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Finally a little good news.

03 October 2014 - 10:38 PM

Well, it wasn't what I had in mind, but I'm working again. Part-time, but it's stable and can give me enough of a lead so I can get some other things moving.


I'm now apprenticing to teach driver's ed. This was really the last thing I ever expected to find myself doing, but a friend of mine started doing this earlier this year, and was talking to me about it, and I said "let me see what happens over the summer with my other job hunting." Well, nothing happened, so here I am.


The training takes some time, about 60 class hours, give or take, total, and then a test from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, which I have to pass with at least a 90%.


The training consists of observing in-car instruction, observing a class, and giving in-car instruction.


It's been interesting, so far I've almost been hospitalized four times!


But, it is a job....and it could be a decent one over the long term.


Charlie Larkin

End of the line?

27 May 2014 - 04:58 PM

The Hindustan Ambassador, which has been unchanged for over fifty years, and was minimally changed from its 1949 introduction, may have finally ended production.




Charlie Larkin

XK-E kits

20 May 2014 - 08:21 PM

Aside from the rare (and I'd imagine rather expensive) Aurora kit and the Monogram kit (which might be the Aurora, and also a bit tough to find and not exactly chump change,) has anyone made a Jaguar XK-E in (preferably) 1/24 scale more recently? I need 1/24 to go with something else.


Little project I have in mind....


Charlie Larkin

How amazing is this?

12 May 2014 - 07:57 PM

In late February, my grandmother, at the age of 102, fell and broke her hip while trying to unzip her robe. She lost her balance and went over. This, of course, after my mother and my aunt telling her for quite some time to sit down while doing that. Not with her stubbornness....one of the reasons she's lived as long as she has.


At any rate, Nana was taken right over to Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston and received an emergency hip operation and pin that following morning. The doctor was amazed at her overall physical health, and said she should be okay in the next 2-3 months, reasonable given her age.


After a couple of months, it was discovered that the pin didn't seat quite right this morning when we were finding a short leg and Nana's recovery not going right relative to the rest of her health.


The answer is a total hip replacement. At 102. That they're able to do this safely on someone her age attests to how much better medicine is.


Now, of course, it would've been best if the original pinning had worked, but we'll take the best possible outcome we can get.


The best part? Although my aunt and my mother will be splitting duty up during the full recovery and after, as she can't see too well anymore, she's still expected to be able to go home.


Even twenty years ago, this would've been very difficult. It amazes me that it's happening even now.


Charlie Larkin

NNL-East personal challenge met!

24 April 2014 - 08:40 PM

All I have to do is install the mirrors, and we're ready to roll!


Mike Laliberte and a couple of other people asked me about this kit.


The good:


1. Body dead-nuts on.

2. Very nicely detailed interior with an intelligent, positive assembly sequence.

3. Looks GREAT when it's done.

4. Nicely-detailed chassis plate that looks almost Tamiya-like when detail-painted.


The not-so-good.


1. Remove the locating pins from the tail lamp lenses and glue them on (I used clear parts cement.)

2. The headlight assembly is not done well- very fussy. If you buy this for a kid, make sure you do that part with them.

3. The very soft, low-grade plastic was rather unsettling. 

4. Rear bumper doesn't like to stay on- I'll probably end up gluing it in. 


See the build here.



These are the completed pictures sitting on my Sho-Case base.


This is the side view. The Tamiya Maroon looks great on this, I think.



The rear with my home-made index card "decals," a Massachusetts "Greenie" license plate (313-IFD to give a nod to Chrysler's brochure license plate of late- the Detroit area code with the initials for their "Imported From Detroit" campaign,) my Masonic roundel (York Rite,) my DeMolay roundel, and two bumper stickers commemorating the "Boston Strong" movement (The 617 runner's tag is to denote Boston's traditional area code, the blue and yellow ribbon reads "Boston Strong" in 1:1, and is the colors of the Boston Athletic Association, sponsors of the Boston Marathon and in memory of the horror of April 15, 2013.)




A front view




And now that it's 2:40 AM, I should get to bed- lotta driving to do tomorrow...well, this morning.


Thanks to all who cheered me on- see at least some of you at dinner tomorrow.


Charlie Larkin