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Found 18 results

  1. Off on a new adventure! I took this photo back in 2007 on St John while vacationing in the US Virgin Islands. Unfortunately I took one quick shot, not a side or rear view, which would aid me immensely building this as a model. With Google as my friend, I searched “St John, Jeep” and look what popped up?! Same exact Jeep.. see the plate number! A few years older with more wear on it. So I can reasonably expect it’s still tooling around the island! As I’ve been accused of “ruining perfectly models” in the past, you may ask “why?”. I was immediately drawn to this bat
  2. Looks like the snorkel air intake and stock five-spoke wheels are new to this release?
  3. I've been wanting to build a Jeep Gladiator pickup for a long time, so I bought Revell's most recent "Pink Poison" reissue of their '81 Jeep J-10 pickup and got started. I built this kit in the mid '80s and recalled most of its shortcoming and faults, but it's the only game in town for a bi-scale Jeep J-series truck. so off I go. First step, separate the one-piece(!) cab and bed along the vertical joint line between the two: Next, create a rear cab wall using styrene sheet and reference photos. The Full Size Jeep Forum has been a lifesaver for reference photos, so breaking the rear cab wall
  4. Not an exact match but except for the color a pretty close match to my daily drive. Rite Aid and Welly deliver once again.
  5. One of more recent build. I found this kit on eBay for a great price (both rear door panels are missing) but I couldn’t refuse. Its pained model master emeral green metallic spray can with a testors high gloss enamel clear coat spray can. The interior is just flat black and wheels bare metal aluminum spray from Tamiya. Opinions??
  6. While looking for more realistic leaf spring options, I stumbled upon these 1/24 scale Minor photoetched brass leaf spring sets, so I ordered one of each, and they arrived today. Set VMD24002 is designed for use with the Italeri Land Rover LWB kit(s?) while set MVD2400 is for use with the "U.S. WWII 1/4 Ton Truck", aka, Jeep, and each set consists of over 100 pieces each, 158 for the Jeep specifically. All leaves are separate and have an existing bolt hole in the center, so they are a bit limited for use with vehicles which use symmetrical leaf springs, but I'm sure one could get creative and
  7. Finished this one up. Scratch built the bed, stretched the frame, used the roof and top of the doors from the revell cj-7 kit. Otherwise it is box stock. And here is a couple of pictures with the Wrangler YJ and Silverado Size comparison
  8. I was looking at the 1/25 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that I put together sometime ago and had a great idea for a diorama. I started out with the idea of making a desert scene and have the jeep climbing a hill. However I got a little carried away and built it up too tall. So I decided to make a stream and waterfall instead. I started with a wood base, sealed it and glued 2 layers of that pink styrofoam on top of each other. I then covered the entire thing in tinted joint compound. Some rock gathering at a local park proved to work out well. I painted the rocks and dusted the entire thing with
  9. hey so this is my first build a Mpc jeep . i choose to not just build it box stock. and went for a more challenging build. where i had to actually think and do some fabrication that was not on paper. i ended up using .metal mesh . Lego tires . broom-hair . q-tips. F40 seats ,a pen ,wire , diffent pieces of plastic , a rubber Eraser , and a key chainstrap. all this together with the mpc kit ended with this lifted jeep i call the Mud Toy. for a first build i am happy with it had such fun building it . thank you for checking it out . and feel free to leave a comment or just have a nice
  10. hey everybody . im just getting ready to start my first build . i was thinking i was going to build it box stock. but where is the challenge in that . so ill build it as a civillian recreational vehicle i dubbed this project "Mud Toy" . keywords are . Big tires . cage , Lift kit , and Fun . will be posting as i figure things out ill just have fun with this first build . so please bare with me . i have cleaned all parts and sanded them first up i need to find a color for it . here it just sits on a pair of way too big for scale oil drums
  11. This is a Tamiya kit. Almost a toy, its motorized, 4 wheel drive. It comes with a "bumper" to protect it. The labels are stickers, so I didn't use them. Its supposed to be a military themed vehicle, and is actually a miniature version of one of their RC cars. They also made a Samurai/Jimny and Baja Bug in this style, but I think those are OOP. All in all, a fun, simple kit but with good detail for what it is. The scale is 1/32 but "charicaturized" like Dave Deals kits.
  12. Hello Guys, New project... Concept Boards: Piece of junk... Hehehehehe... Everything on paper to see if the project will work! Frames/Chassi on Computer... Cutting... Tires... Promising... Best,
  13. Hello, I am posting this thread to show you, and the world (maybe), my model trucks. This first one is a Revell Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. I painted the Jeep with a combination of Testor's Yellow, Black, Silver, and Red Gloss. Aside from the the color scheme, it is box-stock. I built this back in June 2014. It was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend this kit. This next truck is my first real not-box-stock model. It is from Revell's Dodge Ram VTS Pick-up kit. I added a large suspension lift kit, roll bar with lights, and a spoiler. I painted it mostly with Testor's Black G
  14. This is my first model in around 5 years so don't mind the sloppiness
  15. I built this Jeep and my son took it out back to play in the mud. I had no idea where to post it, is it a car, a truck or all others.
  16. Yes it is another rubicon kit. But this one is different. First off here is what a brute looks like. I Started with the body and chopped it up I then built the bed from scratch. I then built up the back of the cab from sheet styrene, The roof started out as a cj 7 roof but i cut it up to fit. This is where I am now, I need to build up the doors to match the 1:1. I would also like to open the hood and throw an engine in there. But if I do that then I might as well Scratch build the frame. Does anyone have recommendations on size of styrene for the
  17. I'm starting a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. As of right now, I'm keeping it box stock, but that may change. I tend to throw little things in my models, like in an f-150 I built, there is a doughnut on the dash. Please, comment it up! Make recommendations! Thanks.
  18. Hi Im new to the forum Ive been looking around here for a long time now but this is going to be my first post.. It's a 77 jeep cj7, It's my most recent build. The only thing I done to it to customize it was lift it a little. On this model i had to cut the differential and axles off of the leaf springs and flip them. The color is spray can testors one coat star spangled blue... 100_1756 by moparkid13, on Flickr 100_1755 by moparkid13, on Flickr 100_1757 by moparkid13, on Flickr 100_1774 by moparkid13, on Flickr Let me know what ya t
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