from Shapeways that he then re-cast in metal. 

I'm taking a second set of his parts to modify for the 1924/5 car - and wait til you see the engine casting!

which was a sort of hybrid car - this is the car that has been restored and featured on the Leno video

I don't think any of the other 2LCV's have survived - maybe one other early car

here we go

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9 minutes ago, absmiami said:

...the parts are 3D printed and casted by a Georgia modeler well known to participants of the NNL South Atlanta show

...his name is Pico

...he actually "drew"  - and built - the 1925 race winner using printed parts from Shapeways that he then re-cast in metal. 

Yup, Pico Elgin is a wizard. He's a member of the ACME club (me too sometimes).

He was one of the early-adopters of 3D printing tech for model cars, built a couple of his own printers years ago, and does outstanding work.

I'll be following your work here with much interest.   :D


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a cyclekart based upon a Delage ???

couple more shots - the translucent parts are 3D printed by Shapeways

these include the engine, exhausts, tires and wheel rims

other parts are resin casted

the body parts are white metal casted - partly because they look cool

- and partly because the car was finished with a turned metal pattern - EVERYWHERE -

I'll be scratch-building the other stuff

think I forgot to mention that this is 1/24 scale

try scratch-building that engine and exhaust manifold in 1/24th - lots a luck ...



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On ‎1‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 6:33 PM, absmiami said:

"I have one of his bodies"

Did Pico 3 D print his body ?  - does that mean that he can be two places at one time ??

what do you do when your "parts" start to fall off  ??

I have his 3D printed  328 BMW coupe body. Sorry, should have been more specific.

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initially - this will not be real time

work was begun 2 months ago

so I'll be posting in catch-up mode for a week or two ...

first prep work on body before making changes to build the restored car.

the opening for the cockpit was covered in a "film" of white metal - removed with steel cutting burs and metal files

removed the thick metal engine bulkhead and did some surface prep

and removed quite  a lot of metal flashing from the inside




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Nice subject.!    I noticed a couple of references to the Auto Models kit. It is in white metal, 24th scale and is made by South Eastern Fine cast here in the UK. The company has an interesting range of classics in their Finecast and Auto Kits ranges. They also have a nice range of old British steam road going vehicles in 32nd scale. Their catalogue is on their website and they work mail order. Incidentally, one of their main lines of occupation is the manufacture of British Locomotive models for model railway enthusiasts.

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per the attached

good kits - similar to the 12 cylinder cars of '24 and '25

it's a curbside kit - but a good start

it was inching higher on my to-build list - until I got my hands on Pico's castings/printings

has a straight 8 cyl engine - the cylinder head looked a lot like the heads on the earlier car and shared a lot of design features




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Wow, the famous Delage 2LCV in 1/24 .... where can I found the parts ? .... :wub:

I know the real car because I see it some times in different events in France. After its restoration, the owner show us this marvelous beast in the hillclimb race of Chanteloup-Les-Vignes in 2004 (oldest hillclim race in the world ... 1898) where I was the flagman and secretary during 10 years (1998 to 2008) and the President was my friend Patrick Delâge (great grandson of Louis Delâge). The sound of this car is one of my 7 preferates (12Cyl Delage 2LCV 1925, 8Cyl Delage 1500GP 1927, 8 Cyl Bugatti T59, 8Cyl Alfa P3, V12 Ferrari 250GTO, V12 Matra, V8 Ford 427,  ...etc).

5a5747834aba7_CC2004-(101).JPG.b73b7e27d972483b8240ad0b2f7e0df9.JPG here, you can see P. Delâge with the driver in 2004...

This car was in Retromobile (Paris motor show) two times in 2003 and 2012.

If you need detailled photos of this car, just send me your Email in PM and I'll send them to you ... like these ...


Delage V12 2L 1924 P2080050.JPG

Delage V12 2L 1924 P2080059.JPG

Delage V12 2L 1924 P2080046.JPG


For information, note that the body has the same aspect as the dashbord of a Bugatti T35, T51 or T59 ... you can find decals to do it ...


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well - now the plot thickens ...


very good pictures - I've d/loaded what is generally available on the web

- starting years ago when the car was first shown after it's extensive resto

but any of your shots can be posted as you have time - and they will all be helpful / instructive etc

Do you think the body rivets are copper ?  they appear to be in the photos

And how about the cockpit opening trim ? appears to be brass ??

regarding the parts:  they were "sourced" from Pico Elgin who lives in Atlanta - I will make sure that he sees your post

some or all of the parts could be available  - if he is able - his terms, obviously

dash:  I think that Indycals produces very good Bugatti dash gauges - they mite be the answer 

Please ask Patrick Delage it the car will be back in the US any time in the next few years

perhaps at the Amelia Island event - my favorite concourse ...

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Yes, the restoration of this car was very expensive but I think that we can speak of a restoration/reconstruction for this car ... the story of this chassis is not so clear as the journalists say ...

You're right for the body rivets and the cockpit opening trim.

For the body, I speak about the aspect. It's hard to explain it in US language for me but i say that the texture of the aluminium body of the Dealge 2LCV is identical as the texture of a dashboard of a Bugatti T35 ...

You can find the decals to do it on Ebay ... http://www.ebay.fr/itm/FFSMC-Productions-Decals-1-24-Aluminium-Bouchonne-Petite-Planche/300643347270?hash=item45ffbd6b46:m:mCelEJWk7eb8_tajKcXMffA

Now, I hope that you see what I mean ...

Some other photos ...





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thing 1

the '24 car had a raised lip on the cowling in front of the riding mechanic - the '25 car did not, so neither did the casting

I melted a bunch of low temp - "tix" solder onto the lip - a small pile

then sanded and filed into shape per the above photos

next I am removing some louvers and reshaping the cockpit opening




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the '24 car had a recess in the body work so that the riding mechanic sat slightly behind the driver

so with more files and steel cutting burs I have made the recess

and I removed some of the louvers - the casting is accurate for the 25 car  - which ran with added louvers

the last shot has some taped guidelines as I began to cut narrow lines to simulate the shape of the fuel tank cover




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