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  1. Dyed clear rear window

    I must be missing something...that site and this site are one in the same...modelcarsmag.com
  2. Dyed clear rear window

    Maybe not as difficult as you think. The only problem is finding a Radio Shack (or something similar) that is still open for business http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/101743-poor-mans-vacu-form/
  3. 68 Firebird 400

    You did an excellent job on everything...engine, interior, those tiny bits of chrome trim At the risk of being a naysayer, the paint job, while superb, is too "flaky" for my taste, as in too much metal flake for that scale.
  4. Sorry, Not in my book

    I can't believe this atrocity received 5 pages of comments.
  5. Scalefinishes

    You might want to make the "to clear or not to clear" decision before you apply any wax.
  6. I did an edit on my post, to include the word acrylic. "You can also get Krylon acrylic in a flat clear."
  7. You can also get Krylon acrylic in a flat clear. That would minimize concerns over compatibility with the color coat.
  8. Scalefinishes

    Since Scale Finishes offers both a primer and a clear coat, I think I can guess what their response would be.
  9. Daily Driver Ford Business Coupe

    Awesome work (as usual) and a stunning collection. When are you going to build a '40 convertible?
  10. Cleaning Airbrush

    The make/model of the airbrush might also be helpful. How old is the airbrush? Do you still have the instructions?
  11. 19" Tires

    You might get better results if you post this in the Wanted! forum. If you ask an admin, I'm sure they'll move this thread to that forum. Also, what scale?
  12. 72 Celica

    Your dashboard detail knocked my socks off! You must have very steady hands and drink only de-caf coffee...at 75 years old, I could never do that.
  13. Beard Bib/Parts Catcher

    Hairspray might be easier to apply, and infinitely easier to remove.
  14. Two-part epoxy comes to mind.