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3D printing growing as we speak

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I know we've beat this topic to death, but I'm really intrigued. I subscribe to Computerworld at work and this came up today. Just amazing stuff in a seemingly short amount of time!


Amazing. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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Joe Handley, on 01 Oct 2013 - 3:16 PM, said:

Wouldn't 3D printing allow for hollow exhaust pipes without having to fabricate them from styrene or aluminum?

I'm thinking if they can do an aorta, a hollow pipe shouldn't be too tough!

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Got a Travers Tool Co. catalogue the other day. They are selling a 3D printer by Afinia that is accurate to 0.15mm (.006 in.). Not sure if this is close enough for 1/25 scale but larger scale might do the trick with a little finishing work. The price seems within reason at $1599.00. You could probably spend more outfitting a mini machine shop!

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