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14 hours ago, catpack68 said:

Would love to this one reissued too


Check out the reviews section. Round2 is resurrecting the whole series of AMT/MPC kits of this body style. Not reissuing so much as new tooling. They have more body styles planned but there are a couple that are supposed to be out this year. 

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Since this thread is still alive, I'll throw my 2 cents in...


First, a straight re-issue of the AMT '64 Ford (Galaxie) Modified Stocker kit (last re-issued by RC2 in 2007, #21858P).

Then, using your new magic cloning powers, recreate a stock annual '64 Galaxie hardtop body with opening hood and appropriate wheels, and create a contemporary version of the old AMT '64 Galaxie Daytona Sportsman kit.

The old Daytona Sportsman kit (T221) was essentially a 1969 repackaging of the 1964 3-in-1 annual kit, but I'd be happy to have just a vintage NASCAR/1960's stock car racer.

AMT RC2 21858P '64 Ford Modified Stocker.jpg

AMT T221 '64 Ford Galaxie Modified Sportsman.jpg

AMT T221 '64 Galaxie Daytona Sportsman kit.jpg.webp

AMT T221 '64 Galaxie Daytona Sportsman brochure 1969.jpg

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21 minutes ago, stavanzer said:

Robert, You be surprised how many of the original parts are on the Chrome tree. Quite a few. A bunch of small, miscellaneous parts on the white parts trees too. 

Yes. I noticed that on this and other re-issues of the Modified Stocker kits of recent years where the sprues are generously re-opened.

For me, I appreciate the vintage stock car racing parts that are useful on other oval track car projects. For example, the parts on the ‘64 Galaxie Modified Stocker are useful on the AMT ‘64 Mercury Marauder kit for a vintage NASCAR racer.

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Yes, they would be.

I've noticed that generally speaking, the Ford Products retain a full size Chrome tree, and a lot of extra parts.

The GM Cars, have tiny 'Promo' style chrome trees and very few extra parts. The Buick, however contains the complete optional 'custom' intake set-up. An extra intake, 4 two-barrel carbs, and 8 intake stacks. Has a very sharp set of 5 spoke Buick Factory Stock Mags, too. They are from a promo, if you look at the wheel backs. They are sized for the larger promo axles.

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On 2/13/2023 at 8:37 AM, Mike C. said:

It's been a long time since we've seen an MPC 4X4 version of the 70s Dodge pickup. I can remember building this version with the bizarre 3/4 cap back when I was a kid. Now these things are going for crazy money even as glue bomb's.


s-l1600 (6).jpg

Well we got the restored Longbed Dodge P/U a couple years ago, and they are still o the Shelves at HL, but I would like to see more variants off that same tooling.

Your Suggestion is one of the better versions. There are still a lot of the 4x4 parts even now in the kit that is out now.

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I have that kit, and the only 4x4 part it has is the transfer case. I traded an old AMT Chevy van kit for a glue bomb and got the rest of the suspension to build a 4x4 power wagon out of the parts. This old kit has some interesting parts with it, including the 1.25 Suzuki TM 400 that (interesting enough) was trashed by the critics of the time as one of the worst off road motorcycles of all time. An updated 4x4 kit would sell well about now. Through in some new Power Wagon decals and they would line up to buy the kit.

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You're right. I forgot about those. However, the front rear, leaf springs, and wheels/tires are needed to make it a 4x4. Have to go back and look at my chrome tree. I think I remember a shorter, transfer case shift leaver on it.

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45 minutes ago, Calb56 said:

...and speaking of long overdue.


Funny, when that kit came out in the '90s it was my club's "club challenge" kit for that year.  I painted the body with PPG Chameleon color-shifting paint, and finished the wheels, but haven't touched it since.  I need to get inspired again.  The wheels are nice!


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5 hours ago, Mike C. said:

Hav you noticed how expensive these kits are getting nowadays. Time for Revell or whoever has the molds, to re-release some variation of this kit.


10621bae8ea25393c2b88f29c500092c (1).jpg

I picked up a Revell issue of this kit Friday.  Graphics are just dull though.  I’d love to see them reissue this with some funky 70’s airbrush style graphic decals.

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