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  1. 935k3 added a post in a topic Help With Photo Etch R/T badge   

    You have the right idea. Paint the letters red with a lacquer. Then paint the letters with Tamiya X18 Acrylic(jar). Then wipe off the top of the letters with ammonia. Ammonia will not effect the lacquer underneath. This will work far better if you can airbrush it. Finding a water based acrylic in a spray can is hard to find. None of the hobby paints come that way.
  2. 935k3 added a post in a topic Flex Seal   

    I doubt it is much different than plasti dip seen below. It will go bad very quickly before you use it all. I would not waste the money on it.

  3. 935k3 added a post in a topic Nurburgring 24   

    Here is te youtube link  Nurburgring 24
  4. 935k3 added a post in a topic Tamiya Porsche 936. 24 hours of Lemans 1981 Champion   

    Nice job. Here is a great video of the 77 car with Ickx at the wheel  936 at lemans
    Below is my model of the car he is driving.

  5. 935k3 added a topic in General   

    Nurburgring 24
    The privateer Glickenhaus SCG003C  is on the pole for tomorrows race which starts about 9:00 AM EST. A great start to a great race weekend. Pole Shootout
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  6. 935k3 added a post in a topic UK Car modelling magazines?   

    I used to buy it regularly. Do you remember the "amazing" Trevor Pask?  I never could figure why he was allowed to build for a good magazine.
  7. 935k3 added a post in a topic Lamborghini Countach Gold Wheel Paint   

    I second that. Tamiya TS-21 Gold. The sheen is good as is, no clear over needed. It will look a little better if you decant and airbrush it. The gold wheels below were airbrushed TS-21

  8. 935k3 added a topic in General   

    2018 Indy Cars
    The changes look great. The rear bumper body work is gone(yeah!!!) They will look closer to F1 they ever have in recent years. 2018 Indy Cars
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  9. 935k3 added a post in a topic Clear over Spaz Stix.   

    Future is the best thing to use over it because it is a totally neutral clear that does not react with the paint. All other clears will react with the paint to some extent. Future will dull it a bit but not to the level of other clears. If you don't like or want it off it strips with straight ammonia which does not effect the underlying paint(except water based acrylics)
  10. 935k3 added a post in a topic Should I thin decanted Testors clear enamel?   

    It also depends on what airbrush you use and what tip size is in that airbrush. Smaller tips require more thinning.
  11. 935k3 added a post in a topic Clear coat problem.   

    This a problem with Future over enamels. I love Future so I never use enamels on bodies for this reason. Nick(High Octane) please read the original post, he never said anything about using a lacquer clear coat so your reply is nt that helpful. I am glad you do not have any problems with what you use.
  12. 935k3 added a post in a topic C'mon USPS!   

    I use to think bad of th USPS but for the most part they have been very good with stuff I order. I get stuff quicker from them than UPS, I actually prefer the post office these days. I get stuff from a company in Ohio and it takes 4 days to get it to me in south central PA. It takes First Class mail 2 days.
  13. 935k3 added a post in a topic What's your favorite taillight red and orange paints   

    I like to airbrush Tamiya's lacquers. Especially if masking for a second color is necessary. the acrylics just do not dry has hard and making makes marks in it.

  14. 935k3 added a post in a topic How to modify/create seat inserts?   

    No it's just an idea I would try. I would use Plastruct half round because it bends better without breaking than evergreen. I use Bondene by Plastruct liquid glue or for a little more time Tamiya's extra thin cement.
  15. 935k3 added a post in a topic How to modify/create seat inserts?   

    Half round evergreen glued on a .010" sheet evergreen base. Make over size, heat and bend then cut to size.