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  1. Revell 1969 Mustang Boss 302

    Very nicely done! Everything looks great. As a thought (not a criticism or even a suggestion) I sometimes have the headrests on the buckets at different heights; the same holds true with the seat placement...all the way back for the driver (I'm 6'6"), not so far back for the passenger...just something to consider on your next build. It adds just a bit more realism.
  2. ‘81 Z-28 conversion to straight stock Camaro

    Nice job! Instead of trying to move this to the "Under Glass" area, start a new thread there and show some pictures of the completed model. Then include a link to this WIP so readers can see the finished model, then look at how it was done.
  3. Tools for Photo Etched parts?

    Toe nail clippers (not very expensive) work very well for cutting, and are available with convex, straight, and concave cutting edges.
  4. 1960 Dodge Polara wagon

    Extremely well done! Also, thank you for your pictures...well thought out, showing what needs to be shown, and reasonable in number.
  5. Headlights

    Regarding the cement to use, I'd stay away from CA (superglue) as it can easily fog the clear plastic.
  6. Headlights

    Another option would be using the sticky part of a Post-It note...very low tack.
  7. I used the body from the AMT kit and the chassis from the Monogram convertible kit.
  8. how many models have you built?

    A couple of dozen, over a 60 year time frame. I go for quality, not quantity, and I have other hobbies(woodworking, stained glass, etc.) that share time with building models.
  9. Monogram 56 Chevy

    An excellent rendition! The paint job is stellar! I owned a 1:1 '55 and it did not, however, have an alternator; it had a generator (longer, smaller diameter, and done in black)
  10. Tool Storage

    Another approach for X-actos is here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/102340-xacto-or-paint-brush-rack/?tab=comments#comment-1432702 and here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/103458-more-xacto-storage/?tab=comments#comment-1455382
  11. This post has been dormant for almost four years, but to answer one of your questions...the purple pond can damage metal (if you doubt it, toss an old paintbrush with a metal ferrule into it) Try oven cleaner instead.
  12. Jan 2019--Chad Returns.

    I thought you were talking about the 2000 election, where Florida had a problem with hanging chad...
  13. two tone suggestion

    After you've painted the light color and it is thoroughly dry, mask it off. Apply a light coat of clear to the edge of the tape, let that dry, then paint the dark color. The clear coat will help seal the edge of the masking tape, and if any bleed-through occurs, it will be the clear paint.
  14. Woodification, making it a woodie

    You're more than welcome. Hope this opens some more doors for you.