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  1. So for my return to the hobby, I finished a decent looking channeled 32 roadster. Next up was to see what I could accomplish with possibly the worst gluebomb in my parts box. I believe it to have started at a Lindberg 34 Ford, but maybe not. I originally got this kit in the late 70's maybe early 80's. Anyways, it looked terrible. I got the hood carved off of it and the floor removed. Still have not got one of the seats off the floor. The visor area of the cab was a disaster, with the visor completely missing and the windshield frame extremely cut on. I had to improvise a lot to get a windshield shape back, and forgo the visor. There is still visible glue(lots of it) on the interior cab back that can be seen in the picture. No idea why a glue tube was ever near this area, but I'm the one that did it as a child. Once I got the body reasonably cleaned up, I could not envision what to actually build with it, so I chopped the top. Now I have ideas of what to build. I also made a styrene firewall that I mounted to the backside of the firewall, probably need to add some detail to it. Also have a new styrene floor started and a set of parts box seats picked out. I do not have the bed to this kit, so it is getting some kind of exposed fuel tank over the frame rails. Have a tank built, but not sure i am happy with it. Then the frame, I had a few stock style frames I could use from Lindberg and AMT, along with some suspension pieces. But none of those frames allowed the ride height I was imagining. So, here is my first attempt at a scratch built frame, with some suspension parts from(I think) a AMT 32 Vicky. Here is one picture to give an idea of where this built is headed, not sure exactly what wheel I will end up with, but I know the tire height, so that allowed be to build suspension mounts. I'm not sure what motor it will get yet, but I have several parts box specials that would fit the build.
  2. BK, the front axle location is stock. Lowered by the Tim Boyd method I think(I've never seen his article though). The grill shell actually needs to be a tiny bit lower to be even with the cowl, but I'm not fixing that now. So, I'm actually surprised that it looks as good as it does. The rear was also lowered a lot with the removal of the "airbags" and modifying the coilovers.
  3. And this one is all finished up. Feel free to see the under glass thread. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/107039-32-roadster-warmup-build/
  4. Well here is a quick build to get myself back into the hobby. Had not build a kit in about 13 years(also a Revell 32). Thought that a kit that I had done before would be a good warmup. It really isn't anything special and we've all seen plenty of Revell 32's, yet they never seem to get old. Everything is out of the Revell box except for the license plate decal. The decal in the kit doesn't fit the license frame in the kit. I channeled the body over the frame and widened the kit rear axle(not enough either) so the tires would clear the body. Body paint is Model Master Olive Drab(1911) with a Model Master Clear Top Coat(2936). All other paints were either generic Testors or Model Master bottles that I have had for years. Biggest annoyance with this kit is the decal for the dash guages. It shows 13.6°F and 186 volts. Seems like that would be a simple thing to get correct.
  5. Quick mock up picture. I am liking this color in gloss. Tried something new and rid it of a lot of "chrome", and painted the windshield frame, license frame, taillight housings, headlight housings flat black. Now I cant decide if maybe I should have used gloss on those too. But I like the look of the black on those parts so far. Also like the ride height I ended up with. I am having issues getting the wheels to fit the spindles. The rears are really sloppy, but the fronts won't even go on the spindle yet. Feels like I am going to break the front axle trying. I think I am going to dip the spindle in purple power to get rid of the chrome and hope the diameter is reduced just enough that the wheels fit properly. So, in this picture, everything is just propped into place, like the windshield frame, grill shell, front wheels not snapped onto spindle, body just resting in place. And to top it off, this project has been boxed up for a few days. Off to do the head gaskets in my daughters Subaru, so I need the workbench space.
  6. Yah, I think you pretty much nailed the image in my head. Car is looking good too.
  7. Spent some more time on this the last couple days. Got the body into gloss clearcoat, I really like the olive drab in gloss. However, my second coat of clear went on WAY to thick. I got a couple of runs in it and lost some detail lines. I have a feeling this one is going to be taking a purple bath. If it does, it will ge the same color again. In the meantime, I am continuing to assemble the things that do not get attached to the body. I am not so sure that i am happy with some of the chassis, mainly not liking the chrome on it. Just doesn't seem to fit with the olive. On the other hand, this was intended to be a motivating completion build, and here I am not happy with stuff on it. I seem to recall feeling this way years ago and quite building for a while. Not giving up this time. So, I went and got a new detail brush, some quality CA, couple of paints, and looked at an airbrush.
