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  1. I've used a food dehydrator to straighten warped bodies. I make a jig that allows the body to end up in the proper position, clamp the body in the jig, and "cook" overnight in the dehydrator. Tray to place the clamps where they will not cause another warp, however, and allow the whole assembly to cool off naturally (no refrigerators, cold water, etc.). Your promo might require several iterations of the above approach.
  2. Headlight foil reflector

    I use a vacu-form to make the front lens and the dome-shaped backer. Now that Molotow makes those nifty chrome pens, no more BMF for the headlights.
  3. Wondercutter

    Do a search on Burgess Vibro Tool. I have one that was my father's
  4. Let there be light!!!

    Here's one I did before LEDs became sophisticated. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/102446-my-55-chevy/
  5. TODAY

    My flag is flying.
  6. One doesn't need an optivisor to assemble this.

    Imagine the size of the display case...
  7. 62 Impala SS Converible

    Very well done, sir! One of the interior shots has a box on the front seat; did you make a scaled-down version of the kit box?
  8. Thank Goodness!!

    That rust will probably buff right out.
  9. Tamiya 1/24th scale Jaguar MkII Sedan

    You've turned a boring, four-door sedan into a real eye-popper!
  10. '65 Goat-A-Mino Can Be Yours!

  11. 39 Chevy Coupe Lowrider

    Stellar paint job, and the rest of the model is spot on (although I'm unsure about the sun visor pointing upwards). You can still do the wash using kids' water paint. Apply it, then wash off any excess with the edge of a damp business card
  12. 1971 Ford Galaxie 500

    Looking good so far. As a minor suggestion, when posting pics of the WIP, use a less-cluttered background.
  13. Completed: Revell Corvette C7.R #3

    That is extremely well done, and I'm sure your client is more than satisfied!
  14. Miniature Dice for shift knob

    Take a piece of clear sprue and sand it to the desired size. Buff it out, then (using a for-real die) put the dots on it, via paint or decals.
  15. Green Frog masking tape

    From what I've personally experienced and read others' comments in this thread, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON GREEN FROG MASKING TAPE!