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The Monkees Mobile (not Barris)


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The Monkees Mobile

The idea for this build, originally came from the old master, Ed "NEWT" Newton.

When Universal Chose the wild Tom Daniel-designed, Barris-sponsored and by Dick Dean`s gang-built The Munster Koach instead, Big Daddy Roth learned, that "low Budget and mild" was apparently not the way to score a TV car contract...

So, although they didn`t know it at the time, Tom and Newt were apparently competing against each other for that Munster Coach contract, trough Barris and Roth...

Later, when submitting a design for the upcomming Monkees TV series, he let Newt go all out on the concept.

But alas...

... that Time they went fot Jeffries`less-expensive "GTO Touring"...

So, Jeffries`relatively austere Monkeemobile concept was approved for The Monkees Television Show, he beat out this home run attempt by Newt and BDR...

And, uh, oh, yes, much later, California Show Cars by Jay Ohrberg, built something similar, based on Newt's design, and called it GeeTar...

... which, in my view, doubled the size while halving the Finesse...

This is my Version, perhaps not quite as Newt thought it...

... but I have tried to implement it, as far as it went, and with a couple of my Solutions... ;)

No idea what I have installed everything here, because it was one of my many, long-term Projects...

... but finally it's done, hope, you like it.











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