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Lindberg 1/32 70's Kits

Erik Smith

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After seeing some really cool build-ups of a couple kits from Linberg's odd 1970's lineup, I was curious what kits were available...

Hence, I did a little searching and came up with this list, for interested individuals.

Since Round2 now owns Lindberg, maybe some of the more obscure kits could see light of day again.

1977 Buick Skyhawk
1975 Buick Century
1977 Olds Omega
Pontiac Grand Prix
1977 Mercury Monarch
1976 Ford Grenada
Ford Thunderbird
Chevy El Camino
Ford Torino Convertible
Plymouth 'Cuda
1975? Chevy Monte Carlo
Pontiac Ventura
Dodge Charger
1974 Datsun 240z
1978 Chevy Monza
Mercedes Benz 450SL
1976? Corvette

1976 ? Corvettte Convertible

Dodge "Hot Shot" Charger

1977 Chrysler Cordoba

197? AMC Gremlin

I am not interested in all the Lindberg 1/32 kits - only the ones produced through the 1970s, so please, if you would like to list the others, start an additional thread. Thanks!

Here are some pictures of kits too:










Some of the kits have been released a few times.

Some are absolutely horrible looking, from what I can tell - specifically the El Camino and Corvette.

If you have additional kits or photos, please post them! Some are not easy to find - kits or pictures!


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Add this Corvette convertible to the list. There was also a Gremlin and I believe I have a Chrysler Cordoba.

As a late release, I remember buying the above Corvette convertible, the Gremlin and the Thunderbird in the grocery store for a dollar apiece in the late 1980s or early 1990s. At the time they meant nothing to me so I let my daughter have the Corvette and I gave the Gremlin to someone in my club who was into AMC.

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I have several of these myself.

Eric, The Vette with base you show id the "Mini-Lindy" Matchbox/Hot Wheels

size (Approx 1/64 scale) kit and No where near the 1/32 scale kits.

Additionally, The El Camino, and a couple others in that series were Smaller than 1/32. I have them

The Hot Shot Charger is just the 'Cuda shown directly underneath with a 4 headlight grill.

Again, I have that "Charger" so Can confirm this too!!

They are also ones tahat are Snaller than listed scale.

Her are my Built Cordoba & "Square-Body" Charger;


Charger is White, Cordoba Green

The flat bed trailer with them is completely Scratchbuilt

I also have4 the Olds Omega and a couple different Pontiacs

one, a Grand Prix sealed, unbuilt

The 49 Ford is an OLD Pyro/Life-Like kit, the Gremlin and similar Vettes in another picture are Palmer!!!!!

There were several in That series, including the 69 T-Bird, a Toronado, Mustangs, Galaxies. Too many to list.

I have or had MANY of those as well.

I believe the Sprite, MGA 1600 & 60-62 Vette are also Palmer or Pyro originally

The ones that were only originally in this series have 2 screws that hold the chassis to the body

and have "Super Mini-Lindy" on the chassis

the Classic's 32 & 28 Lincoln & Packard Are Lindberg from about 67-8.

I have a few of the 28 Lincoln Touring.

Early issues did not have chrome parts!

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OK, Those 2 are PA:MER original tooling re-issued by Lindberg.

They have an Upper & Lower 2pc body assembly.

The interior is cast in th eupper body half.

And are slightly smaller than 1/32.

Hubcap detail is Only decal/sticker!

They had paper stickers back when original

I had Several!!!!

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Per Dan's post above, this must be part of that Palmer series. Note the wheel he described. You can also see the body line where the upper and lower halves meet. The lower half has the chassis and the upper half has the interior bucket molded to it. Add the Gremlin to this list.

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There were 1/2 dozen or so of those ex-Palmer Lindbergs...I remember getting a couple of them as a kid, all were 1971 vintage cars IIRC...Torino, Cougar conv, Mustang conv, Gremlin, Corvette conv...

The earlier Lindberg Snap Fit kits circa '75-77 (along w/ Revell Snap-Tites) were what got me as a kid into the modeling hobby...the 'gateway drug'...I built the Granada, T-bird, Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, Monza.....

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I have the 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix kit and it is also smaller than 1/32. It seems more like 1/43. I realized this when I was going to use the wheels and tires from Revell's 1/32 1968 Pontiac GTO snap kit and found that the Grand Prix is way smaller than the GTO.

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OK, Those 2 are PA:MER original tooling re-issued by Lindberg.

They have an Upper & Lower 2pc body assembly.

The interior is cast in th eupper body half.

And are slightly smaller than 1/32.

Hubcap detail is Only decal/sticker!

They had paper stickers back when original

I had Several!!!!

Yeah....they are crude, but for 3 bucks I had to had them.

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  • 3 years later...

The Granada was the first model I ever built, was fortunate enough to find a replacement a few years back. I remember being able to find the Lindberg kits, like the sports cars, the ex-Pyro kits, and the snap-togethers in my local department and convenience stores. I remember buying the ex-Palmer kits as shrink-wrapped multi-packs at a drug store in Syracuse back in the early 1980's. They were cheap, but I remember how disappointed I was to discover the complete lack of detail on these kits.

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A buddy of mine has a 77 cordoba and I've looked everywhere trying to find a model of one. Can anyone help??

I have been looking for one for quite awhile to do a replica of a friends car. They do come up on ebay from time to time but go for more than I am willing to spend for one. Plan on about 50 bucks with shipping. I missed a built one for 30 about 6 months ago. Good luck !

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A side note here

Most likely ONLY 1 version of these True 1/32 kits can return

The Charger & Cordoba are the Same kit with alterations to replicate the Chrysler Grill, etc

The Charger tail light section over the corner of the rear quarter was left in place

The Granada/Monarch and Omega/etc, As well as Monte Carlo/Buick Century

will likely be the same

UNLESS tooling for the different Grills, etc was separate and not altered!!


I would LOVE to see these back

and with Round2 running the All Stars 1/32 kits not We just MIGHT get lucky here

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  • 2 years later...

With Ron buying the Granada on eBay,  I thought I'd start a thread to identify the series.  Note that Lindberg did a bunch of then contemporary cars that hadn't been done in any scale.  Some of them remain unique.  I've been collecting these, as I see them cheap at shows.  I don't care if I have a particular one when I see it for $5 or $10, I just grab it.   Anyway, here's some of what I own...


Chevy Monte Carlo, Buick Century and Pontiac Grand Prix


Mercedes SL and Datsun Z


Ford Granada


Olds Omega


Chevy Monza


The El Camino

I also have the Chrysler Cordoba,  Dodge Charger (same body style as Cordoba),   and maybe another one or two. I can't put my hand on those ones right now, and they are all unbuilt in their boxes.


A pair of Corvettes.  I'm not sure what the hardtop is, it has no makers markings on it.  The Convertible with the interior built into the body was a later Lindberg series that had poorer detail.  I remember these being in stores for a dollar each maybe early 1990s.


Here's the Cougar from that series.


Ford Torino


The Thunderbird. 


There was also a Gremlin, maybe more...

So dispute anything I've written if I'm wrong.  Add any photos of cars you own or any information you may have.   Let's crowd source some info on this series!


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