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  1. Too many pictures?

    A little while back, Photo Bucket announced a change in their pricing structure, causing a great deal of animosity. Shortly after that, this forum made changes where third-party photo-hosting was no longer required. This weekend, the staff commented "We're still trying to solve a disk space problem." and I wonder if all these free photos might be contributing to the problem. Lately, I've noticed that threads seem to contain many more photos than the Photo Bucket era. In a few cases, 40 or more photos appear in the opening comments on the thread, with only slight differences (rotated ten degrees, etc.) in each photo. Am I imagining this?
  2. Chassis Warp on TWO Revell Kits

    A dehydrator will work (I've used one several times), but some clamping will probably be required. I'm not sure I'd put tires in one, though.
  3. Let There Be Light!

    I use one of these It provides light, magnification, and it's also great as eye protection when I using my Dreml
  4. Bending Aluminum Tube

    Here's another approach that works very well http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/102629-bending-tubing/?tab=comments#comment-1652081
  5. '40 Ford Tudor – Late '50s Style! In Paint At Last!

    Same here (I'm 75). I found what looks to be an original on ebay...a little beat up (but so am I), the paint seems to have yellowed (like my teeth), and the Olds emblems should be chrome, not painted over. Whether the color is white or a flat silver, I think we can agree that a bit of contrast would help.
  6. '40 Ford Tudor – Late '50s Style! In Paint At Last!

    I remember them with a white background in the center. The image shown above is that of an aftermarket product; note the planet symbol and ring are not what Olds used.
  7. '40 Ford Tudor – Late '50s Style! In Paint At Last!

    Awesome work so far, and those colors are very complementary. You might consider a little touch-up on those '56 Olds flippers; the center was actually white.
  8. Car parts as props in Star Trek: First Contact

    I thought there was a difference between cowl induction (with the opening that faces the rear of the vehicle) and a hood scoop (with the opening that faces the front of the vehicle).
  9. '69 Camaro LZ-1

    Very nice looking model! I believe the Camaro/Mustang/Cuda body size was called a "Pony Car" (although not very often).
  10. Fanbelt tutorial

    Glad I could (chuckle) help. BTW, I replaced that speed-adjustment crank on the drill cradle with a simple knob.
  11. You can make your own fan belts http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/102506-fanbelt-tutorial/
  12. Miniature Accessories

    Very nice touch...adds realism
  13. Hood straps?

    Men's leather wallets generally have some very thin leather, in case you're thinking about making your own straps.
  14. As I post this, there is another "live" thread dealing with making miniature discs for CD players. I'm curious how many other accessories have been scaled down and included as part of the model display. I did one for my '48 Ford convertible. I took the original box for the kit, unglued/flattened and photographed it; I reduced the photo to the correct 1/25 dimensions, printed it on heavy paper, then created a miniature box that sits beside the model. Does anybody else do this? Show 'em if you got 'em.
  15. Sequins used as CD's

    The cardboard box from a tube of toothpaste often has a hologram as part of the artwork. Use a hole punch and make as many as you like.