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  1. Looking good. Porsche wheels look great.
  2. Wow Greg. That's looking great. What did you end up doing with those headlight we chatted about.
  3. Made a little progress on the body of this yesterday. Decals didn't turn out too bad, considering it had been at least 15 years(maybe even 20) since I had worked with a decal sheet. Body still needs a clear coat sealer though. Made a big mistake on the placement of a pair of the decals though. Let's see who notices it first.
  4. Painted and decal'd. Have a real light coat of clear on most of it when my rattle can decided to vomit. Threw it away, hope to have time to pick up a new can on Saturday.
  5. Ya, the kit definitely has it's fair share of flaws. I thought it would be a fun/quick build. So, I am going to build it for what it is. Was just a bit disappointing to find such a poorly detailed kit when I opened it. Regardless, it will still be fun to build, and that's what this hobby is all about to me. Body is mostly painted now, hope to have updated pics tomorrow.
  6. No idea what kit this was modified from. It does still have a couple of screw stands left over from being a screw bottom kit. All least I assume that's what they are leftover from.
  7. So, while waiting for a new floor/tub from Revell for my 41 Willy's I thought I would start another build. I picked out this AWB Mustang that I traded for a few months ago. What an absolute disaster of a kit. This thing just falls short in every detail. I haven't researched it yet, but I suspect this to be a very old tooling. Poor enough kit that I almost put it back in the box, but it has nothing of use to even save for kit bashing. Not to mention the variations away from the car that it is supposed to be depicting. Depicted car is showing original front suspension, while the kit contains a G
  8. Paint is MM gloss black I actually have the body painted now, it has been drying for about 5 days now. Might be able to handle it soon without leaving fingerprints in it.
  9. Had an idea for tail lights a couple hours after posting this, so I guess an update will follow someday. Yes, that is olive drab. Straight out of the can, no clear or polishing.
  10. Yup, seems strange doesn't it... I guess it doesn't matter right now, the interior floor pan is so warped, it's not even buildable.
  11. Started yet another build Monday afternoon, basically building this box stock just for fun as a quick build. I am even using the paint colors shown on the instructions for most parts. It has basically stalled though at about 26 hours after starting it. Waiting on paint and glue to dry. The floor pan in the kit was horribly warped out of the box though. Put it in warm/hot water and got it pretty close. Not sure yet if it is going to cause problems later on. Put in a parts request to Revell to see if I can get a replacement. Was a little disappointed to see that the kit has four wheel disc bra
  12. Annnnnd, it's under glass now. Might come back to it and add tail lights and license plate. Maybe even some radiator hoses too. Not putting a mirror on it though.
  13. Well, this started as a horrible gluebomb that I built as a kid in the early eighties, possibly even the late seventies. I originally built it as a dually stakebed, then rebuilt it with a cardboard bed with the wrecker boom in the back, then started to rebuild it as a stocker with another style stakebed(original long gone). So, this rebuild took a very different approach. About all of the original that is left is the cab and possibly the motor. I scratch built the frame and new floor pan, everything else came out of the parts box. Couple of firsts for me in this build, first scratched frame an
  14. Those little tiny wires will make a person drink. But, it sure does look better with some wiring.
  15. Making progress. Still not sure what motor I will finalize this with though. Quick progress picture.
  16. I like this idea. Maybe shorten the deck a little and give the bodywork little angle upward at the rear. I think it would help the proportions a lot.
  17. Wow Greg, that took a big pair to cut that up. Looks good though.
  18. Very nicely done. Seems like it needs a right front flat tire too...
  19. I too would really like to see the 70's Datsun pickup and the original issue Dodge on the shelves again.
  20. Very cool, though I would be tempted to narrow up a car body to put on it. Like the tub for a 27 turtledeck maybe..
  21. Excellent work on the decal sheet Bernard. Glad I was able to help.
  22. That's going to be a cool build. I have the right side capped header if you can find the left side. I also have the original decal sheet, but it has a tire burn on it that hurt the two decals on the bottom right as viewed in your picture above.
  23. Looking good. I just had this kit in my hands a few hours ago while looking for my next build.
  24. Little more progress, made motor and trans mounts, squirted the frame flat black. and for some reason I don't like it anymore. Maybe this one is supposed to be white? Stole the Hemi from the other gluebomb rebuild on my bench. I built generic motor mounts that fit all the generic motors that came in the AMT 32 Ford kits for years. They will work for this build. Certainly more detailed offerings out there, but I don't need that for this build. Threw on some generic wheels/tires, pretty sure these won't be staying though.
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