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  1. Tell me about it... I'm waiting until I can get someone's kit who doesn't want it anymore, and isn't going to think of it as a "collectable"!
  2. Wow Harry! That's really beautiful! I'm going to start looking for this kit on eBay!
  3. First off, I don't really consider Novus to be a true "polishing" system, as is Micromesh, with its increasingly smaller grits. Novus seems to be numbered not because of what they do, but rather to keep the products straight in customers' minds. IMHO, you should NEVER use #3 if you already have a nice smooth finish, and you want to simply improve its shine. I really don't know where #3 fits, but it may not even be for plastic models, but rather for more commercial or industrial uses. It's just way too gritty for use on models - especially the aforementioned. #1 is not really a polish - it is
  4. Gorgeous... as usual! I tried for a couple weeks looking for old annuals and had no luck. Perhaps I'll give it another shot!
  5. What brand is that one? I have to check it out...
  6. So Mike, I take it you have built one of these... if I just built it as a top-up or convertible and hid the area with the retractable stuff, would this be something I could do? Not a beginner - I have about 4 years experience... and I'm looking for kits that would not be available in modern tools, just for the display shelf... BTW, why doesn't Revell do a modern tool of subjects such as this?
  7. That really does look nice! Has anyone here actually been successful at building the multi-piece body? I would probably forget about the retractable top and just build it top-up or as a convertible...
  8. I was looking at the 59 Ford Galaxie, and it really looks old-school... Anyone built this kit?
  9. Wow - that is a really unique & sweet color, my friend! And your build is superior inside and out!
  10. Actually, if you think the "airbrushables" you're using are a little thick for your particular needle/nozzle, turning down the pressure will only make it more difficult to push through the airbrush. Do you get a good flow at your current settings? I ask because it looks to me as if you're applying too much paint. You should always use mist coats in the beginning, and allow some drying in between. Then, one wetter coat at the end. Aztek's Pearls are very nice paints, and you should give them a fair try before moving on to something else.
  11. I don't think they're making this color anymore...
  12. Hey, that is gorgeous, man! I may do my latest Mustang in CAG!
  13. Actually you can spray immediately, but you have to be more careful...
  14. Any type of applicator that claims to be chrome is nothing more than a silver paint.
  15. Not with the method, but I have always thought it could be done because MicroSet smells like vinegar!
  16. fseva

    60 Bonneville

    A big "thank you" to all who visited!
  17. I was going to do my 60 Bonneville in Iris Mist, but decided against it when I realized how long I'd have to put off the project waiting for paint to arrive. Did you use acrylic lacquer or acrylic enamel?
  18. Are your photos stored here at MCM? I ask because I just yesterday, posted a Bonneville in Tamiya Bright Red, and it turned out very pixellated like yours. I have a feeling MCM compresses uploads, and that's what causes the artifiacting. I deleted those posts and used Photobucket instead. My photos are now as good as if they were not compressed at all! And no more artifacting in red!
  19. fseva

    60 Bonneville

    Yes, I like that old Bible quote!
  20. fseva

    60 Bonneville

    I know what you mean - I also gave it a lot of consideration... was almost going to decide on Iris Mist, but then I realized how long I would have to wait for a paint order to be delivered; I gave up that notion and just went with what I had on hand.
  21. fseva

    60 Bonneville

    Thanks, Steve! I was able to get this one for $22 on eBay! So, you might still be able to get one really cheap.
  22. Ditto!!! Say, what is #6 - must have missed this one...
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