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  1. 1983 Volkswagen Caddy Mk1

    Reckon this is my first transkit that I actually finished, saying that glancing back at the pile of dusty resin bodies I've yet to even clean. But by God that Revell kit is a neat little one to work with, complex as all hell yet easy and fun to put together. Had to do a fair bit of guess work with the chassis, interior and even the exhaust piping to fit the Caddy(or Rabbit Pickup for the Americans) body, but even so it was easy-peasy. Felt like it was a Revell production of its own, that's how detailed and well put together the C1 Models transkit is. The only problem I encountered with the whole thing were the tail lights being slightly too large, cut them down like six times and they still hardly fit - to the point that I forgot to reapply the chrome backing again, making them look all smudgy and stuff. Used the quad light GTI grille, which is one of those things folks love to do in real life - swap out the single unit grille for the dual unit one, slap on a GTI emblem just for funsies and wham, twice as attractive. One weird little detail, the Dutch plates that come with the kit aren't actually right, go figure. We stopped using those blue ones for new cars back in like 1978, but ah well. Gonna buy me another one in the near future, whip up that awesomely weird VW Rabbit Pickup "Sports Truck".
  2. '81 Dodge Omni "Mahogany Rush"

    Man, that Omni came out to be one beautiful little power wagon - and that paint just pops! Glad I could be of help <3
  3. Spielwarenmesse N├╝rnberg 2019

    Oh man you made me squeal with joy, the Audi A4 and literally all those BMWs... I'm so effin' happy they're doing those.
  4. @ChrisBcritter: Thanks dude, can always rely on you for info and better stuff for the license plates, updated it with the edited font <3 @Oldcarfan27: Ahh I had the layer left on hidden while I was doing the aluminum tail-gate for the 500, then made the preview. I really should've known it might've been hidden since I un-hid the layer for the '79 to edit it into the bigger one, go figure hah. I initially designed them in bright orange with the black outline but then halfway through designing it, I may have gotten slightly obsessed with my own plans for a silver Ranchero with all black decals. Might as well make it poppin' orange again while shuffling the whole ordeal around with the missing tailgate stripe. So the most of January I spent just about every day catching up on the mountain of commissions which had been slowly but surely becoming a heck of a challenge to work away, so I killed off the order form for most of the month while doing so. Also spend half of that time catching up on emails and whatnot from over the holidays, which went... well, I guess. Suffice to say I'm swamped hah. Between work, commissions and even disabling ordering I'm barely ever on point with anything, so apologies if I don't reply soon enough or at all in some cases(apparently having seven different ways to contact me blurs the **** out of oversight, who knew!). Though the last couple of days I'd gone back to actually designing up new sets rather than playing chief catch up, mostly for modern cars though: 2008 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500KR: 2008 Ford Mustang GT/CS: 1997 Ford Mustang GT: 2018 Ford Mustang GT(for the Revell snap-kit, which could use some love): 1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS Baldwin Motion 454 Stage III: 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Hennessey "The Exorcist"(man that Grand Tour episode): 1998 Chevrolet Camaro SS (SLP stripes): 2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS Brickyard 400 Official Festival Pace Car(with Earnhardt name/no. but can do any name/no. desired):
  5. You beautiful soul, Luc <3
  6. So question, were the available '69 Mustang kits just a early release ahead of the main one or was it a supremely small stock? I had to chalk off 40$ international shipping on top of the kit price so I thought hell no at the time but as of late I cant even spot a single one on eBay(or rather one that can be shipped internationally).
  7. @swede70: Anything's possible, I upscaled some stuff for the 1/20th scale AMX kit so I can always work with that scale if need be, I've never done any T/A stuff yet though as it's not really my field but I've been doing request after request of things I've never touched before so if there's something specific you'd want me to do just lemme know. Though should warn that I'm miles behind on requests so it'll be a bit of wait if you do. @charger74: I'm definitely going to now I've seen it, I purchased the '77 Pacer Wagon kit with the plans to do the wood panel decals for it, but oh man that delightfully 1970s interior has to get done too. Also I've had a bit of a Christmas break of give or take two weeks, desperately catching up on emails and orders now so I'll get it done ASAP. Also done some work during the holidays, not a whole lot, primarily El Caminos for various years. Re-did the whole '78 El Camino sheet to include interior decals and better stripes(at the very least wanted to do the tri-color set up instead of the single). Doing the '70 El Camino also opened up the doors for the '67-'76 Chevrolet Air Cleaners and a '70-'72 Chevelle sheet as well, as the El Camino basically shares what, 99% of the sticker work. Also kicked off the start of the license plate bonanza, gonna be doing more of those. 1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS: 1973 Chevrolet El Camino SS: 1976 Chevrolet El Camino SS: 1978 Chevrolet El Camino Royal Knight: 1978 Chevrolet El Camino Black Knight: 1976 US Bicentennial License Plates: I actually really enjoyed making the license plates, not to mention I kinda already do for just about every set - so if there's a state and/or province that really is desired lemme know and I'll prioritize that one.
  8. Another rip off

