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  1. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 1987 ASA GM V6 engine photos -- header question ?   

    Those V-6s were basically racing Chevy small blacks with the rear cylinders lopped off. That's why the right rear and left front exhaust ports are close together like the center ports on a small block Chevy. Pistons, rods, valvetrain,etc., everything but the crank, cam, heads, intake, block, etc interchange. Made pretty good power and were reasonably reliable.
  2. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    Compared to most of you guys, I really am cheap. I try never to pay more than 20 bucks for any 1/24 - 1/25 kit that is in current issue and with a Hobby Lobby discount coupon, much less. I buy bargains off of eBay and wait patiently for the best price. I had about 400 unbuilt kits at one time but sold about 150 over the last two years up until last year. The two most expensive kits I had purchased were the Revell 1/8 scale '32 Ford Hiboy Hot Rod and 1/8 scale '23 Big T bought new at Hobby Lobby with a coupon. That was until last year when I bought a Testors Lincon Mint 1/6 scale Harley-Davidson FLHRI Road King off eBay for $55.00 plus $20.00 shipping.
  3. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby Clearance in Glendale AZ store   

    Wichita KS is clearing out about 13 kits too.
  4. THarrison351 added a post in a topic MPC 1978 Monza (Vega) Sportback   

    It looks like a Vega with a Chevette grill. I never knew it was kitted. 
  5. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 1965 Grand Prix ...   

    I think it goes with the cones, the test wheel, and the recording case for testing a car. It must have been an accessory idea from the model makers back when it was originally released as an annual.
  6. THarrison351 added a post in a topic need another shelf   

    What I had in the old house.

    If I ever get my hobby room finished I'll probably do something different. 
  7. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Wonder who has the molds for this ?   

    One of the many kits I built and lost or destroyed when I was a kid. Painted it light blue and built poorly. Oh well. Wouldn't mind a second chance to build it again.
  8. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Steve Magnante blog on models ( Slant 6 )   

    When I was in high school in 1980's, I was a member of the KEY (Kiwanis Educated Youth) club. We helped the local retirement home set up a white elephant sale and I purchased this kit for a dollar. It had never been built and still was mostly attached to the sprues. I built it and it worked as advertised. Unfortunately, it like almost all the models of my youth, failed to make all the moves I made over the years. Those kits built or unbuilt go for a pretty penny now.
  9. THarrison351 added a post in a topic 1964 impala lowrider   

    Wow! Yours is the gold I wish mine had been.Very nice.
  10. THarrison351 added a post in a topic MPC 1968 Camaro SS396 Rally Sport   

    What patina, that candy green paint on white plastic is fantastic. Amazing how you were able to make that kit look so aged.
  11. THarrison351 added a post in a topic about how many models have you   

    I thought I give an update with an official count of what I haven't built with some pictures. I unboxed all my stash from storage and did an inventory. There are 241 unbuilt kits. 29 kits are started in one form or another. I will be putting many up for sale on eBay soon like I did last year. Here are some pictures three are not included two are the 1/8 scale Big T and Big Duece and an old Monogram Goin' Buggy dual body VW. The box of Bill Elliott kits are never to be sold either.

  12. THarrison351 added a post in a topic What is it?   

    If it's like most hybrid car boats or car planes, it's probably good at neither.
  13. THarrison351 added a post in a topic Parts box Project 02: The Fordlina Gasser.   

    Wow! NASCAR truck arm suspension and leaf springs. No wheel hop there. I used that same pro shop kit to build a Joe Weatherly stock car. Great looking gasser.
  14. THarrison351 added a post in a topic "Remember the '56s that never got to the dealership?"   

    I used to live right up the road from Wilson, NC. There was a dirt track at the fairgrounds and we would get real barbecue from Parker's. Seems a shame those Chevys have gone to rot like that. I'm sure someone kept telling prospective buyers they were not for sale because they were going to be restored one day.
  15. THarrison351 added a post in a topic about how many models have you   

    I sold about a hundred last year on eBay. I have a couple hundred built. I've lost, destroyed or gave away probably 200 more over the last 45 years. Finally, I have several hundred unbuilt, that need to be sorted for sale on eBay and figure out what I'll keep to build.