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  1. 935k3 added a topic in General   

    It's official
    Model Factory Hiro is doing a 1/12 scale 427 Cobra at a "trouser troubling" price I am sure. Here is the link http://www.modelfactoryhiro.com/new/en/archives/18022
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  2. 935k3 added a post in a topic Paasche H Packing O Ring   

    The seal is made from  Teflon. They only need replaced if you are having paint pickup problems. They can be tightened or loosed by adjusting the packing nut behind it. Take the needle and the tip out of the airbrush. You feel the seal grab needle when you screw them together. The trick is to adjust so it just grabs(seals) but not to tight where it is not too hard to turn when adjusting spray pattern.
  3. 935k3 added a post in a topic Whats your work area like?   

    My spray booth and workbench.

  4. 935k3 added a post in a topic Merc DTM   

    Thanks to all for the compliments.
  5. 935k3 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Merc DTM
    This is the  RoG Salzgitter Mercedes DTM I am working on. I tried something to simulate the Carbn Fiber colors to save some money for the decals. The main interior pieces was painted a steel color the coats of Tamiya smoke was airbrushed over then a final coat of semi-gloss clear, the dash air ducts were done the same way with a gold base. The placard for the car number and Bosch etc had to be made because it isn't in the kit. The rollcage is AS-12 Bare Metal. The holes in the seat were drilled out. These do look much like Lemans type car underneath.

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  6. 935k3 added a post in a topic large decal application   

     A hot damp cloth pressed over a decal will make it  conform instantly without wrinkles. A hot damp Q-Tip can be used for small areas. Do not hold the hot cloth on more than a second or two as it can damage the clear coat on thedecal if too hot and held too long.On panel lines I wait till the decal is set then carefully cut with new razor or exacto. I then use a 10/0 brush and MicroSol or Solvaset to push down and conform down in the line. If you have trouble with a decal sticking try a little Future under the decal to glue it down, remove excess with ammonia. Microset goes under decals and  and Microsol goes on top of decals. I could not have done the car pictured below without these techniques. The only paint is the white base all else is decal.

  7. 935k3 added a post in a topic Paasche Talon TG-3F or Iwata HP-CS   

    I have both Iwatas mentioned and the Talon. If you get the Talon pay the extra money and  get the set with all three heads .25mm,.38mm and .66mm. This will cover about everything you need an airbrush for. Amazon and Chicago airbrush both sell them for around $100 with free shipping. I have the H also but the Talon is a far better airbrush.
  8. 935k3 added a post in a topic Anyone ever used Testors Metalizers to paint a car body?   

    For silver cars try Tamiya TS-17 Gloss Aluminum. It has very good in scale pigment and goes on great without needing a gloss coat
  9. 935k3 added a post in a topic which is a good pearl acrylic?   

    Take a look at the Testor's Aztec line sold at Michaels. Great colors and great paint.
  10. 935k3 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    You will love it. sometimes you may want to use heavier viscosity paints and do  bigger parts(body,chassis) you might want to look into the parts to convert into the .5mm setup. You can get the conversion parts as a set from Chicagoairbrushsupply.com for 29.92. They are the same parts that come in the Siphon feed Eclipse BCS. HobbyLobby has the  individual parts(needle,fluid tip and air cap)
  11. 935k3 added a post in a topic Well done Lewis Hamilton!   

    I truly belive he won for one reason only, Mercedes has provided a far superior car than anybody else has. If given equal cars Vettel would beat him every time.
  12. 935k3 added a post in a topic Krylon Short Cuts Opinions   

    I see you have great number of posts with some good tips and suggestions but I cannot find any posts with finished models by you. Could we see some?
  13. 935k3 added a post in a topic Anyone have outside pics of builds painted with these colors?   

    The lids on their cans give an accurate vision of what the paints look like. Primers or undercoats will affect the color. Reds,whites, yellows and orange should have a white base.
  14. 935k3 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    You can get one here from a great US vendor at good prices http://www.mshobbies.com/1-24-belkits-vw-polo-wrc/
  15. 935k3 added a post in a topic Aon/Lukoil Chevy Cruze   

    That is a great looking model. I really like the color combination on this version.