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  1. '57 T Bird

    Nice looking! Does the owner work for Mary Kay cosmetics?
  2. I realize the topic title refers to painting, but would a decal be an acceptable substitute?
  3. Used dryer sheets will knock down static; don't use fresh ones, though, as they may leave a residue on the model.
  4. Display case ideas - for built ins or wall mounted

    That case is 39" tall...did you intend to say you have approx 4.5 feet (instead of inches)? The case also weighs over 100 pounds...will your ledge handle that?
  5. Flat bed straight truck

    Holy cow! There are still some people with manners!
  6. Why??

    C'mon, that'll buff right out!
  7. Find and scribe the center of each bezel. Use a brad point drill (by hand) to remove the bezel.
  8. '48 Ford Coupe

    Great looking model! I also like the way you posted the image(s); seeing four at a time is a great idea! Perhaps you could write a tutorial on how you did it. That way, those who post bunches of pictures might use that approach.
  9. 39 Chevy Sedan Delivery - Foghorn Leghorn

    Great weathering! Somehow, all that bright shiny chrome seems out of place.
  10. 69 Cougar Engines

    The box art for kit number y908-200 references a 390 with Weber carbs. Here's Drastic Plastic website: https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/amt-instructions/automotive-cars--pi/mercury/amt-1969-cougar--y9/01.html
  11. 69 Cougar Engines

    AMT's '69 XR7 kit had a 429 option
  12. Buick GSX

    Great results! I'll bet those full-length decals were a joy to apply.
  13. ALDI Australia Selling AMT Kits next week.

    If you shop at Aldi, BYOB (bring your own bags). Where I live, the person staffing the register does not bag, nor do they supply bags. I've not seen model kits there, but I have seen gasoline-powered post-hole diggers.
  14. Weird message below MCM Forums Menu

    Or you could just hit the End key