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  1. 935k3 added a post in a topic Glenn Bunch IMSA Challenger   

    Another interesting IMSA funny car was this Firebird based "Silver Bird"

  2. 935k3 added a post in a topic Applying decals to flat paint?   

    Take a Q-Tip and wet the underside of the decal with Future. It gets rid of the silvering that makes the decal surround clear. I have to do this wit racecar seats that have driver names and manufacturer name decals. This works well with tire decals too. Cleanup excess Future with ammonia.

  3. 935k3 added a post in a topic Stripping Tamiya acrylic from resin?   

    Straight ammonia will strip Tamiya acrylics safely
  4. 935k3 added a post in a topic Chaparral car?   

    Due to the Chapparal H being non competitive Chapparal did run a Mclaren M12 for John Surtees at Watkins Glen in 1969. I saw it race.
  5. 935k3 added a post in a topic To glove or not to glove   

    When I do use gloves I like to use the dispasble food handling gloves https://www.amazon.com/Disposable-Polyethylene-KINGLAKE-Cleaning-Handling/dp/B01JRXEK4M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504752409&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=food+handling+gloves&psc=1. They are looser and more comfortable.

  6. 935k3 added a post in a topic Gold paint for Pontiac Trans Am Snowflake wheels?   

    If you can airbrush it try Alclad Pale Gold.
  7. 935k3 added a post in a topic Molotow Pens not Shiny   

    what tip size did you spray it with? and what pressure
  8. 935k3 added a post in a topic Scale Finishes - Blotchy Paint   

    In a word, humidity.
  9. 935k3 added a post in a topic Sesto Elemento race varient   

    Look and stance look good. Make sure all of the Liquitape is removed before painting, It can be hard to remove sometimes. I try to stick to alcahol to remove it.
  10. 935k3 added a post in a topic Planning phase of new project, Ferrari 308 group 4 turbo   

    That was a Porsche 935 front end on the real car.
  11. 935k3 added a topic in General   

    The Sound
    Something electric cars will never give us.
    Aston Martin Vulcan
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  12. 935k3 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    That looks great. You will love the trigger. Those get good reviews. Enjoy.
  13. 935k3 added a post in a topic Help with Washes   

    Try this stuff from Tamiya. It flows out nice and is very black. It is enamel and cleans up with Turpentine cleaners like Testors Brush Cleaner.

  14. 935k3 added a post in a topic Robert Kubica to test 2017-spec Renault in Hungary   

    Great to see him doing well. I hope he gets a chance to drive again.
  15. 935k3 added a post in a topic Airbrush poor!!!!!   

    I have 7. I like having different ones with different size tips ready to go rather than having to change the tip and needle setup in the same airbrush.