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  1. Thanks for all the kind words, Guys. The Barrie flee market is a slightly smaller version of Carlisle but without the "HILL". I've heard about the ducks swimming in the isles at Hershey and have seen the snow storm at Carlisle. Over the years I have found some model kit treasures at these events. I couldn't leave well enough alone , so I added a few more things and did some rearranging. Here are a few fresh pics I looking forward to a bit if retail therapy come early June in Barrie
  2. I learned to drive a tractor when I was about 8 (big enough to reach the clutch. Later drove my uncles 50 Ford 1 ton with straight cut 4 speed around the farm. Started driving gravel roads at 14 in our 58 Plymouth Plaza flat head 6 three on the tree. I got my license in this car and then started to drive on paved roads.
  3. That is a great piece of scratch building. Your log loader crane is a masterpiece by itself. But your workbench looks way to clean and organized. 😎
  4. You're off to a great start, Pierre. I like the weathering you have done.
  5. Thanks Pat. I've walked many a mile there myself and have picked up some treasures over the years
  6. After playing about I finally have visible images. thanks for your patience
  7. Sorry gang but the pictures didn't work on this site like some others do. more research required
  8. Burl’s Creek Automotive Flee Market Over the years I have build or acquired a few RV models that I wanted to display in something other than the usual campground settings. These included: a diecast Greenline Winnebago travel trailer; A Hess Training Van that I modified into a GMC Motorhome An Open Road Camper on a Ram 1500 chassis I recently picked up another display case that still had an empty shelf that need filling. With all the extras that come with a lifetime of model kit building I decided to do a diorama of a slice of the Barrie Automotive Flee Market which is held each spring and fall at Burl’s Creek, North of Barrie, Ontario. This is from a recent show. My diorama is limited by the 32”X18” space available in the display case. The Vendor spaces are 20’X30’. In 1/25th scale, this allowed me to have three and a sliver lots plus a bit of roadway. The base is 1” Styrofoam with model railroad landscaping. Once the base was surveyed, I laid out the major models. The tent frames are welded coat hangers Then it was time to infill the sites with various diecasts, kit parts and scratch built items. The tractor model is the Revell Porche 108 Junior kit. I also added about a dozen figures of both vendors and shoppers. They are a compendium of many kit figures modified to suitable poses . And finally, an overview of the dio in its display case A diorama is supposed to tell a story. Hopefully I have managed to do that with this project Thanks for looking, questions and comments are always welcome Carl
  9. Excellent job on the shiplap walls and the electrical system. Nice job of blending your wire rack shelving into the ceiling. You can always add more stuff to a Garage dio. There really is no end point. Great work
  10. I checked some of my AMT tractors and they are between 91 and 98 mm to the out side of the tires. I have a glue bomb DM800 that I haven't rebuilt yet. It measures 106mm to the outside of the front tires. Therefore I think that you could take a 10mm section out of the front axle. You will also have to shorten the tie rod by the same amount. You could reinforce the axle by drilling and pinning the two sections. In 1/25th scale I use 1mm=1inch. Good luck Carl
  11. I like where you're going with this project. Will the dome shell get a glass resin overcoat? Its looking good Carl
  12. this is part of my collection in a couple display cases. I mounted them on wheels so they are a bit mobile Carl
  13. Excellent job. Always like to see construction models. a real nice work of art Carl
  14. well done Pat. beautiful work of art. I have enjoyed watching this build come together. carl
  15. Like Ellen, I name all my dioramas. But there won't be anymore pics thanks to the greedy clowns a PB Carl
  16. Very nice job of scratch building. Good looking Field Boss. Are you planning to build any attachments for your tractor? Carl
  17. Great looking gas wagon, Pat. As I remember back in the day, gas trucks had a grounding chain dragging along under the rear bumper. I'm not sure when that practice ended. Carl
  18. 12 foot ceilings are quite common is garages especially if you plan to install a floor hoist. You could always install roof trusses on 4' centres to fill up some of the unused space. It is a useful looking box Carl
  19. I've built a couple winter dioramas and have used Styrofoam boards for the snow banks. The blue extruded stuff for flat areas and the white bead board for banks and lumpy areas. I used drywall compound and Woodland Scenics flex-paste to smooth things out. The white beadboard should work well for the roadside banks in your dio. Carl
  20. Great looking shunt truck. It kind of looks like an airport tugger. Carl
  21. I use plastic knitting needles for shafts and rods, They machine well and work with styrene glues. In Canada they are sized in millimeters I'm not sure how they are sized in the States. 5/16th = 7.91 mm therefore an 8mm needle would be the equivalent size. Carl
  22. That's the one . He's an albino less than acurate weather forcasting ground hog. Any excuse for a mid-winter party Carl
  23. Nice job of scratch building. Ag models are few and far between in 1/24th scale. Where did you source your tires? Carl
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