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Tamiya 1989 NISSAN Skyline GT-R R32 Bayside Blue


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Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Turned out better than i thought, and I love the look of the finished model. Will make a great companion to my bayside blue GT-R 34!

On 9/30/2018 at 12:38 AM, yura1961 said:

Леша,отличная работа!


On 9/30/2018 at 12:56 PM, FabbricaP said:

Beautiful build Alex, really like the clear hood


21 hours ago, da_ashman said:

Great work Alex, Looks awesome! Dont see too many built with the bonnet left clear, which looks nice!

I really like clear hood! Obviously you can have it painted, but its great to have this choice, surprised not a lot of other kits are made this way.

Very cool to have a model on display and have this see-through-the-skin kinda effect. Will definitely build more this way.


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10 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

Beautiful work as usual, Alex!!….were you lucky with a really klear hood, or did you have to polish the heck out of it?

Polished the heck out of it, but in all honesty, it was pretty clear to begin with.

3 hours ago, Rider said:

Wow, that turned out really well, nice detailing. 

Thank you!

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21 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

That's cool!.....it looks awesome!

It does, and makes you think why more kit makers do not include hoods as clear parts. Such a simple way to add an option for a model builder. Don't like it clear - paint it just like a regular part. Wanna show off the engine - leave it clear. I'm definitely building more kits like this. Seems only Tamiya did this one several of their early releases.

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