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  1. I too am having the same issue with my 1mm pen and also store mine the same way. The pen is less than 6 months old. My 2mm and 4mm do not have this issue at all
  2. Just wanted to bump this as I feel the Enthusiasts series is well worth it. Any updates?? I built this back in early 2015.
  3. It's been awhile but I felt that this thread deserved a bumped because of the photos being so helpful
  4. Anyone heard any answers as to why the discontinuation? We were never told it was a limited run, so what gives?
  5. Impala Boy, Where did you source the Good year tires from that you are using on this??
  6. Paint is Tamiya Italian Red over Pure White with TS15 Blue in the engine bay and underside
  7. Outstanding build Jason!! Where did you source the fittings and braided line?
  8. That's beautiful!! Glad to see that the kit does have potential. I also have the gasser version which I will definitely build
  9. Unclescott, their rarity or worth is not really important to me and I'm not looking to make a profit. It's just that I compete in shows during the year and at some point would like to enter these three vehicles, but only using kits of better quality.
  10. LoveFordgalaxie, Your trade offer is a nice coincidence!!. I actually prefer Japanese made kits over American kits
  11. I have these three kits and what I need to know is, what company produces these same kits ,but better in terms of fit, finish, and overall quality? If the original molds are still being used for any of them I will build them, but if I could do better with something else I'd love to know. Thanks!!
  12. No,we don't have them at our Hobby Lobby. I don't expect to see them there until around xmas or early next year,they always run a few months behind on getting new releases here and sometimes we don't get them at all. I had to get mine from a LHS
  13. Also, I have another question. The 1:1 car does not have an alternator. Was the battery pulled and charged after every run? Should I just cut the alternator pulley and the two parts of the belt connected to it for authenticity?
  14. So has anyone finished one of these yet? I have yet to see one completed and just started on mine. I'd love to see what others have done with the kit.
  15. I understand what you are saying. I wanted to model the interior as well used, but not exposed to the elements as the full up top was included. Had it not been included, the interior would have definitely been made nearly non existent due to being exposed to the elements.
  16. Thanks for the comments guys, greatly appreciated!!!
  17. You know Dale, I googled for over a week trying to find good photos of exactly where the floor rots the most on these, but all I kept finding were pictures of rot under the seats,or a complete floor replacement in progress. Thank you for telling me about the battery area as I was completely unaware. I did have a friend mention that to me awhile back but did not mention where exactly the battery location was. I am not knowledgeable on VW beetles in the slightest
  18. To replicate the rust I used Sophisticated Finishes instant rust and instant iron solutions.
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