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2018 Year In Review


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I normally finish 3 or 4 builds but this year I completed ten !  Being fair the Little "T" and Son Of Ford were started in 2017 and finished this year so that makes eight , still a bunch for me . :)



I started and finished three Monogram "Never Was" builds , replicas of 1/8th scale kits from  the 60's .




This was a quick OOB built as a curbside .


I built a couple of Zingers for the "ZIngers Contest" . First ones I've built since I was a kid , fun builds !



And a couple of Dave Deal resin kits by Motorpsycho , mastered and cast by ModelFactoryHiro . :D




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14 hours ago, donb said:

That one got me too. Nice work. 

Thanks !

14 hours ago, Kit Basher said:

Another vote for the box art builds. They look great with the box tops behind them. Very nice all around.

Thanks much !

12 hours ago, bigdrag1 said:

Great looking builds as always Bob... Have a great new year!!


Thanks John , Happy New Year ! :)

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16 hours ago, mredjr said:

Nice work!!

Thanks !

15 hours ago, Flatout said:

Great Work Bob...love the faux box art builds?

Thanks much !

14 hours ago, Curt said:

Gotta agree with Hugh - love the box art builds!

Thanks very much !  The box art builds are fun to do . :)

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