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  1. McLaren MP4-12C GT3

    Great model, well done. I love the GT3 class racing around the world
  2. 300 SLR paint

    Tamiya TS-17 Gloss Aluminum is one of the best silvers in a spray can , small particle size and in scale. Decals stick well to it.
  3. Clear Parts Protection & Storage

    Try using a hot knife, cut as close as possible then the us a sanding stick. If you use a flush cutter keep the flush side towards the window or clear piece.
  4. The great 3 time F1 champion Niki Lauda has passed away. http://www.gptoday.com/full_story/view/679839/BREAKING_NEWS_Niki_Lauda_has_passed_away_aged_70/
  5. I can't wait to get one. Thanks Jonathan.
  6. Ford GT Le Mans, 2017 #69

    looks great. I'd blame the tripod effect on Revell.
  7. I have used 91% alcohol on Duplicolor paints and their clear(not enamel). It started to work in 20 minutes. My general rules for stripping is lacquer use alcohol. All else Super Clean and sometimes Easy Off
  8. 2016 Ford GT Le Mans

    The tire decal can be glued down with some Future on the back. I always coat the sidewall with Future applied with a Q-tip, let it dry then apply the decal and dull coat. The decals stick better to Future then a bare sidewall. I actually mask the wheel and airbrush a coat of TS-79 semi-gloss clear.
  9. Tru-Color paints

    I have been using some of their metallics. There are very good and handle an mask well. I think they are lacquers. I thin them with acetone. I think I read they coming out with a line for model cars, they are mostly railroad colors. The firewall in the pic is their aluminium. Check out their website Tru-Color Paints
  10. If you want your model to like a real car prime and paint it. If you want it to look like a plastic model don't paint it. The wash problems might be caused by bad molding of the part.
  11. Silver and Gold

    This guy is crazy Expensive Escort
  12. Stripping Alclad?

    No, it will not hurt clear parts either.
  13. Stripping Alclad?

    91% or higher isopropyl alcohol.
  14. 2016 Ford GT Le Mans

    looking good. I really like the engine, colors used look great especially the exhaust
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Take a look at furnace filters for use in these. For example mine uses a standard 20 X 20 filter