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  1. 935k3

    IMSA Mustangs

    the mustangs were rebodied Zakspeed Capris.
  2. Nice job so far. I built this kit and found no need to paint red areas on the body as the decals fit perfectly.
  3. There have been allot of issues with orders from Gravity paints. Google it.
  4. Another issue I have had with spoons is some hot paints craze them and this makes it impossible to see how the lay down.
  5. 935k3

    Wats up?

    Mozilla Firefox, Adblock Plus, clear history on exit = none of the above.
  6. Nice work so far except the seats are way to shiny. They would look better with some semi-gloss clear.
  7. Lacquer thinner would be good and safe on metal.
  8. Tamiya USA website says it is not available. It looks great but is known to have issues with cracking. It cracked on me but didn't show until months after the car was built and I am afraid to use it again.
  9. Try 1/64" drafting tapes. The crepe type is more flexible around bends. I used it around the BMF on the window trim on this BMW
  10. Future also can be applied in smaller areas with a Q-tip
  11. If it is lacquer 91% alcohol will strip it but not the primer. Super Clean should work on the primer.
  12. Try Tamiya's Laquer thinner, it works with their acrylics. It's not Hardware thinner, it is more alcohols than anything else.
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