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  1. 935k3 added a post in a topic How many Can Am Kits Were There?   

  2. 935k3 added a post in a topic Tamiya paint drying out?   

    I have had this problem also. Sometimes the paint will just not come off the brush onto what I am trying to paint. This is most apparent when using a small brush and detail painting. I started adding a drop or two of Liquitex Flow enhancer, available at Micheal's. This helps allot.

  3. 935k3 added a post in a topic Martini Porsche 935   

    Thanks to all for the compliments. Dann, I really like the Spaztix, I like it better than Alclad. I find it a little brighter and more durable. Because the wheels are not molded open they were painted gold first then the centers were painted over with Tamiya Acrylic X-18 SG Black. The X-18 was then removed from the top  of the spokes using ammonia and Q-Tips, This leaves the recesses between the spokes black. The centers were then masked and the rims painted with a base coat of TS14 Gloss Black then Spaztix over top. I have found this best way to paint these molded shut BBS style wheels.
  4. 935k3 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Martini Porsche 935
    This one is finally done. This is the 1/20 scale version. I had allot of trouble getting scratch made side windows to look good. I made the hoses to the turbo. I cut .010 brass and painted it for the trim around the turbo intake screen on the fender. The front screen was masked and airbrushed to acurately represent the real car, allot buids just make it black. Th Shunko decals did not fit the fenders well and were too short on the main stripes.  The wheels where airbrushed with Alclad Pale Gold and SPAZTIX Mirror Chrome. WIP is here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/113074-porsche-935-dashinterior-progress-522-update/#comment-1624209

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  5. 935k3 added a post in a topic Removing decals HELP   

    Try Scotch Tape, it has a more aggressive adhesive.
  6. 935k3 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    There is not allot of detail but it does make a nice model.

  7. 935k3 added a topic in General   

    Slick Merc
    The new Team Black Falcon Racing Mercedes SLS GT3 for the upcoming 24hrs of Spa.

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  8. 935k3 added a post in a topic Lacquer over Pledge Floor Care Finish?   

    I love Future. It is the safest and most forgiving of all clears. I have learned to wipe it on with circular cosmetic pads. The cracking is only a problem when applied over some water based acrylics especially Tamiya. It may crack over enamels that are not completely cured. I like wiping it on because I can keep it off areas I don't want to have gloss. I have found that Zymol brand wax enhances and deepens the gloss. Other waxes seem to remove the Future. I have been using it for 30 years.
  9. 935k3 added a post in a topic Toyota Royal Crown Hybird   

    Nice looking model. I am amazed at how many kits you get done  and how clean and nice they always look. Kudos.
  10. 935k3 added a post in a topic Mythbuster--Red "Bleed"   

    There is BIN sealer. It provides a sealed stable layer over anything. This prevents bleeding and ghosting. There cans do not spray well. It should be airbrushed. It is a shellac and can be thinned with alcohol. All types of paint can be used over it and it sands beautifully.

  11. 935k3 added a post in a topic Dremel Grinding Bits--What Do I Need?   

    The diamond rotary set from Harbor Freight is what you need. You can get a 20% off coupon.

  12. 935k3 added a post in a topic Finger prints! Tape residue!   

    Be careful, Alcohol will attack Tamiya Paint especially the 91%
  13. 935k3 added a post in a topic 2016 LeMans 24hrs   

    In a word, YES!!!
  14. 935k3 added a post in a topic 2016 LeMans 24hrs   

    They lost power in the Gas engine. The car was driven by the electric hybrid motor to finish but not classified due to exceeding the 6 minutes required to get the car around after the winner finishes. A normal lap time for these cars is around 3 mimutes 25 seconds.Under acceleration when the gas and electric are on these cars have about 1000 bhp.
  15. 935k3 added a post in a topic The 24   

    Rain today, no improvement in times. Here is a link for great full color spotter's guide for the race http://www.spotterguides.com/portfolio/16lm/