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  1. THarrison351 added a post in a topic HELP HARRY   

    Cancer Sucks. Best of luck to Harry. Made my donation.
  2. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 66 Shelby Mustang   

    I usually prime and paint the hood, same color parts, and body at the same time and have them mounted on a board so I don't apply more coats to a single part. Every now an then you can get a reaction with the plastic and things go bad. I can't see your picture to well but it looks like the paint on the hood fogged from humidity or reacted with the plastic.
  3. THarrison351 added a post in a topic X-Acto with an LED Light built in - Hobby Lobby   

    Hmm... Me thinks I'll be making a trip to HL whenever I come back from Toronto. If we can ever make this new plane fly, sheesh.
  4. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 75 Ford Granada   

    Good looking car, I too wish it had been done in 1/25 scale. My first car to own was a '75 4 door Ghia, white with turquoise top and interior. Good, reliable car, traded it for a new '85 Escort
  5. THarrison351 added a post in a topic '58 Edsel Wagon   

    Your Edsel is a very nice build. The motor is almost totally incorrect for an Edsel. Only your valve covers and air cleaner are correct for 1958. Lack of a distributor up front is the big give away. The rest of the motor is a Y-block which wouldn't be offered until 1959 as the base V-8 motor. In 1958 the base V-8 motor was the E-400 (400 Ft lbs Torque) 361 Cubic Inch FE (Ford Edsel) big block. The E-475 (475 Ft lbs Torque) was the top of the line V-8 and it was a 410 Cubic Inch MEL (Mercury Edsel Lincoln) big block.
  6. THarrison351 added a post in a topic What is your Favorite Auto or Truck Program??   

    Cable prices went from ridiculous to stupid several years ago. I dropped my subscription and haven't missed any of those shows. I used to like watching the BBC's Top Gear guys before Jeremy completely lost his mind.
  7. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 69 AMX Big Bad Green   

  8. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Post pics of your fave paint jobs!   

    I never got a good outdoor picture of this due to the weather, but I was very pleased with the results.

  9. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Do You Have Any Kits You Will NEVER Build?   

    All of my sealed Bill Elliott kits. The box has all of my un-built kits, sealed and opened. The list is the sealed kits. They won't be built by me.

  10. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 1987 ASA GM V6 engine photos -- header question ?   

    Those V-6s were basically racing Chevy small blacks with the rear cylinders lopped off. That's why the right rear and left front exhaust ports are close together like the center ports on a small block Chevy. Pistons, rods, valvetrain,etc., everything but the crank, cam, heads, intake, block, etc interchange. Made pretty good power and were reasonably reliable.
  11. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    Compared to most of you guys, I really am cheap. I try never to pay more than 20 bucks for any 1/24 - 1/25 kit that is in current issue and with a Hobby Lobby discount coupon, much less. I buy bargains off of eBay and wait patiently for the best price. I had about 400 unbuilt kits at one time but sold about 150 over the last two years up until last year. The two most expensive kits I had purchased were the Revell 1/8 scale '32 Ford Hiboy Hot Rod and 1/8 scale '23 Big T bought new at Hobby Lobby with a coupon. That was until last year when I bought a Testors Lincon Mint 1/6 scale Harley-Davidson FLHRI Road King off eBay for $55.00 plus $20.00 shipping.
  12. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby Clearance in Glendale AZ store   

    Wichita KS is clearing out about 13 kits too.
  13. THarrison351 added a post in a topic MPC 1978 Monza (Vega) Sportback   

    It looks like a Vega with a Chevette grill. I never knew it was kitted. 
  14. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 1965 Grand Prix ...   

    I think it goes with the cones, the test wheel, and the recording case for testing a car. It must have been an accessory idea from the model makers back when it was originally released as an annual.
  15. THarrison351 added a post in a topic need another shelf   

    What I had in the old house.

    If I ever get my hobby room finished I'll probably do something different.