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  1. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Rolex 24 2016   

    Only what's on the Internet, forget subscription TV prices. I'm strictly broadcast and Internet.
  2. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Why do we like the makes we do ?   

    I grew up liking cars. My maternal Granddaddy was a Mopar man, my paternal Granddaddy was a Ford man. Dad drove whatever was cheap and worked and we had a lot of air cooled VWs. In his later years he started buying Hyundais. I decided to take after my Dad's Dad and like Fords. No special reason, it just seemed less people around me liked them so I picked them. I'm older now, I inherited the last Hyundai my Dad bought before he died 8 years ago( now a 10 year old Azera) and I bought my wife a Tuscon two years ago. I guess I'll just keep on sticking to the less than most normal car maker.
  3. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Full Review - Round 2's reissue of the AMT Dodge Deora Kit.   

    Oh look, there is my answer to the problems while i was editing. Great looking interior.
  4. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Full Review - Round 2's reissue of the AMT Dodge Deora Kit.   

    I built this kit back in the late '70s or early '80s when it had the camper top. It didn't turn out too well. I think I'll get another one and try again.
    I'm sure I wasn't the first to notice, but I've never seen a comment about the exhaust ports on the Deora. I have read the Alexander Brothers used a 1960 Ford Station Wagon rear window for the windshield, but I noticed the exhaust ports are early Mustang taillight bezels. I'm still trying to figure out what the chopped up steering wheel came off of. Custom builders were pretty good at re-purposing existing parts back in the day.
    An update.  I did some searching on the net and found the steering wheel is from an Olds. Also, AMT did such a great job on the body of this kit, I can't believe the interior of the kit is compromised from the real car. The seats are different, there is no center console, the steering wheel is wrong, they added an odd looking rear console, control panel sort of behind and between the seats. Even on the original one, which looks like it came from a Ford, it doesn't come close to duplicating. I think it was already covered somewhere else here why the lower panel hinges like a tailgate instead of pivoting in the center.
    One last comment, The engine, Which can't be seen, has dual carbs on the 1:1. I'm guessing some of the better kit bashers could fix all these anomalies. 
  5. THarrison351 added a post in a topic new issue Round 2 MPC 1960 Corvette   

    I built this kit when AMT was releasing kits a few years back before Round 2 came about. It had the gold car with the black coves on the box top. The metal front springs were included, but the spindles were modified and would no longer work without adding plastic retainers and tabs. Did Round 2 fix the spindles or does everything get glued together solid?. The interior as stated before is incorrect for 1960. It's mostly 1957 with the 1960 dash. Here's how mine turned out.

  6. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Is this too many models   

    Looks OK too me, but I just listed over 100 kits on eBay a couple of months ago and sold over 80%. I still have a bunch more to go through and get listed.
  7. THarrison351 added a post in a topic What kits,etc.did you have once and wish you could find another..?   

    Every model I built as a kid, and as a young adult before I had the the skills, the ability to safely store and the good sense to keep every one of them. I can't even remember them all.
  8. THarrison351 added a post in a topic > MPC 1980 Road Runner   

    My father worked at a large Chrysler Plymouth dealership in the Virginia tidewater area in the late '70s. He sold new tires at the dealership, but the new cars were unloaded next to the garages where he worked. I can remember visiting him and watching dealer mechanics pushing many new cars off the transporters and into the garages because they wouldn't start. There was a lot of prep prior to placing the cars on the lot including removing the door panels to insure nothing was left in the doors by the line workers. Quality seemed to be non-existent at that period of time in the Detroit auto industry. I know people will complain about almost anything, but it seems our cars today, are the most reliable.
  9. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Two OTAKI models   

    Here's my two cents. You can take all the advice that was given because it is good. I finally got my feet wet last year as a seller on eBay after only being a buyer for the last 13 years. My advice is look at the best sellers, use a good title, take lots of pictures, and give a good description of the contents, and make sure you have added enough postage and handling to cover anywhere, plus the 15% eBay will charge. They're going to take about that much from your sale as well. Finally, try to end your auction on the weekend, Friday thru Sunday in east coast prime time (8 pm - 11 pm). Hope this helps.
  10. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Who wants to build this?   

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm pretty sure the builder was blind.
  11. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix   

    Very Nice. Hope to build a Modelhaus version one day just like it. My dad had that same color scheme car when I was born.
  12. THarrison351 added a post in a topic My Holy Grail What-If: Richard Petty's Ford   

    Petty drove an alternate paint scheme Plymouth in 1968 that had white upper body, roof, and hood but the trunk lid was blue. I think your version of the Talladega would fit right in. Looks good.
  13. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Wanna race?   

    With the start of the video near a QT, I wonder if this is somewhere in Oz.
  14. THarrison351 added a post in a topic ARCA Jack Bowsher 1965 Ford   

    Like the sloped front fenders
  15. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Ford Escort XR3 Chicken Coop   

    I have one of these built somewhere from a long time ago, almost 30 years. I remember the molded in luggage in the hatch, and maybe an umbrella?