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  1. Next year they will have allot of competition . Porsche, Pugeot and Cadillac
  2. Do you have alink for Zoom On decals? Have you used their C/F decals?
  3. The wail tale was black rubber due to pedestrian traffic laws.
  4. The Dremel sanding drums are better than any of the grinding bits for this kind of work.
  5. Checkout reviews of Hasegawa mirror finish sheets. It looks pretty good.
  6. 935k3

    VW window.

    Does anybody have the front window for the Tamiya 1966 beetle
  7. You can get replacement decals from indycals. com
  8. The fan and shroud look perfect for the fiberglass on the real car.
  9. Try a hair dryer it really helps sucks decals down.
  10. Try this thinner it is the best and works with all paints.
  11. Use Plastruct brand if possible it bends without cracking as easily as Evergreen.
  12. Slot car axle blanks cut to length with dremel.
  13. Hasegawa kit of a great group C car. The red is Mr. Color #3 Red and the Blue Mr Color #5 Blue
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