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I have always been a fanatic when it comes to big rig wheels and axle hubs, the first thing I check out on model kits. There has been a big improvement lately due to the aftermarket. Here are some hubs that I have purchased over the last couple of years. ( left to right ) is Scenes Unlimited, Moluminum, Double Take, Double Take . Double Take  is presently not available, website is closed.


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15 hours ago, GMP440 said:

When was the last time this kit was out?


The tractor itself was last out in 2008, the trailers came as a set of doubles relatively recently.  It appears 2002 was the last time the set (single trailer) was sold together.

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10 hours ago, Sledsel said:

I just scored the tractor online for $30..... Figures, but I figure I did okay.

I imagine this will have the Lindbergh trailer.

No it's the AMT 27' Trailmobile Post Van, originally from the 70's era issue of this combination that was liveried for the U.S. Postal Service.  Or it's one half of the Double Header Trailer set, however you wanna you look at.

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