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  1. I hope you go ahead and build yours. And I hope it looks as good in the end, as the Henry J above.
  2. IMO it is. But that’s okay, because I knew that going in to it. My skills have improved a lot in over 50 years. So, despite the challenges, I enjoyed the build. And thank you for your kind words.
  3. I ordered one because not everybody was having troubles. Hoping, that maybe I too would get a good one. It was just bad luck that I did not. Had a little hassle with the vendor not willing to take it back. But, they did agree to refund most of my money in the end. So the problem is generally solved. But, does that mean I should not be unhappy? I still want build a ramp truck, if not Moebius’, one like it. I’ll be very happy if I can build the Moebius ramp truck, one way or another.
  4. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I still like the concept of this kit. And since the seller refused to take it back, I’m debating on contacting Moebius, seeing if I can get replacement parts and trying to build the kit. I’d still like to have a ramp truck like it in my collection.
  5. What I want to get my hands on in the picture above….. Whoops I had better be careful I do not want offend someone. 😏 Again! (“I’m a man, I can change if I have too.”) As far as what big surprise Round 2 is coming out with? The more I read this tread, the less interested I get. No one, including me, seems have a clue. Can not be built stock? Something we haven’t seen in long time? My hopes would be for the ‘32 Ford 2-door sedan that use to come with the ‘40 Willys coupe. That’s only thing I can think of that would really excite me. (Model wise, that is. Again I have to be careful. 😄)
  6. I’m a little confused. At first the seller was not going to take the kit back. Because they claimed I had “started building it.” But, they were willing to refund my shipping costs. I explained, I did not start building the kit. I only took parts out of their bags to check them out. And whether they willing to refund me or not, I was sending the kit back. They came back with a bigger refund. Though I’m confused on how much in the end? I think I’m out $10.00, but I’m not sure. They said, do not send the kit back in meantime. So I maybe $10 shy and stuck with a kit that I can not built. Too much hassle. But, I’ll live with it. I think this maybe my last purchase of a Moebius kit. The overall problems I’ve had, as will be seen soon with a ‘65 Comet I’m building, in the “Under Glass” car section, and with other kits. And now this. I don’t trust or like Moebius kits. Quality control is questionable. And not just on this kit. Some assembly steps don’t work well for me. And in general, they are for the most part not fun to build. I’m in this hobby, first because of my love of cars and trucks. And second for the fun of building. Moebius does not offer me what I’m looking for.
  7. It looks like your the lucky one. Congratulations.
  8. You did not read the follow up posts!
  9. I stated I was “cool” now for buying this kit? It should read “fool.” 😩
  10. The hood and part main part of the ramp floor, part #420, will not straighten out on my example no matter how many “rubber bands,” or clamps, etc, one uses. The other warped parts might. But, I’m not going to start working on this, only to find other unresolvable issues later on. I hopefully can get my money back now, instead. Before I gotten to a point where that maybe impossible. This kit with shipping, cost me just under $50 U.S. Not a huge amount money. But, more than I’m willing to just throw away.
  11. I still have the last reissue of the AMT ramp track from a few years back. And of course I have several copies of MPC’s racer wedge. The design of Moeius’ kit is not the problem. I sure the molds are fine. It’s a quality control issue. It’s a shame.
  12. I’d like to find a copy of Monogram’s old 1/24 scale kit.
  13. As noted before, I’m looking forward to this one. To me, the test shots look great.
  14. In five hours, I’ve gone from from joy to disillusionment. The more I dig into this kit the worst it gets. The number of parts that are warped make it unbuildable. I’m going to see if I can send it back for a refund. It’s literally a piece of junk.
  15. Okay, the more I test fit things, the worst this kit gets. I’m finding more and more warped parts as I go along. Most should not be a problem for the most part. But, a part couple need out right replacement. The hood (part #2) and ramp (part #420) there is no hope for. They for sure need to be replaced. I’m afraid to start doing any sub-assembly, in fear of what more I might find. I’m going to come right out and say it. This kit is the biggest piece of junk kit I’ve purchased in a long time. I have never been as impressed as others have with Moebius’ car or truck kits as others have been in the past. I have found them difficult to build in general. I really do like the subjects they’ve picked to model though. So I’ve purchased several over the years. But, again I’ve found them tough to build. With that in mind, and the warped parts in this kit, I’m not even going to go any farther with it. I’m going to have talk to seller (I bought it from a vendor on eBay), and see if I can send it back for a refund. It’s not the seller’s fault. And I also don’t blame Model King. I’ve bought many good kits released through them in the past. This falls flat into Moebius’ lap. The quality of this kit is inexcusable. This maybe the last Moebius kit I ever buy.
  16. I started opening bags to check things out closer. I’m finding no warped parts dealing with the main ramp parts. But, my hood is so badly warped, it’s useless. I’m disappointed. I’ll have to contact Moebius and see what can be done.
  17. The ramp parts are looking good. But, my hood is definitely warped badly. The main frame is also slightly warped. But should straighten out as being built.
  18. Read the reviews in “Industry Corner, Trunk Kit News and Reviews.” You’ll see a lot of complaints coming though about warped parts in general with this kit. Mainly with the main ramp parts and the hood. Like I say, so far mine is looking good. Though I am about to open the bag with the main ramp parts to double check them. So you may hear something different from me the next hour or two. I hope this is not case.
  19. Good suggestion. But, the decals in my 2017 Revell ‘64 Thunderbolt kit I’m afraid are not “generic” enough. They look close. Are about the right size. Maybe in little big. But, their main problem is have the name “Dick Brennan” on them. They also look a little “off” in other ways. I do believe there were other kits out there with the decals I’m looking for. Soon old AMT’s? So the search will have to go on.
  20. Thank you. I’ll have to check my Revell Thunderbolt, and see what decals came in that.
  21. The ‘71 4-4-2 and Boss 351 will be getting my money for sure. I need to know more about the contents of the ‘32 before deciding if I need another one of those. The rest do little, to nothing for me. The Tom Daniel Duster funny cars especially. I liked the looks of Daniel’s original “Cop Out’ much better.
  22. I’d like to find the above door decal for this kit. I’ve always looked than old Ford Thunderbird engine logo.
  23. Mine came in today’s mail. And I’m happy to report, at a quick glance of the parts in the kit, I’m finding nothing warped. 👍
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