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  1. If you use a toothbrush, get a pediatric toothbrush...very soft bristles.
  2. I like the pancake hood and trunk! I'm curious why there are two carbs but only a single exhaust...
  3. Try a tea strainer, about $3 at walmart
  4. Dorian will be paying me a visit this weekend. I I'll have my shutters up and the generator is ready to go.
  5. I was married in Woodstock...the "Hippy Priest" (Father William Francis, the former archbishop of NY) presided. His church had an original Gutenburg bible!
  6. I'm curious...it looks like the air scoop centered (left/right) on the hood. On the 1:1 my son had, it was off center towards the passenger side. BTW, the scoop wasn't for aspiration, it was for the intercooler.
  7. Instead of a tooth pick, I use a small strip of balsa...it absorbs more lacquer thinner, and any paint accumulation can be easily cut off.
  8. It appears I'm overdue for an eye exam.
  9. Absolutely stellar work and results. There's a kit error that could have been addressed...the wheel on the spare tire has lug nuts; there should be holes, not nuts.
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