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Scratch Rat Jeep | Codiname “DA BOMB DELUXE” - Junk - 1:25

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I like your take no prisoners attitude with this build.No kit....No problem....Grab a stack of styrene and and scratch build what you need.I would like to see you do a tutorial on the riveted aluminum transmission tunnel feature and those belly panels as well.What material did you use?It looks like aluminum drink can thickness.

Thanks for posting such an interesting build!

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I agree with all the comments on this thread, I for one love to see something awesome built out of every day objects, kinda helps when it comes to kits hitting $30.00 a kit, I just love all the scratch-building going on here, and can not wait for more updates, more, more, more....

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Hello Guys...

The answers:


Thank you man!


I received a present of friend of mine: M1919A4 .30 caliber machine gun! I'll insert in this project! Thanks for watching.


Darren B

Hello Darren... You'll be sad because this assemble will be stopped for a moment! Another secret project appears on my workbench. Shortly I'll opened this project for all of you folks.




Thank you!

Wonderbread Kustomz

Thank you very much.


Thanks man!




Hello Tom! Thanks for all your words. The aluminum sheets are thinner than used on soda/drinks. In Brazil are sold on bobbins in tool warehouses.

Darren B

Hello again Darren... In Brazil all the materials for scale models are very expensive. That's why the brazilian scale modellers are very inventive. Everyday objects: less money, big ideas! ;)

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