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  1. For those who are vey good at kit-bashing/scratch-building What If? 1970 Cadillac Roadster de Ville | Hagerty Media
  2. Two arrived between late last night and today! My other anniversary Corvette and a Ford pickup. First up is a Danbury Mint 1942 Ford. The predecessor to the F Series Pickups; the Jailbar Pickups were made from 1942-47 (before and after the war) Known for their Jailbar looking grille, they were more truck like than earlier pickups, they had heavy hood molding and side hood louvers. The green in the photos came out darker than it really is. The photo of the cab is much closer to the correct color. This is the Franklin Mint 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car. I just wanted one of the Ruby Red ones or even a Yellow hardtop for my 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette, because these usually bid way out of my price range. Well, it didn't and here it is. That leaves only one more Corvette to get.
  3. Those have to be the best built AMT C1 Corvettes I've ever seen! Especially the front end on the 59 considering all the parting lines from the mold. Also, The fitment of the chassis on the '53 is better than any I've seen! Excellent!
  4. Another Corvette for the collection. Franklin Mint 1988 Corvette 35th Anniversary edition. Limited on details, but a slight improvement over the 25th Anniversary version. The top comes off and the hatch opens. The headlights don't pop up, but they are under the hood. I have the 2003 50th Anniversary on the way and that just leaves the 1953 model. I have a Monogram model to build, but I'd like to get a Danbury mint. Apparently it's going 55!
  5. I picked this up to go with my Ryan Blaney collection. It's his dad Dave's car from 2003. Ryan Ran a similar tribute paint scheme at Darlington in 2018.
  6. I kind of wish they'd give me this instead of another year of FSM. I had two years to go on a sub when they canceled SA.
  7. No models to build this time, just some requested NASCAR diecast and Easy Model 1/72 aircraft.
  8. That's some kind of trailer you have there. I have one of these Crewzers as a kit. I don't remember building it, but I must have. I guess there was never any accessories made for it so it went to storage.
  9. There used to be great discourse on this car, the #6 Cotton Owens Dodge Charge Daytona, and many other NASCAR race cars from the past on Randy Ayers website. Sadly, it was all lost when his servers failed and there wasn't a backup. The best discussions were from crew members or people who were associated with the cars at the time. Most, are no longer with us, so that expert history is gone. I'm glad Tim Stevens held his ground. I knew it was thin sheet metal covered with paint, but I wasn't going to throw it out there first. I'm not an expert and I couldn't find anything to back me up.
  10. The kicker is a Chemical that instantly hardens the glue and prevents fogging. The clamps I use are like these.
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