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67 Corvette (Monogram)

John Jacobs

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This is a 1:25 Revell Monogram kit of a '67 Corvette 427 Roadster.  This is one of many kits generously given to me by a friend from work.  It turned out almost exactly as I imagined it.  The only differences were the omission of the white hood stripe and the redline tires.  The decals were really old and had been stored in a garage with poor air conditions.  Some of the decals disintegrated in water.  I found a product online, a brush-on film for preserving old decals I can use on future models.  Most of the parts under the hood and in the interior have a color scheme based on Corvette part pictures I found online.

The Workbench thread is located here:










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I agree with everyone else, great paint job on this. If you still want to try the Hood Stinger Decal, Testors offers a spray can they call Decal Bonder. I have used it on home made decals also since the Ink Jet Printer decals are given to smear. You might check with your local hobby shop and see what they have to offer. Very nice interior work on this also.    

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Thanks for the comments.  The body is Testors green metal flake enamel.  I thought it was going to be glossy, but it had more of a dull metallic finish.  I used at least 5 coats of Future to give it some gloss.  The metallic paint really soaked up the Future like a sponge.  The interior is Testors flat brown enamel.  

This kit comes with a lot of chrome parts.  Some parts I wanted to keep chrome but with a different color on detailed areas.  I learned a little trick about painting on top of chrome.  I sprayed just a little white Tamiya primer in a bottle cap and then brush-painted primer over the areas of the chromed pieces I wanted a different color.  After dry, I painted the new color on top of the primer and it worked really well.

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