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Thunderbolt Grocery Getter


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This my Revell ‘64 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt. The reason I posted it here instead with the drag racers, is this car is really not intended to be use on the drag strip. It’s a sleeper/street racer. And sometimes grocery getter. A “plane Jane” car that most people would notice until it was too late. The only clue is the 427 Thunderbird engine badges on the front fenders. 







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10 hours ago, crazyjim said:

I like the sleeper look.


9 hours ago, oldscool said:

Beautiful! Just the way I would want one.


5 hours ago, espo said:

I like thew theme here. Clean but subdued looking ride with everything under the hood. 


5 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

Defiately a sleeper, cool!!


4 hours ago, happy grumpy said:

Beautiful sleeper, The perfect car for a youngster who doesn't want to draw too much attention from the police ,Discrete, but not to be messed with. Great job sir.


4 hours ago, Classicgas said:

Nice. Wish I hadn't traded mine.


1 hour ago, Hemifever said:

Plain Jane, I like it.


1 hour ago, rsmodels said:

Very nice work! It looks just like a car you would have seen at the grocery store back in the day-until you open the hood and look closer. I really like it.

Wow! Thank you for your kind words guys. 

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