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  1. AACA Library on YouTube

    In the latest Hemming's Classic Car magazine there is an article about the Antique Automobile Club of America Library and Research Center (AACA L&RC). They also have a YouTube channel that has interesting topics including some models from the Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild contest sponsored by General Motors from 1931-1968.
  2. Monogram "Big T" 1/8 scale Build Log

    This will be moved, but looks interesting enough to follow.
  3. Walmart movie cars, long version

    I think they need to add Cheech's Chebby!
  4. Stupid Is the New Smart

    That. Explains. So. Much!
  5. eBay: contest for record highest asking price

    Just because someone has put something, anything on eBay for a ridiculous price does not mean you have to purchase it. If you do... well, there's a sucker born every minute. My wife was missing a bear from her collection of Godiva Christmas bears because in 2015 most were recalled for an unknown reason and only a few were released to the public. There's been one on eBay for some time at $999.99. I finally won one for almost a twentieth of that. Made her Christmas!
  6. Sharpest #9 Elliot ever

    Car looks good. Like the driver, not a fan of the sponsor or the felonious owner.
  7. 48 ford custom

    Nice Paint!
  8. Message to FCA: Don't Mess With My Challenger!

    Back when I was in high school, a friend's parent bought one of these brand new. It seemed at the time to be pretty quick with the "Hemi" 2.6, and 5-speed, but reviewing the specs doesn't seem to confirm that feeling. Still a neat little Mitsubishi Galant.
  9. Indy turbine

    When I was 6 or 7, someone that was a friend of my dad gave me a completed kit of this model. It was painted rust red for some reason. At the time I had no idea what it was or it's real significance in racing. I don't know what really happened to it. I know it was eventually parts and pieces in a box and then gone. It was only years later when I saw an article about the turbine cars in a magazine I realized what that model really was. It's too bad it's never been reissued. I mean they reissued the Rupp Super Sno-Sport. How more 'obscure subject' can you get?
  10. Need help on '87 - '88 Ford engines

    Yes, definitely a dry sump. Could be bare aluminum or painted black. I've seen both.
  11. 70 boss 429 first gear 1/25

    Randy, I picked up one of the Franklin Mint 64.5s on eBay last year for about $40 shipped with a box and no damage, just dirty. I like the looks of the Franklin Mint's coupe over the Danbury Mint's. The headlights just look odd. Also, I like the color on the Franklin Mint. I think it's supposed to be Dynasty Green Poly, but it's a little light. They made several versions in convertibles too.
  12. I have both Manassas' albums. The first is awesome. Stephen and Chris and the rest of the band were so talented. They could play anything.
  13. I've just started exploring other parts of the forum and discovered this thread. I like a lot of the music posted here and have heard a quite a bit of it. I like almost all forms of music as long as it's performed well. I tend to look for obscure and independent bands and singers, so YouTube is a wonderful source. Here are a few of my favorites. First time I heard her I was smitten with her voice. The Bass player is incredible too. Following Dan Auerbach's (The Black Keys) Easy Eye Sound on YouTube turned me on to Shannon and The Clams and she released her own solo album which he produced. For mellowing out nothing beats The Amazing. If you've listened to Fleetwood Mac before Buckingham Nicks you might understand this song. Otherwise just enjoy. I could do this all day, but I won't. If you have access to the SiriusXM app, tune in to the late Tom Petty's Buried Treasure show on channel 711. He died way too soon. I discovered his show soon after getting the app and he passed away. My taste in offbeat music parallels his. The show consisted mainly of music from the past, but occasionally he played new releases. I never find anything he has played bad.
  14. 2010 Dodge Charger Daytona

    David, it goes back to the Dodge truck commercial from years back when the two idiots pull up beside the guy towing the Charger and ask if its got a hemi. I saw the Charger on the trailer being towed by a Charger with Hemi on the hood and it put me in mind of the old commercial. Yeah I have to agree with you modern cars and their huge plastic cover over the engines. Not a favorite of mine. Look at this.
  15. 2010 Dodge Charger Daytona

    Has that got a Hemi?