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1959 Chevy EL Camino

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I finished this one up this morning.  This was an interesting kit to build.  Lots & lots & lots of bmf and it drove me crazy.  Paint is Tamiya acrylic X-32 Titanium Silver and X-26 Clear Orange and it was cleared with X-22 Clear.  This kit gives you the option of stock or Street Rod.  I opted to go with pretty much a stock setup except for the plug wires and with the 348 V8.  The ole boy that's driving this got it from his mother and he saved up his money from working at the local grocery store and swapped out the transmission for a 4 spreed and put a Sun Tach on the dash.  His uncle who works at a body shop help him with the paint job.  Hope you fellows like this one.

WIP:  http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/178249-1959-chevy-el-camino/














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1 hour ago, espo said:

Beautiful looking paint work and the chrome is all cleanly done. Like the engine and chassis detailing.  Was the Tanoue Cover in the kit? I don't recall one in the one I built. 

Thanks David.  Yup, Tanoue cover was in the kit.

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3 hours ago, XYHARRY said:

Great colour combo Bob. Not a fan of centerlines but they do look good on this. Cool back story too. Well done.


David. 😎👍

Thanks David.  Wheels came in the kit so I went with them.  

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