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"Golden Banana" 61 Impala mild custom

Albie D

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First off, happy New Year to you and yours! Lets hope 2013 brings us all good luck and happiness.

Named after the famous Boston gentleman's club the Golden Banana is a 61 Impala late model custom based on Lindberg's kit. Ill let the pics tell the story.






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Thanks guys! The foil was a challenge to say the least. All told it was 3 hours of steady handing it. You might laugh but I meditated right before the job and got it done. I actually raised the car up a bit in the back. I didnt take into account the driveshaft hitting the floorpan during mockup. Some rake is cool though. Also it was tough getting the engine to clear the hood after zeeing the front frame. If you look carefully you can see that the car has the latest in exhaust manifold technology..invisible pipes! I was going to try fabbing up some headers to clear the raised crossmember but....ehhh I just wanted the thing done. Just noticed I forgot to mount the ignition coil, gotta fix that..

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Thanks guys!

Jim, I don't know what paint scheme "The Cabaret" would use, but rides based on local establishments would be too funny!

Tom, thats it, my next purple car has to be called , "Fuzzy Grape"!

Lee, first I did all the shaving/molding with Squadron White Putty, then sanded the whole body from 4000 up to 12000. I used Testor's lacquer grey sandable spray primer. I then started sanding from 3200 back up to 12000. I know people say that primer should have some tooth, but I'm a Donn Yost believer in getting the body as smooth as possible. Next up was a Testor's lacquer Diamond Dust spray bomb. Just a few light mist coats, enough to cover the primer. Following the 'Dust was 4 or 5 coats of Testor's Inca Gold, which was left to dry then masked for the Testor's Firey Orange spray trim stripes. I let it dry out for about a week then layed down Testor's lacquer Clear. After curing for yet another week I buffed it out with Novus 1 and 2, then some pure carnuba wax I had in the garage. Thanks for asking!

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