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  1. Cool little hot rod. I love the flames.
  2. Simply Stunning! Great attention to detail and clean building style. All the right parts make this stand out even more. The ArDun motor is the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing.
  3. That paintwork really commands respect. More patience and skill than I have.
  4. I believe the coupe body was a Pininferina design. Interstingly, the Airfix kit includes parts for both the chrome bumper and the rubber versions. If you get the new Aoshima releases its one or the other. Aoshima kit includes lovely PE MG badge too! And on the rubber bumper version gets the ROstyle wheels. Don't know anything about the RoG kit though.
  5. Beautiful Impala. The green really suites this.
  6. Looks fantastic in blue. I'm wishing for a factory stock version too.
  7. Wow. Cool. I especially like the grille.
  8. Nice start. This is a lovely kit. I built it as a teenager, and its still on my shelf now. I remeber going to the NEC motor show as a kid in 1984 and seeing the Testarossa for the first time. I was absolutely blown away.
  9. Thos is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing this one come together.
  10. Beautiful Catalina. Makes a lovely mild custom.
  11. Very nice Charger. Looks even better with the black wash in the panel lines now.
  12. Looks good so far. I think this kit is about to be re-released by Tamiya soon.
  13. Nice to know its not abandoned. This will make a lovely model one day!
  14. Pulling back this old thread to ask if you've made any progress on this one Alex? No pressure, but I think it would be amazing to see.
  15. Lovely build. Looks perfect in that blue.
  16. Good job on correcting this to the proper Bond car it should have been. I always thought these 2000GTs were a beatiful shape.
  17. I built a few in this style back in the early 90s, though my builds are not as good as these. Both are ace, and are a great way of remembering the trend of the time.
  18. Wow. That is simply stunning. The colour really suits the curvy shape. Well done.
  19. Great to see one modified in a different way. The MG purists will have a heart attack, but I love it.
  20. Great to see a Bora done. Is this a Gunze Sanyo kit?
  21. Man - that is LOW! nice job. Paint looks super smooth.
  22. Very nice work. Love the shape of the '62.
  23. These Galaxie kits are lovely, and you've done a great job. Love seeing a straight 6 for a change.
  24. Beautiful hot rod. You get great results from a rattle can.
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