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  1. BigTallDad added a post in a topic attaching a model to the clear bottom of a display case   

    It's a method to ensure that all four tires are in contact with the base.
  2. BigTallDad added a post in a topic attaching a model to the clear bottom of a display case   

    Same approach I use.
  3. BigTallDad added a post in a topic 1948 Ford Convertible Club Coupe, now with outdoor pictures (pic heavy)   

    Another awesome build!
    I'm somewhat puzzled by the title "1948 Ford Convertible Club Coupe"...in my mind, a club coupe is a steel top.
  4. BigTallDad added a post in a topic Sharpening sprue cutters etc...   

    When sharpening scissors, a more severe angle (60 degrees or so) will be required because there are two pieces involved in the cutting process. These two pieces overlap for the cut. When two pieces meet each other (such as the cutters in your video) the angle is approximately 45 degrees.
    The steak knife should be about 20 degrees or so.
    There is a LOT more to be covered when it comes to sharpening (such as sharpening meat cutting knives for slicing or stabbing), but you've got a lot of info that should get  on your way. If you have any problems, PM me.
  5. BigTallDad added a post in a topic Sharpening sprue cutters etc...   

    You (and the video) are correct. 
  6. BigTallDad added a post in a topic Sharpening sprue cutters etc...   

    If you've never sharpened a cutting tool, practice on something cheap, like an Xacto blade. 
    Learn the difference in the direction of the sharpening stroke: stroking away from the cutting edge will leave a burr (which must be removed); stroking into the edge (as if you were attempting to slice off a piece of the sharpening material) does not leave that burr.
    Understand the angle of your stroke. If the angle is high (45 degrees, for example), more force will be required when using the tool; tools sharpened to a 20 degree bevel tend to "feel" sharper because they cut more easily.
    I'm 74 years old and have carried a pocket knife for almost 70 years. I use a 1000 grit diamond stone, followed by a stone almost the consistency of marble, ending with the backside of a leather belt that has lots of jeweler's rouge on it; when using the stones, I use about a 15 degree angle and stroke into the cutting edge, the belt is used like a razor strop, stroking away from the edge, using the same 15 degree angle. The final pass (singular) on the strop on each side of the blade is about 30 degrees and a very light touch.
    I can shave hair with my hunting & pocket knives.
  7. BigTallDad added a post in a topic How much have you spent on a build?   

    Does the cost include numerous trips to the "Purple Pond" and the expenses associated therewith?
  8. BigTallDad added a post in a topic Another masking technique?   

    I'm still recovering from surgery and a personal loss.
  9. BigTallDad added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Another masking technique?
    I saw this on Google, and "masking" immediately came to mind.
    Spray an area, use an Xacto to scribe/remove the area to be painted, then spray (rattle can or airbrush).
    Any toughts?
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  10. BigTallDad added a post in a topic Help and Hints   

    If you have Windows you have MS Paint. Find the image you like, right click, select Open With, the choose Paint.
    Clean the image up as desired, select the area you want,  then select Resize (upper left area of the options bar). Enter a percentage for reduction (or enlargement, if that's what you want), and press Enter.
    I typically will expand the borders of the image displayed, select the area, and copy it. I then paste, move the pasted area to an open area (provided by the expanded borders) and Resize. I'll paste again, move that image to a clear area, and resize again, using a different percent. Repeat as necessary, until you have the size you want.
    Once again, I have a tutorial for this process but I'm being held hostage by PhotoBucket.
  11. BigTallDad added a post in a topic Deepening Panel Lines   

    Or you can use a photo-etch saw blade, starting very lightly, then gradually adding pressure.
  12. BigTallDad added a post in a topic Monogram 1955 Chevy Convertible   

    That could be box art! Very well done.
  13. BigTallDad added a post in a topic Funn with Face book links !   

    Do you have to be a subscriber the NG? 
    I tried to create a cover last night and it failed; I received an email asking me to subscribe, but no image was attached.
  14. BigTallDad added a post in a topic The Beginnings Of Our Interstates   

    Some more trivia: That's the Eisenhower era. Actually, Interstates were also laid out with Civil Defense in mind...every XX number of miles had to have a straight stretch of YYYY feet so aircraft could land.
    Also, have you ever seen a traffic signal on an Interstate? St. Louis tried that years ago, and I'm still chuckling over that fiasco.
  15. BigTallDad added a post in a topic Help with Washes   

    I use black watercolor paint (like you used in grade school). Brush it on, let it dry, then wipe off the excess using a damp business card.
    I'd show you how to do it, but photobucket is holding me hostage.