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LaBelle Speed Shop - California 1963

26 September 2014 - 08:59 PM

My first Under Glass posting of the LaBelle Speed Shop team from 1963. It features a period Jr. Fueler rail along with its push vehicle, the shop's parts chaser, a tricked out 55 Chevy Stepside with a warmed over 409 with dual carbs. In keeping with the period, all parts, such as a generator, are 63 or earlier.

The Jr. Fueler roadster T body and rail come from the Tony Nancy kit, the SBC, including the injectors is from the 55 Nomad and is wired and plumbed. Timing cover is from a 63 Vette. PE safety belts along with a detailed interior with added bits and wiring. Metal finishes are Testor's Metalizers.

The 55 Chev Parts Chaser features a 409 from the 62 Chevy with valve covers from the Trophy Series 57 Chevy, along with its bench seat. The engine is also wired and plumbed, metal finishes are Alclad. Satco whitewalls are fitted on steelies with Baby Moons from the 56 Vicky. The tonneau cover is modified from the 53 Ford F1.

My main accomplishment is to have this duo ready for tomorrow's annual "Island Classic" in Victoria, British Columbia. Early tomorrow morning I'll be off over the Malahat pass with my entry!
Cheers Misha

Porsche 907/8 L by Union Models

24 June 2014 - 04:21 PM

Kit Review of Union's 1/24 Porsche 907/8

Joining the Endurance Racing Community Build, I have chosen the Porsche 907 chassis #005, that won the 1968 Daytona 24 Hour, with two other 907s placing second and third. It marked Porsche's first endurance race win. I believe that the kit dates from the 80s, and was part of the Japanese line of Union kits that also had a Ferrari 512 S, Porsche 917 K and repops of certain IMC kits from the 60s. I believe that this kit made its way into my stash from those early days, buying from the LHS.

For its age, this kit displays very fine body detail with thin moldings especially the transparencies which feature fine open louvres on the sides and the unique top with its slots. The major downfall of the kit is the lack of detail and basic inaccuracies with the eight cylinder pancake engine and in the rear engine bay. This is especially unfortunate considering the huge expanse of glass in the rear deck.

The body is split into three parts, belly pan with the front and rear parts separated at the engine fire wall. The mold lines are minimal with fine detail displaying scale rivets along the underside and textured inside detail. There are a number of injection pin marks, yet most if not all will be hidden from view. The fit appears to be good, so far.

The engine is a real disappointment, especially after checking all the great detail photos available on the web. It will require a fair amount of scratch building of details that will extend into the very sparse engine compartment. There is the basic tube structure included, yet there are obvious omissions such as filler caps on the body that lead nowhere, venturi stacks in the back that appear to be under scale and also lead nowhere.

The suspension is very basic, both front and rear, and will be mainly hidden by the body work. There are brake rotors, yet no callipers. The front displays posable steering with its accompanying clunky set up. It ought to be easy to add callipers, with brake lines and paint detail that will add to the realism visible under the Porsche. The tires offer decent tread detail with no lettering on the sidewalls. The wheels are in bare plastic (there is no chrome sprue, thankfully as it eliminates a step in prepping for Alclad.)

The decals provide for two vehicles, thankfully including the #54 version I'll be building. Because of the age of the decals, I'll photocopy the sheet first, and spray the sheet with the decal solution to prevent breakup of the transfers.

That about wraps up my comments, please add your comments on this kit and any difficulties one may encounter, plus photos of completed builds.

Cheers Misha

Barrett Jackson Auction Begin Today!

14 January 2014 - 07:39 AM

The 43rd Annual BJ Auction begins today with an amazing array of vehicles, vendor displays and opportunities to test out new vehicles at the polo grounds. Purchased an event pass for the week and have enjoyed the past two preview days. Some of the picks for me are the 63 Shelby Cooper Monaco King Cobra, Sox & Martin Barracuda, the Hotwheels drag team of Prudhomme Snake FC and McEwen Mongoose FC complete with the restored ramp trucks, the 63 Vette "Asteroid" custom with an amazing metal flake gold finish, 69 Vette Rebel from the Daytona and Sebring races; the list just goes on!!! It is also interesting to see how tastes change. For the more mainstream vehicles there are a lot of Toyota Landcruisers (the first gen), Jeeps from all the years including recent SEMA display ones, plus a lot of small European makes like the BMW Issettas and their like. Seems like fewer Muscle cars overall.

Gotta run now, have a full day ahead!
Cheers Misha