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  1. Wher can you buy metal hangers. I have not seen any in stores for many years now.
  2. Really good looking model. Your models are always great and realistic looking. Keep up the good work.
  3. Snake you might look into this stuff. Walmart has it.
  4. Interior painted in Mr. Surfacer 1500 with airbrush. I made a template to lay over the decal for gauges so just the gauges would be glossy. had to make a turbo boost as there is none in the kit. I added some better engine pics too.
  5. Looks great Steve. I would use thinned PVA carefully brushed.
  6. I think they may look different because of the color of the spray can lid under the paint.
  7. This is a curbside but the bottom of the engine looks good when painted(allot of masking. Paint used for the body and chassis was TS-98 Pure Orange Kit shocks and springs were replaced. I used 30 ga wire for the springs. There no tire markings included. I used Indycals Porsche 956 decals. Alclad Pale Gold used for the spokes on the BBS rims.
  8. You will love the trigger action. As you pull back you will get air then the paint cuts in gets wider as you pull back.
  9. Dave I would not use any high build as it will cover details
  10. Allot of clears look like that but go on clear. I believe that is the old gloscote. That stuff was more a shellac than lacquer and thins with denatured alcohol. Try using Wet look clear instead, it can be thinned with Tamiya Lacquer Thinner.
  11. Note: the new stuff says enamel. I was able to stock some of the old stuff at $1 at clearance store a few years ago. Enamel does not make a good primer because it tears more then feather edges when sanding. I would not touch enamel for primer any day. Duplicolor is good but it is much hotter, the sanding sealer especially so.
  12. Try Tamiya TS-79 semigloss clear and TS80 clear flat. They are a much more durable finish for handling.
  13. 935k3


    Revell of Germany BMW DTM. Just finished this in December. The fit is not bad but there is allot of sink marks and cleanup compared to Tamiya. The decals are excellent.
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