    Holy hells bells this explains why someone had a copy of my decals, half faded with dull colors and choppy edges as if it were lifted straight from a low resolution scan and printed by a home printer(no whites and red hue gray instead of silver), some poor soul that scored the badly made copy first thought it was actually one of mine because the placement on the paper was 99% identical. Man... I mean theres no stopping these people but you'd think they atleast give it a shred of effort hiding the origin.
  9. Revell 1968 Chevy Chevelle SS 396...........My take

    Awh man I'm so jealous - I have to either pay 40$ shipping or wait a few weeks/a month to see it appear on eBay to get it at 20 or so bucks shipping, boo for being in Europe. God I can't wait to have this and the '69 Mustang in my hands.
  10. @1972coronet: Thanks! I have considered it a few times, lord knows I've gotten most the states covered for one year or another by now, but I keep hitting the crossroads of "should I do every plate from a state across the years or should I do every plate of a year/period from X to Y", reckon I might be doing the Bicentennial Plates for certain though given I've gotten most of those done. Guess in the end it depends on which plates people want the most! And a small update before the Christmas/New Years pause rolls around, got the first of the two Denimachines finished. I haven't got a friggin' clue how well the fit is for the main flame decals but we'll find out soon enough. Now I gotta do the stitching, the main Denimachine logo and the sponsor list for the US version, here we go. On top of that, I'm buying the '72 Ranchero resin kit from Motor City Resin any day now to give myself a in on the '72-'73 Torinos for decal sheets as well as having a Ranchero kit to build cause lawdy they're a sexy bunch of cars - did do the '76 and '79 GTs. Currently also actively working on the '73 and '75 El Camino SS, the '78 Black Knight and a re-do of the '78 Royal Knight with engine decals, dash, so forth. 1977 Ford Econoline 150 "Denimachine" - Canadian Edition: 1976 Ford Ranchero GT: 1979 Ford Ranchero GT:
  11. @DoctorLarry: You mean just have the red inner stripe in yellow, sort of like this? Anything's possible! And don't mean to bankrupt ya' hah, can't help it, especially with your resin bodies in the world! @Merkur XR4Ti: I've actually got that one on my to-do list, along with the '72 Ranchero GT(both color fade and over the fender stripe versions, the colors folks can just ask for as any color is possible) - the only issue I have is matching it to the Jo-Han and/or Motor City Resin '72 Torino body. Unless I feel like chalking up 50 bucks for a NASCAR kit I'd never build just to get in the neighborhood. Anyone got one of those kits lying around they could perhaps do some side-body shots of? I'd love to do the Torino line through the seventies along with the Rancheros, already got the groundwork for the '70 GT, Cobra and King Cobra. Also I've been working on the Denimachine for the past entire two days, holy mother of God it's a ton of work. Apparently Hot Rod Mag did two versions as well, one for Canada and one for the USA which have subtle yet big differences, to name a few that are being a right pain in the rear; the stitch effect is completely different on both versions, one has rivets and one doesn't, the stitching pattern and locations are different as are the flames, the credits on the sliding door, the friggin' Denimachine logos themselves are different, so forth. So I've resorted to doing four versions of the Denimachine(and I'm swamped with work, both on this and at my actual work, plus Christmas, go figure). Both the USA and Canadian versions in their respective E150 Custom size and the AMT E150 Chateau short-frame version for both as well. I'm already hand-crafting the whole stitching effect and most the flame effects, so shortening it all for the short frame isn't too much extra work. Once those are done, it's back to the seventies muscle cars and the handful of custom requests I've had piling up due to my inability to sort and time stuff out properly. Did manage to get a few more sheets done in the past week, specifically one for the recently re-released AMT Monaco, did the Brougham and the Brougham 2-door. 1978 Dodge Monaco Brougham: 1978 Dodge Monaco Brougham 2-door/Coupe: It's 1AM, but its weekend so back to work!
