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  1. I really like it. Turned out really well.
  2. Thanks Harry and Cobraman. Meant to put this under " Drag Racing Models ". Not sure how to move it.
  3. This Revell kit started out as a "Christine" Pro-Mod. Before losing all interest in building models my son finished the engine and chassis some 20 years ago. He allowed me to finish it so I got it done in late 2015. The kit decals were very yellowed and unusable so I decided to go with an Hawaiian theme from Slixx Decals. Painted with Testors electric pink. I learned on the drivers side not to use tape to hold windows in while the glue drys. Removed my Pledge Future and decal when tape removed, talk about a let down. So now it's only displayed from the right side. Also ruined the Mopar Performance decal so had to use the bikini express decal from my AMT Fruit Wagon kit on the right quarter panel.
  4. Very well done. Hood stripe looks fine. Really like the wheels.
  5. That's super nice Randy!! Very nice.
  6. Not sure this really fits in with drag cars since it's just a show car but here we go. This kit was fun to build and I'm tempted to buy several more. Painted with Testors one coat lacquer Lime Ice.
  7. Exactly the reason I didn't post any engine pics. At least a decal for the air cleaner would have been nice.
  8. I wasn't going to post pics under the hood since I didn't paint engine compartment black. I should at least paint that hood latch! Sometimes I just get lazy.
  9. Here's my recently completed Revell 70 Mustang. Painted with Model Master Go Mango lacquer. I had to use the chrome wheels after I ruined the factory rims pressing them into the tires.
  10. Taillghts have been reversed.
  11. That's just down right awesome. Your attention to detail is superb !
  12. Thanks Tim, good catch! I had cut lights off the sprue for final painting and soon realized that was mistake. Luckily I used Aleene's Tacky Glue on them so should not be any problem switching them around.
  13. No, they are the decals that come with the kit. Two color options brown or the blue. Do you have the Street Burner 2n1 kit? If so you have the decals included. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.
  14. Love the super smooth paint and the stripe. Great looking all around!
  15. I'm going to have to pick the kit up just to get a closer look!
  16. Built this Z to replicate the 1:1 my wife and I had about 25 years ago. Painted Model Master Nassau blue lacquer which is pretty close match to our color. Just figured out this posting pics deal !
  17. Would somebody please tell me what the two decals are right under the AHRA decal? I can't for the life of me figure them out.
  18. Great looking model! Was the trans am decal in the kit? I guess Revell couldn't secure the rights to it in there Smokey and the Bandit kit?
  19. Very nice! Engine compartment looks great. The battery really catches my eye. Nice color choice and the stance is right on. Well done.
  20. Thanks for the hot water tip Jim.
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