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  1. What diecast did you get today?

    Thanks! Most of them were on my wants to look out for. I'm trying to complete all the DM Budweisers for under $50 each. So far, so good. I have four to go. The 50 Chevy and Corvette were too cheap to pass on, but I really wanted the rest. Mainly it was dumb luck, a good search save on eBay, and really odd work hours which allowed me to hunt often for some buy-it-nows at ridiculously low prices and a couple of others ended at odd times with few bidders. I think I'm done bidding for DM and FM on eBay for awhile. It was a lot of fun. The UoR Dodge Daytonas will continue to be released, so those will be next diecasts.
  2. What diecast did you get today?

    I'm back and finally get to see what I've been winning on eBay for the past few months. Almost everything arrived undamaged. The 57 Ford was shipped in its foam package, but wasn't secure in the foam and broke the rear springs, the driver, seat and bent the passenger door hinge. I was able to fix those and clean them up. I missed that the 36 Ford was missing the passenger door handle. I don't have any replacements in my parts box, so I'll have to rob from a kit. I improvised a mirror spotlight for the 50 Chevy. The Charger is not a diecast, but it was a built kit by AMT and I won it on eBay so I included it too. I didn't take a picture of the Daytonas, because they are secured in their foam boxes.
  3. GTX question for the Mopar guys

    I'm not sure where this is from, but it shows the wheels and hubcaps for the Belvedere line. The poverty caps don't appear here, but you know they were available because the cop cars had them.
  4. What diecast did you get today?

    The black spots might be something that damaged the clear finish over the bare aluminum and has caused it to turn black. Unfortunately, I've seen similar spots on car wheels.
  5. What diecast did you get today?

    I don't usually collect 1/64 anymore unless their special. I'm going to have to look for those Cobras. I found a deal on eBay I couldn't pass the other day. A diecast I thought I'd never own because they always bid more than I wanted to pay. A Danbury Mint 1954 US Mail Truck came up with an unbelievably low buy it now price, so I did. The only defect is they said the drivers mirror came off when putting it back in the box, but it comes with. Pictures look good so I'm happy. Looking forward to seeing it in a few weeks.
  6. What diecast did you get today?

    Hear, Hear! I'd love to get one of every Hatchette diecast produced in 1/24 scale. Many of them are cars never replicated in this scale. I can find most on eBay, but they are either over priced or the shipping cost is prohibitive.
  7. What diecast did you get today?

    OK, OK, not really a guitar picker per se. I was up late and kind of giddy when I posted this earlier today. The fastest part was his driving, not his playing. He was really just a a great Country and Western ballad singer who strummed a guitar, drove fast cars, and tried to stay out of the way of the real NASCAR drivers. Thank you for clarifying who played guitar on his songs.😉
  8. What diecast did you get today?

    This is relatively long, so apologies up front. Technically I didn't get them today. In fact, nine of them have not been in my presence. They are at my home awaiting my return from Dorval. These two I picked up from Walmart in Plattsburgh NY the other day. The rest I've been collecting since the beginning of March. M2 Machines 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432. Pretty rare car in real life. I think this represents a video game version more than an actual car, but for $20 USD, not bad. M2 Machines 1960 VW Type 1 Delivery Van. Disappointingly decontented compared to the previous transporter series. No opening cab doors, engine compartment or hatch. Only the side doors open on huge dogleg hinges. The previous version used real hinges on the doors, but for $20 USD, and the only 1/24 1960 splitty delivery, I shouldn't complain. These are the ones I won for cheap on eBay. Franklin and Danbury Mint. Wife says they seem to be in good shape. A few had never been out of their box until the sale and a couple have minor issues. I didn't pay more than $50 on any single one shipped and the White Budweiser truck was less than $30 shipped! These pictures are from the auction sale. Danbury Mint 1936 Ford Cabriolet. New in box Danbury Mint 1968 Corvette. Missing Top Danbury Mint 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner. No known issues Danbury Mint 1955 White Budweiser Delivery Truck. New in Box Danbury Mint 1964 Aston Martin DB5. No known issues Franklin Mint 1950 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop. Missing left side mirror Franklin Mint 1932 Chevrolet Confederate Deluxe Sport Roadster. New in box These two are from University of Racing (Icons) I have one of each of their previous releases. They're limiting the production, so the prices have gotten higher. I wish they had retooled some of the parts for the chassis when they started on the Dodges. Slotted wheels were not used on Charger 500s or the wing cars. The slotted wheels came when disc brakes were added (about 1972-73). Unfortunately when Franklin Mint tooled their Superbird from Richard Petty's Museum car, it had incorrect wheels on it and no one pointed this out to the model makers. Icon is using the old dies from the Franklin Mint Superbird Chassis, including the slotted wheels and Richard's exclusive three bar headrest. Beautiful cars otherwise and so happy to get them! Another thing most people don't know. As fast and notorious as the Daytonas were, they only won six races in two NASCAR seasons before being saddled with a noncompetitive engine. Marty Robbins #42 1969 Dodge Daytona Charger. Fastest Guitar picker in Nashville Dave Marcis #30 1969 Dodge Daytona Charger. Reputation as the hardest driver to pass in NASCAR
  9. Revell 2019

  10. Anyone else ever notice this?

    I've always wondered why the front tire/steel wheel combination were so wide and there isn't a spindle sticking out of the center of the wheel
  11. DeTomaso Mangusta hillclimb car...

    I know this came originally with a 289 Ford, but I'm wondering what it has now. The comments on YT are all over the place. Sounds like a flat-plane crank, but could be the headers too. Anyone have any specs?
  12. Hasegawa Miura in green

    Looks great Randy!
  13. Niki Lauda dead at 70

    That is truly sad. He was a hero of mine when I was a kid. I was recently involved with finishing his Global 7500. The interior was finished here in Montreal, all systems completed and was getting a custom paint job in Europe.
  14. 1/24 '66 GTO.

    I've got one of too, and I've never even taken it out of the box. It popped up for sale cheap on eBay. So, I quickly nabbed it. I like Icons too. Have all the University of Racing cars, a GT-40, a Cobra, and a red '67 GTO.
  15. This just in. Punisher GTO update.

    After I built mine, I suspected it had DNA with one of the Mints. Testors just cheapened it up for kit retail.