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Picked up a few kits for $13 each, couldn't pass it up.

Didn't know the direction I was going to go with it so I just laid it out on the bench. Was thinking 80s-90s mini truck. I designed some graphics, not what i was looking for. I frenched the license plate box and working on tubbing the bed. Might just glue the bed cover on and make it a curbside. This is as far as i got this weekend, will keep you up-to-date with pics.


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The first time I built this kit was back in the early 80s, back in high school. It was my first custom build. I built it as a "show mud truck with mad mudder suspension.

Between the military and all the moves I've made in the past 40yrs, this is waths left of it.20230827_124918.thumb.jpg.add4f8a28a0f47919e5c4659ebd07e2d.jpg20230827_124953.thumb.jpg.fb069b0f9301e294d6e916aa687d9bf7.jpg20230827_124936.thumb.jpg.2f12bd7e4ba9f28de80188c72f8be17f.jpg

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16 hours ago, KC FitiWerks said:

check Ollies, you can't beat the price there.

Thanks, but being in Northern California we don't have any Ollies stores here I can still get one from Hobby Lobby at a 40% off every other week, but I miss their old online coupons because they worked on anything that wasn't already marked down.

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