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Please list the manufacturer of your finished builds... please?


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(MODS - if this is the wrong place to post this, please feel free to punish me)

I have a suggestion for folks sharing photos of their finished models... PLEASE say which manufacturer made the kit!  To some of us, such details are of the utmost importance...  



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I try to do that, too, if I don't forget it. Some of us builders who are long in the tooth usually know which kit is being presented, but newcomers may not be aware, especially when it comes to kits such as Corvettes. Some of those year models were kitted by more than one company.  '57 Chevies are another example.

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1 hour ago, kelson said:

I see a lot of builds posted where they state manufacturer,paint they used,year of the car etc...and 3 posts down somebody asks them those exact questions!:blink:

That is absolutely true! ^_^


I guess sometimes people don't want to read the posted material.

But it can get pretty repetitive. :rolleyes:





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  • 4 weeks later...

Oh hey, people responded!  (dangit, still getting used to this site!)

The comment about people asking a question that had been covered a few posts earlier reminds me of the pain endured at this computer over the last month while trying to sell a 1:1 snow plow via Craig's List... I shall refrain from venting to you all, but GEESH don't people READ???

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