  8. Very interesting idea, I like it. That 32 half window looks like it needs to be sitting towards the rear of a dragster frame. Rear tires right at the body with everything else sticking way out the front. Ohh, and I think it would need the top chopped a little too.
  9. Well, a few of you may have read my Intro thread as a new member, Or maybe saw my kit trade thread. It took me a little while to decide on which kit to build, but I finally decided that since the last two kits I built ten years ago were Revell 32's that another Revell 32 would be a good warmup. The last two I built were a 32 roadster that is box stock except for the tires/wheels form a Ferrari F40, the other is a 32 3 window that I channeled over the frame, otherwise all kit parts. So, for this build I am again building the roadster kit. This time it will be channeled alot and lowered suspension also. Color is Testors Olive Drab. Pobably going to get gloss coated though. Plan is to again use all kit parts, but that could easily change. Teaser pic to get the thread started.
  10. Excellent trades completed with "Bismarck" and "jeffs396". Would trade with either of you anytime. Thanks again.
  11. I think I have a kit picked out to build. Well two actually. First, I am going to start another revell 32 roadster. It will be built similar to the coupe above. It will get channeled over the frame and I will probably lower the suspension a little too. Color undecided. The second build will be a rebuild of a revell 56 ford truck. I built this truck in the late 80's in typical fashion of the era. Painted everything but window. Truck was yellow with white bumpers and trim, tan seat and door panels with a black dash pad, then added wheels from a Ferrari kit(tamiya maybe). It is currently fully disassembled and most of it has soaked in super clean and is paint free as of last night. Cab and frame still soaking. Will scrub them in the morning. Again new color undecided, but kinda thinking about chopping the top first.
  12. Next meeting is actually this Sunday. Intend to try to go, but I have a terrible time actually remembering until the day after for some reason.
  13. Thanks for the welcomes. Looks like I just need to build something. Here are a couple pics of where I left off years ago. This is a parts box Revell 29 I think, with a 32 grill. Didn't really like the look as a roadster so I chopped the top of a cab and made them interchange. I built this sometime around 1995/6. All from leftover parts that I had from the early 80's. Enjoy Here was another 32 I built just prior to the 29 above. This would have been built shortly after Revell released the Highboy kit. Basically built box stock except for the tires/wheels. IIRC they are from a Tamiya Ferrari F40. And a couple more for fun. Both of these are AMT 55 chev's. A Cameo and a stepside. Both of them were lowered a bit in the front with a frame "clip" from the "1955 Bel Air Street Machine" kit. The Cameo got wheels/tires from a Lamborghini Countach(Tamiya?), and the stepside got wheels tires from the hobby store. I can't remember the brand and would like to know if you recognize them. Both of these trucks were built in about 1992.
  14. Hello all, Long time modeler, however I haven't built anything in a few years as we all know life gets in the way. Never stopped buying kits when I would find one that I liked, figured I would start collecting my retirement activity. Had about 100 un-built kits and another 50 or so built kits. I actually still have most of the kits I built as a kid(42 now). Anyways, The desire to build has recently returned when I received a reasonable large collection of kits from a family member. Now there is roughly 400 un-built kits and about 70 built kits in the collection. Unfortunately, not all of the inherited kits are of my interest, but the majority of them are. He loved everything from the earliest fords into the 40's. Some of the odd stuff like bugatti's and deusenbergs. He was also a collector of early ford model "T's". So a die-hard Ford fan, which also transferred over into the model collection. About a third of the kits are not of the 1/25 scale which have never really interested me much, so I have lots of trading stock to find kits of my interest. Might have to utilize the kit trading section of this site. My preferences in kits are generally towards 30's Fords and American muscle cars/pickups. Love building 32 Ford cars and 34 Ford trucks, never seems to get old. Looking forward to getting the glue back out, just haven't actually brought myself to start the chance of ruining a kit yet. Probably going to be a 32 Ford, though I was considering re-working a old glue bomb of a 27 lincoln. Jason
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