  12. They helped a bit actually, the trunk spoiler stripe as well as the license plate surround was a bit of a guess on my end using a ton of pictures from for sale Can Ams as well as using some vaguely similar model kits. Also I figured I'd include both the thick outline and thin outline Can Am logos given they might be a bit hard to spot, cause why not just add both. Also both 6.6 LITRE and T/A 6.6 shaker decals, the chrome door and rear fender trim and LeMans Super Coupe emblems for completions' sake. 1977 Pontiac LeMans Can Am:
  13. Ahh, I only had some horrible pictures and that one particular Ford ad from 1981 to work with on which they all looked white, but of course - metallic silver tends to look white when reflecting light, hah - fixed it! As for the other color schemes, I just run the preview in one color, I can print 'em in just about any shade desired. On top of that, I am working on the normal version for the lack of a better term that fits the regular F150 and flareside trucks with both lengths on there at once - just awaiting the Monogram kit to get here so I can get it designed proper, always hard to work with rounded angles. Right now if you'd like! I based 'em on both the '75 Cutlass and the '73 Grand Am pictures you provided so I'm not 100% certain they fit absolutely perfectly, but I got a good feeling about it. I'm working on the '77 Can Am at the moment, down to the little stripes on the wing mirrors. Awh man... Well I've gotten enough source material plus a Ford Econoline kit to actually do the decals for the Denimachine. Decided I'd just do the white flames as a decal, I think that would be the nicest middle ground in terms of the body, otherwise folks would have to match two paints to the print. On top of the '77 Chevy G20 "Wild Cherry" van I'm doing, it'll be a whole, whole lot of work to replicate the Denimachine but I reckon it'll be a fun one to apply in the end.
  14. Man that Charger is gorgeous! Also I've finally gotten around to delving into 3D printing and resin casting spare parts/improved parts, on top of trying to re-learn friggin' 3D CAD. Between that and massive amounts of work I've been trying to squeeze out some designs - the Pontiac A-bodies are finally getting their turn. As well as something I have no idea why I've fallen in love with; the dingy, forgotten Plymouth Scamp and Dodge Ramcharger, you know - that thing based on the new Charger L-body. I've been working on getting a bed designed, as well as an elongated frame to work with... I know I could use my time in far better ways, on far better cars but I don't quite know why this thing has grabbed me the way it did. I'm doing literally every livery the thing came in as well as scratch-designing the bed. 1981 Ford Bronco Free Wheelin': 1981 Ford Bronco XLS "Lion in Winter" Prototype: 1982 Plymouth Scamp GT: 1983 Plymouth Scamp GT: 1973 Pontiac LeMans GTO(thanks to @DoctorLarry): 1973 Pontiac LeMans "Formula X" Prototype: 1973 Pontiac LeMans GT Sport Coupe:
  15. Man, I'd been printing Freewheeling decal sets one after another for folks for the '78-'79 F-150 and Bronco kits and I couldn't help but feel that I really wanted to do one myself, but couldn't cause 1/25th scale Broncos are unimaginably rare. So, in lieu of a MPC/AMT Bronco - the Revell/Monogram one will have to do and fortunately Ford gave the Freewheeling sticker-palooza one last go with the 1981 Bronco and it was just a vertical color fade instead of a horizontal one but alas, I still like it and it gave me reason to touch the horribly warped to all hell kit I had sitting under a pile of other kits for like a year and a half. I might just wire the thing up, I haven't a clue yet - just wanna get the body and the interior in order first - that being said though, the removable top had been squished in the parts baggie and even after a bunch of massaging and hot water, it only got close to sitting flush. After a brief moment of dispair, I just superglued the thing to the bed and shrugged, followed by a bunch of deep black paint. The top might be slightly positioned inwards but what the hell, at least the decals sit neatly! Now onto the front fascia and tailgate clutter like the spare tire and whatnot.