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Long Shot search for - body parts for a Fujimi Dino 246 GTS

15 February 2015 - 09:06 AM

Body and parts C10, A1, A3, A6 and A7 from the Fujimi 246GTS EM series model.  We had some insulation upgrades done to deal with ice jamming and the work crew inadvertently trashed the body which was drying from a final clear coat.  They compensated me for it, but that doesn’t get me to carrying this to the finish.  This kit appears to not be available so I am searching, although a long shot.  There also was a Testor’s boxed version as well. 






 Any help appreciated (no luck with EBAY either).

Revell 2015 2nd Qtr releases

10 February 2015 - 06:16 AM


VW Samba Surf Woody Bus

06 February 2015 - 12:17 PM

Well I finally had a chance to photo the completed model, even though it debuted at the CARS in Miniature annual banquet of January 10.  A missing window and incomplete surfboards remained to be done.  Also, to get it “done”, I didn’t go through a final round of paint polishing, so the paint job is only adequate to me.


I am not a van person, so this stretched me out of my comfort zone.  I am told this is a circa 1961 VW Samba and I tried to do something early 60’s with it.  To go with that theme, I decided to do a “Woody”.  Now Woody’s of that era were generally plastic appliques on station wagons.  I decided that was the approach to take.  To do that, I used Evergreen strip and quarter round to generate the ribs.  I then drilled out spots and applied Callibre 35 round head rivets to simulate mounting hardware.  I then applied Fred Cady woody decals I had in the decal stash to finish the effect.


As this was not a factory option, the appliques is asymmetrical.  There were enough door hardware intrusions without trying to figure out what to do with the gas cap cover and side air vents.












As this was to be a van for surfers, I kept the rubber floor mat; did a tan vinyl seating and added a wood deck in the trunk area behind the seats.  I also excluded the center seat and added a table for use at the beach.  I dug into the parts box and pulled out an old AMT record player (49 Merc perhaps?  Need to check on that).  I also photo reduced surfing record album covers and included them along with some coolers and bongo drums (again the early 60’s theme).  I looked online and found some early 60’s rendition of surfboards.  I chose the wood styles (to keep with the woody theme), graphically manipulated them and created custom decals to cover.












I used ACME license plate site to create an early 60’s license plate VWOODY for an extra touch.  And finally, what is a surf van without a wahine?





Anyway, this year’s theme is anything goes, and I am looking at doing a 32 Hi Boy for that.  Much more to my mind set, other than what engine to use.


Thanks for looking!



Thank you Revell Customer Service

30 January 2015 - 10:49 AM

I got a replacement window from them today for my VW Samba bus.  Even though it made its debut at our CARS in Miniature club banquet, this will give it the final polish, along with the two surfboards that I just did the custom decals for.



1961 VW Samba Van

24 December 2014 - 07:46 AM

I have until January 10 to finish this for the CARS in Miniature Club Banquet theme.  Wish me luck!


The idea is to do a mid-60's style VW bus as a Woody, but with applique as station wagons of that era were done.  Had a little extra bleed through on the chrome strip separating the white from the orange, but BMF will take care of that.  Needs a little touch up and then clear coating.


Just a hint of what is going on: