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  1. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner   

    I built one along with the Cadillac, Thunderbird, and Impala, when Revell offered them in the mid eighties. The Retractable roof will work. I don't remember any build problems with any of the kits.
  2. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 1960 Ranchero   

    Well, not in the room technically.
  3. THarrison351 added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    1960 Ranchero
    So, once again I find myself in Canada for an indeterminate length of time for my aircraft company trying to get a new aircraft ready for first flight. I usually just purchase some kits and browse the hobby stores. Well, I found this interesting and really cheap diecast at Walmart that just needed some detailing to make it look a little better on the shelf. A quick trip to Michael's with a discount coupon and a deluxe box of acrylic paints made this little ute much more presentable.
    It's not prototypically correct under the hood, but, for 12 bucks, who cares? To go from a solid mass of black plastic to something that looks like a six cylinder engine was pretty easy. I also didn't realize how much more green the color was when I was trying to match the under hood color. In normal light it looks much closer to the body color. Also, a little black-wash for the grill and some silver for the back of the headlights.
    (Not My Picture, Something I found on the Net)

    The interior was also a solid black mass of plastic with a chrome steering wheel and an instrument panel sticker. Try to find an original 1960 Ranchero with this diecast's upholstery pattern on the net, or any 1960 Ranchero with an original style interior. There's one, the one the new AMT kit based on Ohio George Montgomery won years ago. It has the special branded brown material. This diecast has a pleated material which looks like that in the brochure, so that is what I painted it to look like. 
    (Not my picture Found on the Net)

    The other pictures

    This was a fun thing to do without making a mess in my hotel room.
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  4. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Mustang Upgrade   

  5. THarrison351 added a post in a topic FORD BOOKS   

    Have both of them. Great books for reference.
  6. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Boss Nova..not what you think......   

    Ha Ha! Love it! As soon as I saw the picture of the exhaust, I knew what you had done.
  7. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Adios Mother   

    Love this kit. Even everything that is wrong. Built is several times in my youth. And now I have a nice one to display. Can't wait to see this one finished.
  8. THarrison351 added a post in a topic HELP HARRY   

    Cancer Sucks. Best of luck to Harry. Made my donation.
  9. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 66 Shelby Mustang   

    I usually prime and paint the hood, same color parts, and body at the same time and have them mounted on a board so I don't apply more coats to a single part. Every now an then you can get a reaction with the plastic and things go bad. I can't see your picture to well but it looks like the paint on the hood fogged from humidity or reacted with the plastic.
  10. THarrison351 added a post in a topic X-Acto with an LED Light built in - Hobby Lobby   

    Hmm... Me thinks I'll be making a trip to HL whenever I come back from Toronto. If we can ever make this new plane fly, sheesh.
  11. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 75 Ford Granada   

    Good looking car, I too wish it had been done in 1/25 scale. My first car to own was a '75 4 door Ghia, white with turquoise top and interior. Good, reliable car, traded it for a new '85 Escort
  12. THarrison351 added a post in a topic '58 Edsel Wagon   

    Your Edsel is a very nice build. The motor is almost totally incorrect for an Edsel. Only your valve covers and air cleaner are correct for 1958. Lack of a distributor up front is the big give away. The rest of the motor is a Y-block which wouldn't be offered until 1959 as the base V-8 motor. In 1958 the base V-8 motor was the E-400 (400 Ft lbs Torque) 361 Cubic Inch FE (Ford Edsel) big block. The E-475 (475 Ft lbs Torque) was the top of the line V-8 and it was a 410 Cubic Inch MEL (Mercury Edsel Lincoln) big block.
  13. THarrison351 added a post in a topic What is your Favorite Auto or Truck Program??   

    Cable prices went from ridiculous to stupid several years ago. I dropped my subscription and haven't missed any of those shows. I used to like watching the BBC's Top Gear guys before Jeremy completely lost his mind.
  14. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 69 AMX Big Bad Green   

  15. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Post pics of your fave paint jobs!   

    I never got a good outdoor picture of this due to the weather, but I was very pleased with the results.