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Is there any paint that will match

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So it is bare plastic?  Well then you will either have to some custom mixing of paints, or find one that is close in color (like some of the ones mentioned above).  Since the painted wheels are separated from the body, a slight color mismatch will not be very apparent.

If you were to paint the cab, then you would have to come up with almost perfect match for things to look good (since the cab touches the fenders, and color mismatch would be very noticeable).

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Why not save yourself a lot of problems trying to perfectly match the paint colour and do the cab in a different co!our altogether? A dark blue or even white could look good.

Alternatively you could overall prime the model, and then spray the whole thing in the light blue you want. Life's too short to spend hours trying to match paint that depends on a number of things like matching  the paint colour of the plastic or a previously applied paint itself and determining whatever primer to use.

Personally I would just prime and paint the whole thing and that would guarantee the overall colour of the blue shade that you choose for the model.

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Look for the colours RAL code. The RAL number will be the same for the plastic and paint as its the colour code used for mixing paints. They use the same numbers for plastic colours. Its not the manufacturer number you need, that is just for the car manufacturer colours. for example the RAL code for vantablack is #010100 and for base black it is #9005.

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