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  1. Never thought Nassau Blue looked so blue! Just great! Will have to use it on something of mine, soon!
  2. Is there a modern chassis in any kit that is still available either on eBay or elsewhere that could be used in place of the existing chassis?
  3. Jim, how did you handle getting the output from a nailgun to an airbrush? You must have needed a few accessories, right?
  4. The Sparmax is TC-620X. That particular setup at eBay includes one of their older low-power compressors. I can't tell you if it refills the tank as soon as you use it, but if you find some specs on it, you can look for something like "Air pressure: 40 psi/60 psi", which is what the specs said for the Sparmax. However, the retailer gave me the same old line about how they all work the other way. So, I emailed Sparmax and asked them to explain what it meant, and this led to my purchase and I've been happy ever since!
  5. The pulsing is negated by the tank... which in the case of the tank-less, is the hose. It's not that noticeable, and you can still use an airbrush with it.
  6. Yes, that is the case for any setup that does not have a readily available air supply. However, the ONLY compressor I've used that does not do the same thing is the Sparmax. It stores 60 lbs of air and once it's filled, it turns off until the air supply goes down to 40 pounds. The other compressors I've used act the same as the hot water heater in your house... as soon as you use some, the compressor turns on and "tops-off" the air supply. This of course means that the only time the compressor doesn't work is when you're not calling for air... and that to me is very dumb, and practically negates the need for a tank. The Smart Jet probably does not have an air tank; in fact, when I was researching Iwata compressors, I found only the high-end ones had a tank.
  7. I was disappointed with both of the trigger brushes I tried... You lose some capability that you normally have in a dual action airbrush, when you tie 2 movements into 1 trigger. As for compressors, I highly recommend the Sparmax tank compressor!
  8. Fantastic! Just curious, but I was wondering if you could have opted for no wood on the sides?
  9. Excellent! Are those tires in the kit? I seem to recall that the ones in the kit are much thinner...
  10. Do you think it would make a good adhesive for holding clear "glass" windshields, etc. in place? (Steve, jumped on this cause when you said it, it sounded like something I might also like...)
  11. I also checked Wikipedia, Dave, and I'm still confused about how to handle the "s" at the end - Wikipedia made it seem like it should be soft, as in "is" your mama callin' you? Or is the "s" hard, as in the photo above, and the word "s"nake?
  12. I like your chart - it really says it all!
  13. It sounds like a competitor to Bondic, and if you're interested, there's a thread about it here...
  14. I'm still confused about how it's actually supposed to be pronounced!
  15. You know, for some reason it looks much better outside!? ?
  16. fseva

    '58 Delivery

    I don't think I have ever seen such a nice body by JF!
  17. Duplicolor gray is very dark... Almost a grimy black. If you can find it Duplicolor Exact Match gray is much more like Tamiya gray.
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