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  2. I drove the 2+ hours to Hillsborough, New Hampshire to attend a truck show. Not far from the state border I came up on the delivery truck at a classic car / used car dealer. After the truck show I wandered around Hillsborough. I visited the spot where the late Richard Kemp had is open-air truck "museum" along the side of a river. I was there a couple of times about a decade ago. This time around, his barns looked largely unchanged, but the property by the river was all overgrown and I couldn't see the river at that spot. I did find a random old tow truck and some tractors. Downtown I came upon trucks from the Granite State show.
  3. I saw some pe stencils for good year lettering on one of the truck aftermarket sites. They might fit the slicks and have the benefit of just needing cleaned before being reused. It may have been ctm or auslowe that had them
  4. Classic problem with working in diecast. Sometimes you have to squint your eyes and pretend. Did some more tonight, will post up some weekend shots later. Thanks!
  5. BeakDoc

    1970 Firebird TA

    Even though I’m a Mopar man to the core, I’ve always had a soft spot for Pontiacs, especially Firebirds. Yours, sir, is fantastic.
  6. Man, I don’t see thing wrong with her. I feel your pain though, decals have really whipped my tail on my last several builds. The struggle is real. Beautiful Boss. And kudos on the color choice.
  7. That’s one keen looking hot rod. I bet the Beach Boys weren’t thinking of this when they sang “she’s real fine, my four-oh-nine...”
  8. Great looking Mopar! Those Plymouth B bodies always look great in orange.
  9. Thanks Ron! As always, you are one of my best hopes! I appreciate it a bunch! Steve
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  11. I was there, but since I arrived after noon, several trucks had already left. It's particularly disappointing when it's a long drive for me.
  12. It's a waste of a good '71 Riv is what it is. 🤢
  13. The paisley roadster comes from a 1973 issue of Hot Rod, while I've apparently had the little slip of paper with the steam car ad since the '90s but can't recall where I got it. I've been unable to find any info on the car, if any were built.
  14. Looking for one of these, preferably unbuilt. LMK what you want on trade. Thanks!
  15. This is why I am NEVER without a book, or at least 3 or 4 magazines I haven't yet read. And a full pack of smokes.
  16. Me neither, but restorable builtups can be quite reasonable. I've managed to score several in the $30-$45 range, which isn't bad at all considering what common new kits sell for. The Revell Corvettes and the oft-reissued AMT '63s help keep the prices of originals down somewhat. If those didn't exist, it's hard to imagine what original AMT C2 Vettes would sell for in ANY condition!
  17. Got the body cleared today. I have to say the Gravity Colors clear is awesome. This is the first time I’ve actually mixed paint and it was simple. I laid down 2 mist coats, then 2 more moderately heavy coats, and finally 2 heavy wet coats. I have to say after 3 hrs in the dehydrator, it has leveled out almost perfect.
  18. Yeah, I get all that - mentioning it in this thread in case anyone was wondering. I was just happy to see my LHS had them back in stock and I could get one.
  19. Wow, awesome work David, fantastic job on the box art build.
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