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  1. Hot Wheels

    Casey Kasem
  2. Ever read W.E.B.Griffin books on the U.S.M.C. ?

    Yes, some of the first books I ever read as a youth.
  3. Here Come Da

    I built one of those when they first came out and I was pretty impressed overall. The wheels are missing lug nuts and that's probably the biggest visible offense. When they came out with the Daytona, that was a complete disappointment.
  4. Porsche 356 for under $6K

    love the lemons sticker
  5. " Wild Bill's " Modified Stocker

    I like
  6. Unique 1980's sprint car hauler

    I don't have pictures, but over the years I've see many car haulers made from the Big Toronados and Eldorados. I mean GMC even made an RV off the Toro drivetrain for several years.
  7. AMT 2016 Camaro SS

    So, I picked this up last year to go along with the other pre-painted kits I continue to collect and build. Unlike the Revell kits which only paint the bodies, this one has other parts painted kind of like the old Pro Shop kits years ago. The mold for the body is not super polished. You can see tiny scratches under the fine paint. I'm not complaining, I didn't have to paint it. The kit goes together very well. Parts fit almost like a snap together. Some of the holes need to be enlarged to get them to go together without damage. It would have been nice to have some type of hinge for the hood or something to keep it on. I wish they had not put side windows in the window assembly. I could have attempted to cut them, but it's very thick and I just don't have the patience anymore. The defroster grid and black paint was a nice touch, so that's a positive. Well, here it is. Oh yeah, they included the rear back up sensors, but forgot the locks in the door handles. So I just drilled a small indent and painted them. The headlight reflectors come all silver, which is prototypically wrong. They're black with a bright chromey whitish LED boomerang at the bottom and the turn signal lens is clear with an orange background. I did that on these, but the thick lens distorts it at this angle The wheels are a little bright as finished, but I don't have any paint on hand that really matches the factory color. I did highlight them with a Molotow pen, but it doesn't show in the pictures. Person who cut the license away from the sprue did a hack job, sheesh. Thanks AMT. Interior is pretty nice, but you can hardly see it though these tiny windows. I test drove one of these Camaros and being a tall person, I can say it is one hard car to see out of from any angle but straight ahead. Even that is kind of compromised. It's kind of like driving one of the old Hot Rods with the mail slot windows type chopped roof. The paint I added for the inner fenders was very unhappy. I did wash it in Dawn before painting with Testors 1 coat lacquer. It still fisheyed. Good for the shelf. Hah hah. So, the chassis is really nice. It's not completely correct, but the rear suspension makes up for it. There are even exhaust hangers. Surprisingly its missing the two large black plastic covers that go from the center tunnel to the rockers and there is no evidence of heat shielding for the exhaust. Oh well, something for those who like to create their own details.
  8. 1/32 Aurora

    I know some of you guys must remember these kits different than I do, but I recall building and quickly destroying these toys as a kid. They were poor representations of Hot Rods and or the cars they were supposed to represent. Molded in one color, no chrome, and multi-piece bodies that were difficult to assemble, but they were cheap and it was what was affordable at the moment. I'm guessing they are collectible only because someone said they are, just like some of ridiculous prices the weird and funky Palmer or Lindberg kits show up with. And just like those kits, the best parts were the box art.
  9. Chrome paint?

    Bob Downie just did an article comparing Molotow, Spastix and Alclad. He also used different clear coats over each one. He used Spastix' Ultimate Clear, Alclad's Aqua Gloss and good old Pledge Floor Care with Future Shine. The best overall result was Molotow sprayed with an airbrush and coated with Spastix' Ultimate Clear. The pictures are very convincing. Not quite as bright a the parts sent to a plating service, but less expensive and you don't have to wait. I'm very impressed with my Molotow pens and as long as the parts aren't handled for a couple of days, they do hold up OK.
  10. Looks great. And powered by Roush!
  11. Buying online or brick and morter stores

    HL with a coupon, but for Mobeius I get those online. Hobbytown USA is outrageous on pricing. Usually straight up retail or more.
  12. Seven Minutes of Track Roadsters in SoCal: A Little More Time Travel

    Well, its no longer on YouTube
  13. Hasegawa 1988 Isuzu Gemini (JT190) irmscher

    I agree, those door panels look like something Bandai did back in the sixties for toys, or maybe it represents what the interior really looks like. I'm just sayin'.
  14. Hasegawa 1988 Isuzu Gemini (JT190) irmscher

    OK, I edited out 1/25 1/24, my mistake, but I was clear on cars for US market. The 323s created by Aoshima and Fujima were not kitted to represent US cars.
  15. Hasegawa 1988 Isuzu Gemini (JT190) irmscher

    Well, OK then. I like different too, but why not a Mazda 626 or a Mazda REPU. I'm not just saying that just because I'm a Mazda fan, those were two that quickly came to mind and were never kitted. Sadly, the only Mazdas the US market's ever had represented is the Miata and the RX-7. Great cars, I love to look at them, I can't fit in them, (too tall) but they look great. I'm sorry I'm getting off the subject. I can appreciate the want for new and different kits. I just wasn't aware there was any interest in anything from Isuzu, ever. They are famous for small, low-powered, stinky, diesels. I mean they don't even make cars anymore, just rebadged Colorados and some kind of inbred SUV Trailblazer/Colorado thingy. They've been out of the US market for 10 years. Ironically they are supposedly working with Mazda on their next generation pick up for markets outside North America.