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  1. Those are awesome! I read about these (Archer ) but have never seen them used. Thanks for posting this, you did a great job using them and you definitely sold me on getting some . Man,do those weld lines look fantastic. Again, Thank you. Jeff
  2. To me, that is jaw dropping awesome. I take it that you started with a Diecast kit? Nice, Nice, Nice Job with this one and Thank you for sharing this with us. Jeff
  3. Yes, I also appreciate showing us this. Ace, that is one fine build that you did of this kit too! ! Again, Thanks alexis and Ace. Jeff
  4. Thanks Dave for the update and I also appreciate your attention to detail and not good enough. Again, Thank you. Jeff
  5. Wow Ace, that is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this as this kit has just moved up my list of kits I want to build. . Thanks. Jeff
  6. I agree with alexis, would love to see what's in the box for this kit. Also, Thank you if you do take some pictures. Jeff
  7. louie

    1969 Torino

    That came out beautiful and I personally love the color and the raised rear. Thank you. Jeff
  8. Just what I love. Really nice build. Thanks for sharing this with us. Jeff
  9. Greg,I've seen it listed for a July release date. Jeff
  10. Anyone know what ever happened to this build and builder? Thanks. Jeff
  11. I love it. Nice design. I agree with lntmd8r, it's crazy! Thanks. Jeff
  12. Now that is hilarious in such an awesome way. Thanks for posting this one. That's me at my bench with a kit in front of me! Priceless. Thanks. Jeff
  13. I'm looking forward to this one. Looks pretty cool to me. Thanks. Jeff
  14. Now that was good! Thanks for sharing this with us. Jeff
  15. Ahh, I understand. What a great way to do this. Thank you for your help and I appreciate it. Jeff.
  16. I'm just wondering as I have never done this before but how did you make the rims deeper,did you use a wheel sleeve like the one's that Pegasus hobbies has. I think you did a terrific job on the rims and I would like to try this one on an upcoming build. Also, love your build, looking awesome and keep up the great work. Thank you. Jeff
  17. Now that looks great. So much better than any kit piece. That Shifter gives me a bunch of inspiration. Thanks. Jeff
  18. Thanks again Greg , that was great! Don Prudhomme is still the best same as good ol Shelby. I enjoyed reading that very much. Thanks. Jeff
  19. I've never heard of them until now. Thanks for sharing this link. Also, any information on The quality of resin car's and quality of service? Just wondering if you know. Thanks and I apologize for intruding on this post. Thank you. Jeff
  20. Yeah, that is really nice. I just love pro street and you definitely hit a home run with this one. Thanks. Jeff
  21. That engine is looking really good. Nice details. Thanks. Jeff
  22. Really nice job on the Nova and really nice doing this for your friend. Keep up the great work. Thank you. Jeff
  23. Looking at the side by side of the model and picture,your looking really good. Always been a favorite of mine. Please keep us posted on your progress, I'd really like to see it painted. Thank you. Jeff
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