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  1. Man, that is absolutely beautiful!
  2. An all-wood car! Now there's a concept!
  3. Is there really a car underneath? Just kidding... it looks wonderful! Quite a feat!
  4. My latest black wash (I've tried a lot of commercially available washes, but was always disappointed), is Createx Transparent Black, with a lot of water and a drop or two of dish soap. This allows the wash to really flow well, and once it's in the lowest crevices, I just let it dry.
  5. Excellent finished product! What color is that - it looks either gray or green on my laptop...
  6. A beautiful car, DW! And a great job on that chrome! BTW, what color/brand is it?
  7. I have used Createx, and think you will find that they are too heavy for a detail airbrush. Unless you have an airbrush with a 1.5mm tip, you will need to thin them. You may also find that the mfr recommends a "reducer" for that. You could use water but you will have to test it to see if it not only sprays well, but that the coverage has not been adversely effected.
  8. It looks GREAT to me! I just started looking at Mustangs (had never had much interest in them until now). I have a request out for info on Mustangs based on "modern tools", and I think that yours is one of the kits mentioned by most of the responders. I have a bid in on one, and will use your photos to inspire me!!!
  9. You probably will not need to filter Testors or Tamiya lacquers (it you decant them). They must be filtered by the mfr before they're sold. And you may not need to filter solid colors of automotive paints (Scale Finishes, MCW, Duplicolor).
  10. Go to Amazon and do a search for "paint strainers". 100-190 microns is what I chose. I was able to get 50 filters for a little less than $10. It was money well spent!
  11. I find that "fibres" carried in the paint work their way to the surface. I just sanded another one out today; and these do not look like human or animal hair. They remind me of metal shavings. Regardless, if your fibers are transparent, I still think you would see them even under a ton of clearcoat.
  12. Yes - they will show up and much more pronounced than mere dust. This is one of the problems I mentioned in a previous post about SF's metallics requiring filtering before use, due to an abundance of garbage in the paint.
  13. Just gorgeous! Does everyone know where the term "station wagon" came from? Well, when people arrived by train and needed themselves and their stuff to be transported from the train "station" to (wherever), that vehicle was referred to as a station wagon. Neat, huh?
  14. It would look pretty but not very practical, considering that the heat of the exhaust would probably ruin it in a few minutes of use. The only actual color I've seen used on headers is flat white, which I suppose could easily be repainted to show them off. By the way, do you understand that most candy apple colors require you to have a highly reflective metal base, before the transparent red is applied? ref: glue wait time: If you applied enough glue to the mating surfaces so that it oozes out the side, I would check that exposed glue for "done-ness". In other words, once it's cured so that it
  15. Gofer sells a set of business decals that I have used... Service Truck #11014... They include some different sizes, though. So, they won't fit perfectly in all instances. Also check out their contingency and sponsor sheets.
  16. Seems to me to be a coral-like color, or perhaps what they might call a "dusty rose". I would go with the coral-like color for the lighter of the 2, and perhaps a dusty rose for the darker. Start with your basic coral/rose color and either add some red, or if it needs to be muted, some black.
  17. I would sand the entire side of the part where the mold line is... get it so flat and smooth that you can hardly see it... then, cover it with Bare Metal Foil.
  18. If push comes to shove, you can always file a claim with Paypal! They are very good at protecting the customer!
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