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About 5 years ago I went to work for a company that makes plastic conduits for running underground fiber optics and power lines through.  The conduit is placed on large steel reels during the manufacturing process.  I saw these trucks and figured they would make an excellent subject matter.  I picked myself up a Revell Kenworth W900 and an AMT Great Dane Flat Bed Extendable Trailer.  I made the trailer so it would not extend and painted the semi the same color blue as the company.  I used my wife's Cricut and some white decal paper for the company name on the side of the truck.  The reels of conduit are what took me the longest to make.  I tried making them from scratch out of styrene strips, but that failed as soon as I tried to wind some wire on them for the conduit.  This all changed when I got a resin 3D printer.  I designed and printed the reel flanges, reel staves, and even the conduit on the reels.  Altogether the trailer and the 10 reels weigh a whopping 2.5 pounds.  I found a file online for the load binders and with a little modification, 3D printed those as well.  It took about 4.5 years to complete, but I finally got it done a couple of weeks ago.








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That is some kinda odyssey you went through for that conduit load to become a reality. I applaud efforts like this, and although I don't build this type of model ( I do have a LaFrance pumper I may break out this winter), I can certainly take a moment to write a few words when I see all out focus. Well done Sir...

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