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Mid-engine Corvette for 2017?

14 April 2015 - 08:52 PM

I don't like the look, but the concept is interesting. Right now, it's pure speculation, but it's interesting speculation. 




Charlie Larkin

My entry for MassCar's last show

24 March 2015 - 09:34 PM

The text below comes from the sheet I typed up to go along with the display.


Charlie Larkin


One more time...

My contribution to MassCar's final (for now) show

March 15, 2015


I had planned to enter the show this year.


I will never claim to be the greatest builder or have the cleanest builds, but I still love what I do. And this year became all the more special.


When the decision was made that this will be MassCar's last show, it made it quite clear to me that I needed to have something one the table....so I looked at my projects.


The Cobra I had been working on for the Club Display was not going well at all, so I decided to try and finish the build I had started for the Facebook 24-Hour build. That also met with some unplanned difficulties, and was so close to being done, which is what really hurt.


I considered my options and went to my hobby shop of choice to find a second of the 24-hour build kit to raid the botched and missing pieces from, and when I found none, I wasn't sure what to do.


Until scanning the shelves, I found the solution.


This is a Revell “Wheels of Fire” series '63 Corvette. Yes, the snap-together kit.


With some patience and detail painting, I think it looks rather nice. In fact, I was quite pleased with the construction and overall quality of the kit.


The chassis is painted with a mix of Tamiya and Testors Model Master lacquers and acrylics.


The interior, which was molded in black, was treated to Tamiya semi-gloss and flat black. The silver details are done with a Sharpie oil-based silver marker, which I found worked very nicely on the gauge bezels.


The body is painted with Dupli-Color Volkswagen Reflex Silver. I chose this because it was fairly close in appearance to the original Sebring Silver, based on some pictures I saw. I was, however, a bit surprised at the metallic content. The paint was then covered with a coat of Dupli-Color clear.


The license plate was made by me using the blanks found at www.licenseplates.tv and printed on an index card.


The whitewalls are made with Gelly-Roll white gel pen.


I started this build at 11:15 Saturday night and finished it early morning.


For a five-hour build, not too shabby at all.


I expect no trophies. But knowing I could take part in what may really be the penultimate MassCar show provides more satisfaction than anything else could.










White decal paper

12 February 2015 - 11:09 PM

Has anyone ever printed white decals on white decal paper?


If so, what do you do with the computer to make it print? The only thing I can think of is to print a black background around the white lettering, or possibly do a black-outlined white letter?




Charlie Larkin

This guy is my new hero

04 January 2015 - 04:12 PM

Driven daily for 38 years.


Except possibly getting something in a little better condition to start with, the idea has a lot of appeal.




Charlie Larkin

Getting in on the 2014 build threads act.

28 December 2014 - 09:52 PM

2014 wasn't as productive as I had wanted, although I might still be able to get one more buttoned up before Midnight Wednesday. 


These are the two I completed this year.


First, my Revell PT Cruiser. This build was chronicled on this forum.




Second, not really chronicled except for a Facebook build-off, but I didn't quite make completion, and the weather didn't cooperate, so I couldn't even get into Classic Plastic (paint,) but this AMT '61 Ford. The interior was done to simulate aftermarket seat covers, as the upholstery, and really, the whole interior, is all wrong. I'm trying to find my Model Cars issue from about 1998 that had the article about how to correct the '61 interior tub so I can do it for my other car. If anyone has a copy of that and would be willing to make a copy of that and mail it to me, I'd be appreciative.


The color has received a lot of favorable review. This is Testors Model Master Fifties Aqua, which is very close in color to the factory Mint Green.






Charlie Larkin