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  1. Decals are done, needs some touch up. I had to make the thin white decals and the red strpe that wraps around the tip of the nose. They were not supplied in the kit.
  2. Try Tamiya weathering set 'D', it has clear burnt red and blue. It comes off with ammonia if you want redo it. It's applied like makeup.
  3. Model ready for decals. I used Tru-Color black. The Tamiya would not dry even 2 weeks and dehydrator.
  4. Try this link at spraygunner.com https://spraygunner.com/search.php?page=2&section=product&search_query=grip
  5. The hardware is from the detail set for this kit, as are the brake discs. The seat belts are medical tape sprayed silver.
  6. This would be done but I had problems with the black paint.
  7. We still know how how to make a great car Venon F5
  8. They look great. Checkout Paul at ISM on youtube he uses them. They are fast drying enamels.
  9. The brush in Tamiya's glue is very small.
  10. Tamiya re released TS Cobalt Green for their 1/12 Valliant 934. Get some before it is gone. Nobody else makes it in a spray can.
  11. What silver did you use on the chassis and rll cage?
  12. I think the Grex has an extra seal that can be problematic from what I have read on other forums. For the money the Procon /Mister Hobby cannot be beat. The trigger type is addicting in a good way. I have two Iwatas and the PS290 spray and quality are very much the same
  13. I built the Moddlers kit. It had metal parts for the mirrors, gas caps, taillights and headlights. They polished up well and needed no paint.
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