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  1. wow. this is something else. its amazing.
  2. I have the new body painted. There is 3 spots on the hood of spec of dust. It should polish out. There is also a small wave in the paint in one spot. Its not a run but you can only see it on specific angles. Im doing the top different this time. I painted it white and then i taped off the edges for the black molding. Last time used a molotow pen, but i didn't like how it looked. i used spray paint this time. I have glued down the top to the body and im going to put the glass in after. These tops are not square and i think that was part of my problem last time. Once the glue fully dries, i will put the glass in. Its looking much better. also, the color is a bit different this time. Its darker and more metallic. its supposed to be the same paint, both tamiya light metallic blue, but the last one didn't seem to look metallic. i like them both but they are very different. The Hood is more square on this one, so i dont think i will need to glue it down. i will see though once its on the chassis. Im happier with this one at this point vs the last one at the same point. i just hope the glue holds the top without trouble. Ignore the tape holding it in place. the top is warped the glue says 24 hours to fully cure. I tried removing the tape and it was lifting up again because the glue wasn't dry.
  3. thanks guys. i am going to try to repaint the body. i have a second kit. there is no way im going to bulid it again, so i think i will try to get the body perfect. im not going to paint the thick stripe chrome, just the little strip inside the thick strip. seems that chrome was an option? i hate the way it looks. i had to glue bomb a couple of pieces to get them to stay. im going to try to do better on the second body. the top needed a glue bomb too, and unfortunately, i had a little glue go over and looks bad. to me, thats too many little issues. worst case, if i cant get it right, i leave this one alone. if i can get it better, i will carefully remove this body and put the new body on the frame. this body is only glued on in the very back area and should be pretty easy to pop off. i am going to try to do the top before putting it on the chassis, it was too hard to glue the way i did it. especially with it being so warped. I am going to keep the same colors, blue with white
  4. its so dumb, its like collecting art, but not really. the original artwork is valuable and copies are not...except with these digital pictures, its amazingly easy and simple to copy. control + C then control + V i would like to see someone do that with a monet piece oh joy, i have the original copy of jack took my bacon sandwich video....
  5. On the new revell bronco buggy the box shows them in a nice yellowish orange. Does anyone know what brand and paint it is I have tried several of the tamiya orange and camel yellow and they aren't right The instructions just say gloss orange
  6. For trade, Nostalgic drag just the trailer only by model king. The bronco and cougar are not included. Just the trailer only. I dont have the original instructions but i have them saved as an image that i can email. The bag is sealed but it will come in a random model box. Im interested in late 70s or early 80s American trucks. Im also interested in 1/24 or 1/25 of 4 wheelers, 3 wheeler or other type of buggy/sand throwers type things. Or other interesting add on type kits I am not sure of the value of this so if im looking for too much or too little, please let me know. Please send a pm with any trade interests Please note, the 2 pictures are of the same model bag, just flipped over so you can see the contents
  7. Im calling this one done. I have to say i really enjoyed this build except the top. Mine was warped so the glass didn't fit, it wont stay in place well. I glue it down but its not perfect. i basically glue bombed the one corner and its not staying put. I think i will need to get gorilla glue or something that dries fast but holds strong. Anyway, the chrome on the sides is molotow pen. I had to glue the hood down as well since it was warped too. The 78/79 bronco is my favorite truck so im glad i was able to build this. I am temped to strip it and paint again without the chrome strip
  8. I dont have a permenant work area either and i bought a platic bin to paint in. You definitely dont want to paint in windy conditions.
  9. i thought this was going to be stupid, but i liked it a lot
  10. i think its the zvezda or ICM. i built quite a few t34 in a row. its either https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/Military_Vehicles/t-34-85-medium-tank/ZVE00003687/product.php?pg=3&ppp=48&sb=stocknumber&so=a&e=0&kw=t34 or https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/Military_Vehicles/soviet-t34-85-medium-tank/ICM00035367/product.php?pg=2&ppp=48&sb=stocknumber&so=a&e=0&kw=t34 the icm was easier to build
  11. I gave up on the decals and went with the blue. I need to do minor touchup on the bottom but looks ok otherwise Its very reflective but the pictures dont show it
  12. tamiya spray paints that have the TS prefix are good for static models. its the PS that are for RC. I use tamiya paints on everything, even little pieces
  13. This is my t34/85 tank. I built this during the pandemic. it was my first tank in a long time. I love the way the tank looks
  14. Scalehobbiest is by far the best i have used
  15. I used to just put my can under the faucet running really hot water. As far as orange peel, i think it is going to happen with testors paint. I think i very light wetsand with 2000 grit should take it out. I use tamiya sray paint now and have never had orange peel. i have even run it once, and by the time it dried, it level itself out with no drips. The only problem with tamiya spray is the selection of colors isn't great. However for black, i would use tamiya if possible
  16. I got myself a pickup jamboree today. At hobby lobby they had the sale so i got the following 2x revell big game gmc pickup 1x revell 76 chevy stepside Amazon delivered an unwarped amt 1978 ford f150 Autoworld delivered the limited edition exclusive of the ford courier stepside with the flames on the box. I most happy about the unwarped 78 ford amt. That brought me a lot of grief this weekend where i went to hobby lobby 3 times trying to get onevthat wasn't warped. finally i comtacted round2 for parts replacement
  17. I got the bed done and it looks really good. Its not 100% perfect, but i think like 98%. Considering there are not alignment pins or something to line it up, im very happy with how it came out. The hood has slight warp to it. im hoping keeping it taped in place will help.
  18. the kit from amazon came in and it has no real warping at all. i put together the bed in about 1 hour. on the warped kit i spent most of saturday trying to get it right. the tailgate is a bit warped, but other than that, this one is better.
  19. is the revell mid/late 70s chevy/gmc discontinued? I am talking about the 78 gmc pickup with plow, the 76 chevy stepside and the gmc big game pickup? i saw they are not in stock at hobbylobby, on amazon they are way overpriced by scalpers. i was able to find 2 of the big game pickup and 1 of the chevy stepside at my local hobby lobby, but they didnt have the gmc with plow. I dont need anymore now that i found it at my local hobby lobby, but i am curious if this is discontinued now? im not going to build the big game pickup with the giant tires, but i wanted to get it in case it is discontinued. i am sure i can find some normal sized tires in my stock pile
  20. i never thought of using tissue paper with white glue. i think my wife has some. i will have to give that a try
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