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Super Gas '77 Vega--Completed! (11/12)

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23 minutes ago, Tortuga Kustomz said:

Awesome work

Thank you, so much, Marcos!ย 

I got the 'chute done. I made a little frame extension, to mount the parachute assembly to. That's all soldered brass. The 'chute, itself is from a Swamp Rat XXX kit. The shroud lines are the only thread I have on hand (I could swear I have more, but...). I think it worked out, pretty well. I am also working on a "Remove Before Flight" tag. This project's getting closer! Comments, critiques and questions are always welcome. Thanks for looking!





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  • Straightliner59 changed the title to Super Gas '77 Vega--'Chute Completed/Mounted (11/07)
12 hours ago, Ian McLaren said:

The car looks great Daniel, all of the details are there and as I said before " the car just looks RIGHT" very well done my friend!

Thanks, so much, Ian! It's getting close. It's mostly details, at this point. Will be nice to have it finished! The altered looks fantastic! I saw it on FB.ย 

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I got the main disconnect switch made and mounted. It's a Moroso item. I printed the "Remove before flight" tags as decals, and mounted one to each side of a bit of wine bottle foil. I think that wraps up the rear of the car. Mostly, it's down to touchup and small details. Shouldn't be too much longer, now...Thanks for looking!




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  • Straightliner59 changed the title to Super Gas '77 Vega--Power Disconnect, "Flight" Tag Added (11/10)
4 hours ago, Tortuga Kustomz said:

great detail

Thank you, Marcos.

It's pretty much done. I have to touch up some of the blue, and I want to add a decal for a "local" place, on the hatch, yet. Once those two items are attended to, I will take some "glamor" shots for "Under Glass". Comments, questions, and critiques are always welcomed. Thanks for looking, and thanks for coming along for the ride!




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  • Straightliner59 changed the title to Super Gas '77 Vega--Completed! (11/12)
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