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  1. Very well done! It's refreshing to see a non-fuel injected "Vette.
  2. Get 10 of 'em...might help fight off the zombies.
  3. The '57 Ford was available with a 312 engine...why bother modifying it to get another whopping 9 cubic inches? I suspect the decal is a figment of somebody's imagination.
  4. Nice looking '55. Is that the kit-supplied engine? While it is technically correct, most V-8 '55 Chevies had the optional, dealer-installed oil filter mounted on passenger side of the intake manifold (unless the car had A/C, in which case the filter housing was mounted on the driver's side).
  5. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. An alternative might be a old leather wallet (garage sale special). Very thin leather!
  6. A stellar example of a thread being hi-jacked.
  7. Re-read the very first post in this thread, where it says "Lately, I've noticed that threads seem to contain many more photos than the Photo Bucket era. In a few cases, 40 or more photos appear in the opening comments on the thread, with only slight differences (rotated ten degrees, etc.) in each photo."
  8. I think you missed the point...the quality of the images is not the issue, it's the quantity of the images.
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