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  1. 935k3 added a post in a topic cleaning glue off the windows   

    Try soaking in water overnight. water will eventually soften and weaken it. Do not use suprglue for windows, you are asking for trouble. Try a good PVA glue like Formula 560 Canopy Glue or Microscale Krystal Klear. It can be rubbed right off or wiped off with water on a Q-Tip. It does take awhile to setup but the safety factor is worth it. It holds very well when dry.
  2. 935k3 added a post in a topic 1956 Chrysler 300B (*** Updated 30 Jul 15 ***)   

    The paint looks great. How many ounces are in a jar? It really does not say on the website. 
  3. 935k3 added a post in a topic FINA Mclaren F1 GTR   

    Thanks to all for the compliments.
  4. 935k3 added a topic in Under Glass   

    FINA Mclaren F1 GTR
    This one was finished about 2 months ago but I just now took some pictures. The work in progress is here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/100895-mclaren-f1-gtr-update-decals-51915/#comment-1410302

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  5. 935k3 added a post in a topic Tamiya Martini Alfa Romeo V6 TI... Rare Kit??   

    It is a great kit but beware anybody buying Tamiya kits from this time period(early to mid nineties) Tamiya had issues with cracking decals. I would not buy these kits unless I could see the decals in person.
  6. 935k3 added a topic in General   

    Sad News
    The first death in F1 since Ayrton Senna albeit 9 months after the crash http://www.foxsports.com/motor/story/f1-driver-jules-bianchi-passes-away-071715
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  7. 935k3 added a post in a topic Tire decals not sticking and disintegrate with clear coat.   

    Try Future under decals that will not stick.
  8. 935k3 added a topic in General   

    Watch cars fly
    Some jumps from the WRC during last weekends Rally Poland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxEtmmte33M
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  9. 935k3 added a post in a topic WalMart primer talked about, can anyone post a picture of the can?   

    This stuff is primer only in name. None of of it is a proper primer. This becomes evident when sanding. It does not sand and feather edge like a true primer like Plastikote,Duplicolor or Tamiya. It's really just gray paint.
  10. 935k3 added a post in a topic Red White & Blue Models   

    How about a few Martini's

  11. 935k3 added a post in a topic Ford Escort RS1800 7/29/15 Update - Front Bumpers   

    Looking good JC. I always buy enough paint intending on sanding the firs coats down, The second session always comes out better. I learned that in wood shop in high school. The more coats sanded in between the smoother it gets. The reason is most primers are porous and soak up the first layers of paint, color coats seal the primer and you get smoother paint.
  12. 935k3 added a post in a topic Miami Dolphins owner and Qatar preparing bid for F1 ownership   

    If F1 has a new owner Bernie better worry about keeping his job.
  13. 935k3 added a post in a topic Future floor polish alternative name   

    That's the stuff.
  14. 935k3 added a post in a topic Tire decals; Dry transfer or Water slide?   

    Put a coat of Future on the sidewall(can be applied with a Q-Tip) this helps the decal stick to whatever the tire is made of. Than DullCote the when decal is dry.
  15. 935k3 added a post in a topic The 24   

    try this link http://www.lemans-tv.com/