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  1. These were great kits. I keep hoping for a release of them again. Also, I believe this is the only kit that had a racing Chevy V-6 in it.
  2. This is outstanding! I "built" this kit when I was a kid back in the late seventies. Way beyond my skill set at the time. I think my mom ordered it for me from the the JC Penney or Sears Christmas catalog.
  3. Nice! That's the same kit I have on my list to start. My son gave it to me a while back. As soon as I finish this JoHan Javelin AMX, it's next. I'll watch yours for for tips.
  4. Very nice! I'm restarting on my 1973-1972 AMX that I've had since the eighties. I hope mine looks half as good as yours,
  5. Found these at Lowes in the check out impulse buy aisle. I impulse bought them for $6. Made by Kinsmart in 1/32. They're meh, but cute and pull back to go. A black #2 "winner" is made as well, but none were on the shelf. I'll check our other Lowes. Doors open, and that's about it. Need some Snake-Fu!
  6. Many years ago I saw a group of men and ladies race these in a field while carrying pigs. Hilarious! Great build!
  7. Looks Great! I like the old Bimmers!
  8. Thanks! I saw something similar on this forum or Reddit with chrome headlights, but they didn't hint what was done. Thankyou! I like the old AMT/MPC annuals too. I've built so many since I started in the seventies. Their vagueness and ill fitting temperamentality is never a huge problem. I'm happy Round 2 is releasing these old molds mostly as is with what I see is good updates. The people who've limited themselves to the ultra precise Japanese and Euro model kits and complain that these cars are impossible to build need to work on their skill set. At this time I will keep the leftover decals $$$$. I'm hoping R2 will release it again. I'll do a stock version. It would be awesome to be backdated to the 1976 release. It's only the body and associated chrome that is incorrect. Thanks! Thank you! Street is Neat! Thanks! If R2 releases it again, I will use the leftover decals to build a stock version. I built it this way because of my son and daughter-in-law. They liked the box art, so that's the reason. Today they were over for dinner and I was able to show them the results. They really liked it. A little while later, they told my wife and me they were going to have a baby! I'm going to be a Granddaddy! What a weekend! Can't beat Tamiya! Thanks! That sounds cool. I think the silver turned out better than I expected! Thanks! My thoughts too! Thank you!
  9. My son and his wife gifted this model to me a couple of years ago. I decided this year I would work on models they gave me over the years and models I had started. I decided to build this one as the Fuzz Buster street machine. I don't usually build optioned models, just build them stock. I saw a couple finished online and the blue in the graphics was lost on a black finish. What to do, what to do? Thinking about colors that would work, I decided a metallic grey or silver should be OK. I used Tamiya Silver Leaf with pretty good results. The model was built mainly box stock with a few substitutions. Wheels came from the parts box. AMT 1969 Dodge Charger 500 optional wheels. Headers came from a AMT 1966 Chevy II Nova and were modified to fit. A prewired distributor from eBay I purchased years ago and recently found. I also used supplemental decals from Rays Kits. That's what took the longest. Took two months after I ordered. One day after deadline for that months print, argh! Then another five weeks due to a mistake in shipping. The model is fairly easy to build. Typical 1970s-80s MPC promo to kit model simplicity and incorrectness. The body is fairly OEM for a 1980 Volare. Would have been nice if the removable molded in T-tops had replacement clear glass that could've been tinted instead of plastic. The interior is correct for 1976 (never updated). The rear window louvers are also correct for 1976-78, but became horizontal in 1979. Under the hood typical MPC. It does have an overflow bottle for the radiator (incorrect), washer bottle, wiper motor, battery (won't fit properly without modification), master cylinder (incorrect too). The engine is OK for an LA small block. The box art incorrectly identifies it as a V-6. I guess the art department never heard of Siamese exhaust. The chassis shows it's promo heritage too. Single exhaust attached to rear axle and springs. Driveshaft is molded in (heavy sigh). The front suspension is almost nonexistent. You can see hints of the transverse torsion bars. There was no really heavy flash or bad parting lines. Only four places with severe sink holes. Unfortunately, two were the chrome mirrors. The others were on the steering wheel which was a warped mess. Hot water and patience fixed it fairly well. Overall, I'm happy with it. Looks good on the shelf. Never contest worthy. I could have used taller rear tires, but alas none in the spares or unbuilts that I liked. I do like Tamiya paint Decals from Rays Kits. Nice if you're building stock. Mine were initially missing the silver decals. See next photo 1975 Dodge Dart Lite How about those flares! I didn't have large replacement square headlight lens. I tried something different. I mixed clear and a touch of white and I put it on the parking lights too. Meh These taillight decals from Rays aren't perfect, but they are so much better than the stock lenses. Oh, those tread patterns. Old NASCAR and dirt track Next, a model I started over thirty years ago. Johan 1973-74 AMC Javelin AMX. It came in the box with the yellow 1972 AMX on the box. I have the Modelhaus correct rear taillights and missing spoiler. Those were mail ordered. Pre-internet! I've recently discovered the resin rally wheels are the earlier versions. I'm going to rob my Gremlin kit for it's wheels and maybe the steering wheel. Thanks for looking!
  10. Maybe this? https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/1-64-scale-gems-playart
  11. Are you wanting to replicate the real car? The car was painted gold. DW had a Monte Carlo that was wrapped in reflective Mylar for one race in 1997. NASCAR said never again after that. There were several diecasts released as well. I have the RC painted version. They also did a couple of gold plated versions. I don't have these. I do have the plated model like yours, but I don't plan to build it.
  12. Not today, but I've just now got around to posting them. One I've wanted for several years, Danbury Mint 1929 1/16 Cord L-29 Special Coupe Body by Hayes, Action 2021 Ryan Blaney Body Armor Mustang Atlanta Win, and finally for cheap fun and a future Snake-Fu, MotorMax 2021 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon.
  13. Can't find an easy source since the diecast zone ruined their website. I discussed this with someone a long time ago and I think we agreed it was the grey and red 1935 Duesenberg SSJ Speedster May 31, 1987, but my memory is garbage so I could be wrong. They also released the green 1932 Cadillac V-16 Phaeton, silver 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow and red 1934 Packard V-12 LeBaron Speedster in 1987.
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