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Old build 58 Impala.

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I haven't shown much of my work on this forum so I thought I would change that and show some pics of one of my old builds.

I saw a nice 58 Impala with yellow and white paint and green interrior here in town when we had a car show back in 1995 and I thought I should do a copy of that one, so this model was started in 1996 and finished a couple of years later.

It's an old AMT kit built mostly out of box but with some detailing and aftermarket stuff such as American Satco tires, Model Car Garage photo etch set, BMF for the trim, flocking and some wiring and photo etched pieces for the engine.

The paint is rattle can car touch up paint, the yellow is a VW/Audi color and the white is Volvo, and finally clear over the whole thing.




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That's nice , I really like it !

Your choice of colors and your trim work couldn't be any better .

I happen to prefer the old AMT kit over the Revell kit but I've never seen the doors fit as nice as yours . . . very nice work !

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Well if that's the kind of work you are going to do......I hope to see a lot more of it in the near future. Its beautifully built.

I agree. Please post more! Super nice build

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