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  1. PIcked up some scraps from an original GL kit on the cheap. I wanted the rear-seat delete interior bucket for a project and I didn't really want to buy a whole kit.
  2. this thread made me go look at my stash, and it turns out I bought a copy of the chopped top kit. However, it might work out fine - the way-too-short roll cage from the old general lee kit looks right at home
  3. yep. It is pretty tough to find a new car that even has a manual trans as an option. When I bought my wife's car, the salesman couldn't understand why I would want a manual. She ended up with an automatic because we didn't want to wait for a special ordered vehicle. which reminds me - how many of us still call it a "standard" even though it hasn't been standard equipment for a very long time?
  4. I didn't see where the judgment occurred but I can say, in Texas, if a case goes to trial, the fee is generally 40%.
  5. mailman delivered an original 1979 General Lee kit today, along with an MPC Mopar 440 I ordered just to get the exhaust manifolds.
  6. Wasn't sure where to put this, as it's not a request for a specific part, rather an attempt to locate a suitable part. I'm using Revell's '83 Hurst Olds kit as a starting point to build a kit of my first car, an '84 Cutlass Supreme. It had the wire wheel covers (although I would have much preferred the rally wheels). If anyone could suggest a donor kit for a generic full wheel cover that would represent these (not wire wheels, just the cover), I'd appreciate the input.
  7. dang it, I want this kit just for that cammer.
  8. I go through phases of buying up kits, then I'll purge some every so often. Down to about 20 kits at the moment but just ordered another off eBay. Lol
  9. In my experience, most of these cars did not have chrome grilles, including the '69 I owned. you can just paint the grilles black, and chrome the bumper and the surrounds. edit: see attached photo for reference
  10. I could use one! I'm trying to build a replica of my first car. Need a flat hood and a split bench. Wire wheel covers, too.
  11. I grabbed a couple on sale last week. I know it's not a great kit but I've built it a few times, (both GL and not), and always enjoy it as a quick, fun slumpbuster.
  12. I had the Maverick kit when I was a teen. I bought it because I wanted the 427 SOHC for another project, and I built the Maverick as a curbside. No idea what happened to it, or most of my other models from back then. Wish I had held onto it. Does the comet have the parts to build a SOHC, or is solely the Boss 429?
  13. great work! photos are well done also.
  14. not at all. I don't understand the harsh replies to your question. Clearly it's a well done model kit, and the manufacturer deserves praise for crafting such a fine kit for what is likely a small niche market. But the camry has never really moved the needle for me either.
  15. I have that McLaren Mustang kit. It's so sad compared to the real car. But I wanted it for the Capri body.
  16. nice work! brings back awful memories of when I ended up with my wife's old geo storm. It was the color of the rear bumper on your model.
  17. Are those door handles cast into the door?
  18. Looking great! '69 corvette is one of my favorite cars. Love that gold paint on it
  19. Looking good! Fathom green was one of my favorite colors. Heads up though, that isn't the fuel tank. It's the battery box and storage compartment. It would be gray fiberglass as well. The fuel tank is actually above the spare tire carrier.
  20. Great looking corvette! I like the color combo and like others have said, the Torq-thrusts are a good fit. the dash is weird, that's the '68 dash treatment with no map pocket. I've built an earlier issue of the '69 kit (the orange one) and it had the map pocket molded in.
  21. Mine was a 307 V8 with an electronic quadrajunk. First car my mom ever picked out herself. I had it for about six months before it was stolen.
  22. Cool! I'll pick one of these up too. I bought the Hurst already but this kit is a better starting point for a replica of my first car- an '84 brougham, light beige with navy interior and vinyl top, still need to figure out wire wheels and the split bench seat though
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