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  1. You need to use a larger nozzle like a .35mm or .50 mm
  2. Plastruct is harder to find but is a better quality than Evergreen. It bends more without cracking.
  3. Hey watch this video on building a 250 replica. 250 GTO
  4. Great work and technique JC. I have found Plastruct better for bending, it does not beak as easily as Evergreen. Pinning really ads strength I use .020 " diameter brass wire from K&S
  5. The interior was done in Scale Motor Sports carbon. I think it was 41 separate pieces, templates made by tape.
  6. The older cars did just have the rubber seal which can be done by marker. The newer cars have blacked out areas on the window it self. They can be very wide on some cars like this Ford Fiesta WRC. Masking and painting are best for this and an air brush is the best for this.
  7. Great work so far. I built the racing longtail version. Make sure the base of the window cowling does not affect ride height. It took allot of work to get it setting right.
  8. Nothing beats masking and airbrushing. It can be time consuming though.
  9. I do nt have pics but I tested them and found them to be the best acrylics I have ever used
  10. Brass is better for small diameter or size parts. It will give a little without breaking part. I pin allot , it gives strength and makes assembly easier.
  11. NUNU kit. This kit has some really odd molding defects and flash for a new kit. I got the detail up set that has all the carbon decal for the chassis and photo-etch. I wrapped the fuel tubes in solder an painted to replicate the actual car.
  12. Spray right into jar by regulating trigger pressure and holding jar at an angle.
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