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  1. i ordered grocery delivery. i picked 2 heads of lettuce. instead of giving me 2 heads they gave me a 2 boxes of precut up lettuce that is probably equivalent to 1/2 of one head...at 8 dollars...and the lettuce was already wilting i guess i need to go to the grocery store again...
  2. oh, how i wish they would make a 78/79 ford f100 or f150 the only one i know if is the amt one and its not very good
  3. my wife keeps telling me to get on the facebook too. honestly, i think i probably wont
  4. when i was doing my bronco kit, my old BMF that i had recently found was the new improved chrome, but had the same issue of leaving a heavy glue mess. i ultimately decided to just use a chrome paint marker
  5. I have used that brand but not a metalizer. The paint goes on good, but i had a weird issue once where random spots of paint didn't stay on, so it looked odd. However I was brush painting a large area and otherwise it was great. I needed to just do a small touching up on the spots and it was good.
  6. my goodness, i tried to list a model on ebay to sell. i got all the way through the listing until the end and its asking for my social security number. im not giving ebay my social. please. im not a business and and me listing one lousy kit, that i might break even on. i would rather keep it
  7. i know this is a longshot, but i havent been able to find a 78/79 f100 short wheel base in 1/18 or 1/24 orr 1/25 is one made
  8. It was a bumpy road (including a dropped model with broken pieces, repainted truck, destroying a table because of a leaky resin pond, and i had a different idea, but it didnt work out. This was supposed to be much bigger with a little pond and a buggy. This was my very first diorama, and overall im happy with how it came out The Bronco is from the ATM Model King 1978 Ford Bronco. The figures are from the Tamiya Campus Friends 2 set. The dog is from a masterbox set and the leash is just a red wire. The tent is handmade from a tissue. The grass is a grass mat and the flowers and bushes are random stuff i found on amazon. The firepit is an extra rim with everything cut out, and i rusted it. the logs are a burnt tooth pick, and the smoke is cotton that is discolored. WIP ThreadL
  9. Thank you very much for the nice words. I really appreciate it. One quick update. The other day i dropped the bronco and i just noticed the grill was broken. i still had the grill from the first body thankfully, so i quick popped it in. Im really relieved i had it.
  10. I am now finished with this. I tried to find some pebbles but couldn't find any small enough. The smallest i found were giant Anyway, it didn't turn out as i hoped but im not hugely disappointed since its my first completed dio. I was thinking of adding some camping stuff for the outside but really its tight as it is now, so this is it. I have an idea for my next one, which will use the 4wheeler alone. Much smaller though
  11. this is really nice. i have never built a ship, but man, this is very amazing.
  12. the campus friends kit came in. there is one male figure and 4 female figures. 1 of the females is wearing a dress, so she is out for camping. the other is wearing high heals and is holding a camera phone to take a picture of her self, so she is out. this leaves my lady with the bike or the lady with the backpack. the lady with the bike has a notch cutout in the back to make it so she can lean against the bike. i dont want to put this bike into the dio, so that means she is out. the girl with the backpack however, is near as perfect as it can get for a camping scene. the backpack is a little big, but could be fine for a camping/hiking adventure. now onto the fellow. he has what looks like a suit jacket on. i think if i paint it back or dark brown, i can get it to look like a leather jacket. or i can do a green jacket, like an army color, and have it look similar to an army light weight coat. lastly, i could do a jean jacket type thing. however, that is probably the only color i dont have in my pile of paints. the man is in a walking pose, so naturally, i am going to put the dog on a leash and into his hand. anyway, i think this set has exactly what i need. the lady with the scooter is going onto its own tiny one, that scooter is something else. i really like it
  13. Wanted: Moebius/Model King 1970 F100 short wheel base - the green truck on the box. please let me know what you are looking to get
  14. nj turnpike is filled with people clogging the middle lane going 5 below the speed limit or exactly the speed limit.
  15. scary moment for me this morning. i found one of the bushes were really bad, so i grabbed the bag that the bushes were in, and bumped the case that had the bronco in it. the case tipped over and fell on the floor. the bronco fell out of the case. both mirrors fell off and the front grill popped out on one side. i was able to re-glue everything just ok. in addition, the buggy fell on the floor and the front clip broke off and the steering wheel fell off. i was able to reglue that as well. on the buggy, there was a couple of chips in the paint. i am going to just put some silver on the chips to make it look like weathering. there is no chance i will be able to match the paint exactly again. i didnt see any chips in the bronco, which is obviously the bigger concern. i also dont ever want to try to build that kit again, it was rough going kit with lots of problems with the body pieces. i am still looking to replace the tires on the bronco. they are flimsy garbage that are too skinny for the rims. the box was sealed, so i know they are the right tires. i have an MPC 82 bronco kit that i will see if they will fit, but then that would just mean i need to replace those tires too, which is also a pretty expensive kit and spare parts are not easy to come by. i decided to hot glue in the tent and the bushes and flowers. they are now in there for good. for the fire pit, i put a bottom on the rim by trimming styrene the correct size. i was able to glue the wood inside, so its not flopping around.
  16. i am going to get that thunderbird. i wont paint it pink for sure, but i like it
  17. thanks for the video. i am working on the bronco now. it is great so far. i have the engine built and primer and it has been a dream so far. it doesnt feel like a revell kit, its going together so smooth. i also think i finally got the right orange to be close to the box colors. i will probably test it today. im not used to working on 5 different kits at once, but it keeps me busy everyday this way...although i had the idea of doing the truck yellow
  18. Thank you very much. Once i get the figured and get their positions sorted i am going glue stuff down. I still haven't gone outside for rocks yet. Maybe tomorrow. i had a bad headache today and by the time it felt better is was 452 degrees outside
  19. A couple of things came in. the bushes and the flowers. Nothing is glued down yet. Im still trying to figure out the layout and i have 2 figures to add as well
  20. i will never pour resin again without verifying it is water tight first. ruined a perfectly good folding table
  21. this may seem like an odd thing, but is there a list of the different decals that comes with each kit.
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