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  1. Hey Ismael,thanks for the sources of info.great work so far!
  2. Nice work,Ismael!, where are u getting the research material?,thanks, shaun
  3. Hey,nice work so far,,,,but,,,,Do yourself,a favor,try to not be over critical,,your plans for this kit are absolutely on point,,,imho,,keep it up!
  4. Hey,,,,Shaun here, I have a Reccomendation for your vinyl top,,it's called Duplicolor spray,adhesive,,are you going to do the trim on the roof as well?,
  5. Tim,awesome take,you amaze me,w Your passion towards ANYTHING you take on.thanks for your inspiration!
  6. Dude,I love every build by you! I get to watch an excellent job,swimming in CF,and HUGE brakes awesome correct wheels,,,,,,,oh I can't stand it!!!!
  7. Hey,can u tell us yr name I only know u as G 59.nice to see u got some bench time bro!
  8. Hi Shaun,take these guys advice,and ,,,take your time,,,,get if you can,,,,duplicolor primer,a pair of sidecutters,Semigloss black,(interior,chassis) gloss white, both spraycans,to get you started,this is a very tough model to make nice,just,keep ALL OF US HERE close by,and DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK!,,,Shaun
  9. Dude,this is the Crazy Polack, Oscar Kovars kit! I actually am super impressed a your methods,and I would like to say thanks I am Definatly getting an education from your techniques.
  10. Wow I'm sure that looks particularly impressive in person,.how long did it take to "damage" the sheet metal?
  11. Hey,I'm digging the orange,but,here's my veiwpoint, I would do a two tone, if i was building a semi pro or sponsored car w more than a few DECALS otherwise do it in a single color,privateer style! It looks cool though!
  12. Wow , that came out very nice, when i finally,win one from evil bay i will just get it and re address it to you LOL
  13. its prolly the Ferrari thats Red lol
  14. love this,,,,, not my style of build but super cln building
  15. Also,,,now that I found that I am 2pages behind,the exterior looks brilliant
  16. Wow,talk about a mutt,Phil,,,,,I have trouble with your everyday garden variety semi mod build and you come with this,just amazing,,,,,.p.s love those wheels!
  17. Boy,everywhere,you look,reveals an new detail,great work so far!
  18. I'm liking this era Porsche Race car,can't wait!
  19. Cobraman,This is looking clean,I like that you realize your limitations,me thinks you could build pretty much anything that you wanted to!
  20. Wow,nice work,when this kit gets posted I always bid ,,if under 25$,haven't been able to yet.
  21. Patrick very nice work my friend
  22. Alright Brian that's what we like keep your enthusiasm high,and build on!.cool that u decided to upgrade,your turbo/intercooler, I was thinking you were gonna go that way.
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