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  1. 77 Pontiac Trans Am (Revell)

    Every aspect of this model is STUNNING!
  2. 1/25 scale tie downs

    Instead of thin sheet plastic, consider cutting up an empty aluminum beverage can or a disposable aluminum baking pan.. Use scissors, nail clippers, or an Xacto knife for cutting. You might want to practice/design using regular paper before you start cutting aluminum. Be careful though; the cut edges can be sharp and may need some sanding. Also, do not use your wife's sewing scissors to cut the aluminum, unless you enjoy sleeping on the couch.
  3. Best Masking Tape to use.

    I do the same thing. Use a clean piece of glass and lightly press the tape in place. Cut the tape length-wise with an Xacto knife and ta da you have two pieces of tape with extremely fresh edges.
  4. I usually brush paint engines and interiors. Since chassis/frames are not part of the body color, I use rattle can primer. Your "Suggestions on gloss and semigloss black, steel, aluminum, etc?" could fill a book.
  5. Topless 300C and Wagon 300C

    Very nicely done!
  6. Does anyone have photo's of Detail Master Tachometers?

    Why not make your own? Here's a Sun tach... 3 3/8" diameter
  7. New kid on the block ?

    OK, so they have a (count 'em one) kit. I think I'll wait, assuming future kits are not NASCAR, until they have a track record. Sorry for being skeptical, but I/we have no idea of their production capability, other models planned, or if they even exist.
  8. Is Wet/Dry sandpaper available larger than 9x11?

    I've never seen wet/dry for belt sanders.
  9. Is Wet/Dry sandpaper available larger than 9x11?

    The tape, if water resistant, would leave a raised area and sanding would not be uniform.
  10. Is Wet/Dry sandpaper available larger than 9x11?

    I'm not aware of sheets larger than that. If you plan on modifying/using a large cutting board, check your sink size first. Most dual sinks won't handle much more than 9 x 11; consider using a large-base, low-height "Tupperware" (for the lack of a better term) container instead of a sink. You might want to get several cutting boards, to accommodate various grits you plan on using. Use contact cement to affix the sandpaper; when the paper loses its "grit", peel it off, clean off the contact cement with acetone (in a well ventilated, spark free environment), and put new sandpaper on. I'm curious why you need larger sizes of sandpaper...what scale are you building?
  11. 56 plymouth fury resin

    Very nicely done and a rare model to boot! Is it just my tired old eyes, or is the tread pattern pointing the wrong way?
  12. 1958 Cadillac Seville

    As I mentioned before, it was spotty (sometimes erratic) in operation. Also, my '57 Chevy sensor appeared to be a bit smaller that the one shown of the Caddy model. Just for giggles, you might want to test yours (on the 1:1) out, unless you're concerned about the age and possible harm that might be incurred.
  13. Creating NEW Panel Lines

    Another approach for rounded corners would be the use of a circle template...a variety of sizes and a rigid edge to guide the scribing tool.
  14. A few police cars

    Very nice work. I'd much rather look at the pictures on this forum, rather than see them in my rear-view mirror.
  15. Glue Clamps

    Great idea; instead of multiple wraps of a rubber band, consider this: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/102170-variable-length-rubber-band/?tab=comments#comment-1429461