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  1. Tomorrow is the Nurburgring 24. Should be on Youtube. Starts at 10:30 AM EST
  2. If you can find it Tamiya has that green for there 1/12 scale kit. I think it will be limited run. There is no other green that is right. The green is called Cobalt Green.
  3. Watch the alcohol, it will remove Tamiya paints.
  4. WD40 is great at removing all tape and label adhesive residue.
  5. I did nnot know spraygunner started carrying this. Note; spraygunner is in Florida, Scalehobbyist is in England. Spray gunner is great to do service with. I got my CREOS PS-290 airbrush from them .
  6. Food coloring works well with it. Remember if you don't like it comes off with ammonia which is safe on everything except Tamiya Acrylics. I have learned to wipe not brush it on.
  7. try looking up some conversion charts and find something that. Mr Hobby paints are hard to find in the US.
  8. Once distribution happens there will be bottled lacquers from Tamiya. They will be LP-XXX numbers. Mixing Tamiya X-18 with their thinner X-20 makes a good wash for all paints. If you do use Panel Accent and get too much, wipe the brush dry and put it back in pane line and it will draw the excess back out. The Citadel stuff is good if you can find it.
  9. they are dry transfers like Tamiya's. Stick them then wet the paper to remove it.
  10. The cars that ran FIA races such as Lemans they were required. They were not required at Daytona
  11. You need to use a larger nozzle like a .35mm or .50 mm
  12. Plastruct is harder to find but is a better quality than Evergreen. It bends more without cracking.
  13. Hey watch this video on building a 250 replica. 250 GTO
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