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My Year In Models

Tom Geiger

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My year was pretty simple. Four completed builds and two Olde Kustom restorations. Doesn't sound like much, but it's probably my banner year.


First off the bench was the Studebaker Miss Deal funny car that I did as part of the 24 Hour Build that Gary Kulchock and friends host every year. It was fun and very interesting to participate.


'34 Ford Rat Rod was to be finished over the Christmas break, but it had too much work left on it to finish in time. I also didn't want to push it since I was having fun, and I added a lot of detail that wasn't part of the plan. It finally rolled off the bench in March.


And the Olde Kustom Kollection benefitted a bit this year. I restored this '49 Ford that was built back in the day from an original release. The toughest part was that the original builder didn't put the glass in it. We'll never know why, but I have three cars from this same guy, and none of them have glass! It was welded together too well to pry apart, so I fished glass into it. Kinda like that ship in a bottle thing!


Another Old Kustom is this original '57 Ford that Dave Burket handed me one day. The suspension was totally wiped off it and it had no hood. It was easy to redo the chassis with fresh parts from a recent release, as it was to replace the glue stained glass with new. Then it sat on the bench with a new hood on the roof since I couldn't match the light blue paint. One day I got inspiration, and did this two tone by masking off the top end, so I could paint the hood to match.


The Rusty Corvette! This one was on my Bucket List of something I wanted to do someday. So I knocked it out for the MidAtlantic NNL Corvette theme... sorta. It was there on the table and looked complete if you didn't go under the hood. I finished it in early December just to get it off the bench.

This one is fun due to the looks (and sometimes odd condescending comments!) it gets. My new Bucket List item (IF I win the lottery!) is to do this in 1:1 scale and take it to car shows... just to tick people off.


And my favorite build of the year! It's a 1929 Ford Roadster Pickup that was an old junker built up I got who knows where a very long time ago. I pulled it out one day and just started cutting. It's the only project I worked on start to finish without a pause. It represents the car I'd like to have in 1:1 for cruisin'. Hey, we have to have dreams! The irony is that I own all kinds of rare and valuable models... and what do I enjoy building? A $5 junker! I'm like the kids who get a nice present and play with the box.

And I haven't included this year's Christmas break build.. an A100 van since I doubt I will finish it today... maybe on New Years day to be the first build of 2014. That would be starting out the year right!

Later on I will post the parade of all the models I started or worked on but didn't finish.. Hint - It's a much longer parade!

Now I must get upstairs to work on the A100 a bit!


Maybe just a teaser pic..

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Enjoyed watching you this year and especially the restoration idea. You have me searching at swap meets now for oldies. Hate to think of all the ones I've passed on thinking they were to nice to completely redo, Love the Stude and the rusty Corvette had me lol. The '29 pickup is my overall favorite. Good year for you and have another in '14,

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Thanks guys! I try not to produce cookie cutter models. And I have fun, which is what it's really all about.

Bruce- Yes that is the Flintstone A100. This one was bought when the body first came out. I got the paint on it and it went in a box. It's getting done this time. I spent the day working on it. It's a replica of a vehicle that a buddy-o-mine had in the late 1970s. As I build I am remembering more details about the real truck, which has added to the bench time, but making it all that more exciting to see appearing in front of my eyes!

Ron - Glad to hear that you are looking at old classic builds. I think I've started a trend. Still we can't save them all. I still hear and see the demise of great old builds at the hands of numpties on a regular basis!

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